This morning I was awakened by the arrival on my chest of a purring grey juggernaut with a big ball of waste yarn in its mouth - which ball, as I subsequently discovered, featured a tail that extended out the door, all the way down the hall, and half-way down the stairs.

I did not have the camera handy at the time (No! I’m not that blog-geeky yet! I do not keep the camera loaded and ready on my nightstand! though… maybe I should…?), but I’m afraid this set me thinking, and thinking set me researching, and researching set me doing. I am NOT going to apologize, so there, but a couple of you (naming no names, of course, but I might be secretly thinking of Steve and Helen, among others) may wish to stop reading here and now. Everyone else… proceed at your peril.

Lolptol #1

Lolptol #2

Lolptol #3

Lolptol #4

Lolptol #5

Lolptol #6

I’ve never done anything like this before, but I don’t guarantee I’ll never do anything like it again. It turns out to be awfully hard to stop.

16 Responses to “Lolptols”

  1. Sheila Says:

    I am not an I Can fan, but I laughed all the through that one! Thanks for the chuckle.

  2. brenda Says:

    Love it! Thanks for the laugh. I needed it today.

  3. Angie Says:

    Cute and funny photos!

  4. threadbndr Says:

    LOL - I love the wild eyes in that last shot. That baby has a serious catnip addiction, doesn’t she?!

  5. Lynne Says:

    Ptolemy is totally adorable! Such an idiot baby. I hate to confess it, but I love Lolcats. Yours are most excellent! I also love that sneaky reference to EZ!

  6. Nori Says:

    BWAH! So funny!

    I’m new here, so hello :) I just got my lovely Poseidon sock kit in the mail and it is *gorgeous.* Can’t wait to knit it. You are so talented!

  7. stacey Says:

    look at how HUGE his pupils are - he must be having a blast!!!! :)

  8. Kathlene in Iowa Says:

    Our Lucy did the same thing last year. My husband woke to find yarn that apparently was picked up in the family room in our lower level; carried/played with all the way up the steps, wrapped around the legs of the baby grand (several times) and then allowed to roll back down the steps to the lower level.

    Someone had TOO MUCH FUN while we slept!

    Lucy now has her own ball of waste yarn (wound tightly with end secured) so that she will leave mine alone.

    Thanks for sharing the hilarious pictures!

  9. Astrid Bear Says:

    Oh, that is too funny! I was giggling away and my daughter came in to see what was so funny, so I had to explain all the knitting terms (the fiber gene skipped her), and it was *still* funny to her, that being the hallmark of the best esoteric humor, that even when explained, the joke comes through.

    That is one crazed cat.

  10. Knitasha Says:

    You are tscertain that the waste yarn was not made of hemp?

  11. kathe hannauer Says:

    oh, thanks a bunch..I never heard of lolcats, so of course I googled it and now have yet another way to waste time on the web….

  12. Connie Says:

    *laughs* I am so not going to look up lolcats, though; I truly don’t need another computer addiction.

    Usually, if our cats are that fierce, they’re chasing each other, not yarn, but sometimes….. Aren’t juggernauts on your chest a *lovely* way to wake up?

  13. andrea Says:

    LOL! Thanks for the laugh this a.m.!

  14. seiding Says:

    yur LOLcatz are full of win and awsum! Bewair, tho, they are adickting! Lookit whut hapapend to mee!

  15. knit knerd Says:

    awesome. that made me laugh, and i need that today.

    thanks for sharing

  16. Emilie (also Arianne) Says:

    I LOVE LOLCATZ!! I subscribe me some “Can has cheezburger”…


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