Oh Ye of Little Faith

OK, smart-asses and skeptics.

This is for those of you who, like Lynne, think you’re pretty cute and clever… for those of you who Know A Little Too Much about how I am sometimes forced to operate….

Both You Jane socks

Ahem. The “You Jane” socks are a pair.

A complete pair. Finished. Both of them.

“…assuming there are, in truth, two of them,” indeed. Well, I never.

Both You Jane socks

Indeed there are two of them. Not just one sock. Not just the other sock. Two socks. One for each foot.



“…assuming there are, in truth, two of them,” my foot!

I mean, my feet.

I mean, Jennifer’s feet.


5 Responses to “Oh Ye of Little Faith”

  1. Emma in Seattle Says:

    They’re beautiful and indeed a pair.

  2. Astrid Bear Says:

    I suppose Jennifer *could* be a one-legged shepherdess. She’s certainly busy enough to be one.

  3. Sonya Says:

    Such a sassy readership you have.

  4. Lynne Says:

    ““…assuming there are, in truth, two of them,” indeed. Well, I never.”

    What, never?

    Awrite, Mummy, I’ll be good….at least until next time. LOL!

    P.S. They are indeed beautiful, and I hope Jennifer enjoys her girlie socks, and wears them happily for many years!

  5. stacey Says:

    beautiful - a great spring green to liven up the winter blahs! Who would doubt your “pairing” ability?? :)

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