Daftar Poker Omiqq

Memahami Urutan Kartu dari Poker Online


Sudah semestinya anda sebagai pemain judi online poker memahami beberapa peraturan real estate listings dan juga cara main poker online. namun yang paling penting juga dan tak kalah bergunanya dalam poker online, anda harus tahu urutan kartu dalam poker online dan apa artinya. Di bawah ini akan dibagikan  urutan kartu yang ada di sana.

Urutan Kartu Poker Online

Ada 9 kartu yang penting dalam permainan daftar poker omiqq. dan sembilan kartu ini amat penting. Jadi, anda harus menghafalkan kartu-kartu ini. yang pertama adalah Straight Flush. Ini adalah lima kartu dar peringkat berturut-turut dan dari jenis yang sama juga. Yang kedua adalah Four of a Kind. Ini adalah empat kartu dengan nilai yang sama misalnya anda dapat 4 Ace. Kemudian dalam poker online ada Full House. Ini adalah tiga kartu yang memiliki nilai yang sama dan 2 kartu dari nilai yang sama yang lainnya. Lalu Flush yang artinya 5 kartu dengan jenis yang sama. Ada Straight yang artinya 5 kartu  dari jajaran berturut-turut dari jenis kartu yang beda. Ada Three of a Kind yang artinya 3 kartu yang nilainya sama. Two Pair yang artinya dua kartu dengan nilai yang sama dari jenis yang sama, dan 2 kartu lain dengan nilai yang sama dengan jenis lain. One Pair artinya dua kartu dengan nilai yang sama. Dan terakhir adalah High Card.

Urutan kartu dalam poker online sangat penting dari Straight Flush sampai dengan High End. Itu lah urutan kartu dalam poker online yang sangat penting dan harus dipahami.

About Me

…about me…

Lisa Grossman, AKA the Tsarina of Tsocks, is a writer who knits – and/or vice-versa – on the South Shore of Long Island, surrounded by the usual sort of fluctuating menagerie. (Why she is writing about herself in the third person, she is not at all sure; force of habit, she guesses, after a lifetime of bios….) She is pleased and perhaps a bit relieved to be sporting such a benign moniker these days – as anyone might be after being known as “Amiable Slut” and “Rat Lady.” A charter member of the Wall-to-Wall Patrick O’Brian Road Company, she is the surviving co-author of Lobscouse & Spotted Dog, Which It’s a Gastronomic Companion to the Aubrey/Maturin Novels (W.W. Norton, 1997/2000); her work has also appeared in the New York Times, the Independent, Napoleon Journal, and Tin House literary quarterly – and most recently in the new Tin House anthology Food and Booze (October 2007). Currently on her literary back burner: an annotated translation of the works of Marie-Antoine Carême; Talleyrand at Table, a sort of multi-gastro-biographical work about Carême, Grimod de la Reynière, Brillat-Savarin, and the eponymous Talleyrand; and City Built to Music, a biography of the collaboration between Samuel Chotzinoff and David Sarnoff. So many books, so little time….

She learned to knit at her mother’s knee and has been knitting her own designs since – oh, project # 2, or so.

She wonders where socks have been all her life.


Pattern Corrections and Addenda

When/What Where/What Now reads Should read
10-27-2006 – Correction to directions for Kitri Under “Stitches and Techniques,” in the general Note on the three versions of Kitri’s Fan “Work the k2tog-b as follows: s1 to rn; s next st twisted by inserting rn from r to l into back of st and pulling it off of ln” “Work the k2tog-b as follows: s1 to rn; s next st twisted by inserting rn from l to r into back of st and pulling it off of ln”
10-27-2006 – Correction to chart for Kitri At end of key to “fan” charts; line missing from some copies “(see glossary and” “(see glossary and written directions for further detail)”
10-27-2006 – Correction to chart for Patterned toe chart, row 3 stitch 21: ssk
stitch 23: k2tog
stitch 21: k1
stitch 23: k1
      ”    row 4 stitch 21: N/A
stitch 23: N/A
stitch 21: k
stitch 23: k
      ”     row 11 stitch 18: k stitch 18: ssk
10-27-2006 – Corresponding correction to directions for Kitri Patterned toe directions, row 3 * k2tog, yo, (k1-b, p2) five times, k1-b, yo, ssk **, k1; rep once from * to ** k2tog, * yo, (k1-b, p2) five times, k1-b, yo **, k3; rep once from * to **; ssk
      ”     row 4 k1, * k1, (k1-b, p2) five times, k1-b, k2; rep once from * * k2, (k1-b, p2) five times, k1-b, k2 **, k1; rep once from * to **
      ”     row 11 k1, yo, (k1-b, p2) five times, k1-b, yo, k1 k1, yo, (k1-b, p2) five times, k1-b, yo, ssk
10-27-2006 – Clarification to chart keys for Kitri Both keys [N/A] For patterns worked flat, symbols should always be interpreted according to their RS results; e.g. a stitch depicted by the purl symbol is purled in RS row but knitted in WS row.
10-27-2006 – Tip for working fan lace in Kitri Clustered stitches in Row 10 of Three-Quarter Fan Lace, rows 10 and 20 of Patterned Toe [N/A] Since this is not a true cluster (in which the yarn might be wound more than once around the group of stitches and the stitches themselves might not be worked at all), I like to use the following trick to avoid having to slip stitches back and forth: without droppping the yarn from the left hand, with right hand reach under left (i.e. between the left hand and the needle) and pull the long end of the yarn around the tip of the left needle so it runs back to front and hangs in front of the work. Work the clustered stitches. Release the yarn from the left hand; pick it up from the front of the work so that it reaches across the clustered stitches; continue working normally.

About the Kits

Each of them contains a pattern booklet and enough of Jennifer’s Flock Sock yarn to make a pair of socks in Women’s Medium. Please let us know if you need a larger size; I’m working on new editions of the pattern booklets which will include such sizing instructions, and we can arrange to supply larger skeins of yarn as needed.

The copiously illustrated booklets are 5.5″ x 8.5″, put together with book rings so you can use them like flip charts. Pattern stitches are written out step by step but are also charted; you’ll find the charts and a glossary of abbreviations on cards at the back of the book, so they can be removed and used separately if you like – placed on a chartkeeper, etc.

Jennifer’s Flock Sock is a 4/14 (4-ply, 14 ply-meters/gram, so 3.5 meters/gram overall) superwash merino/nylon blend; suggested gauge 8 sts x 12 rows = 1″ on US #1 needles. It is hand-dyed by Jennifer VanCalCar of VanCalCar Acres, who also handles inventory and sales. Here are some pictures of dyeing and drying in progress.

Thalassa – the colorway that inspired the Poseidon sock.

Crimson Rioja – the colorway for the Kitri sock.

Crimson Rioja still in the dye pot.

The Kitri kit also includes a small skein of Zephyr laceweight (50% merino/50% tussah silk) in Ebony, and a package of beads, for the lace overlay.