Those three letters pretty much say it all.

The first thing they represent to an old-style computer geek like me is the ACKnowledge character in ASCII and TCP - as if any ACKnowledgment were actually necessary that I have, well, not been so much in evidence lately on the bloggy front.

ACK!!!! would also not be an inappropriate response, on my part, to the product of the little piece of date arithmetic wherein I subtract my the date of my previous post from the date of the present one.

Mostly, though, ACK constitutes the reason I’ve been so non-present here in recent weeks; the difference between what I’m not getting done and, um, the other things I’m not getting done. Because no matter how much I do get done (and there’s plenty of that, honest) the To-Do list just hasn’t been getting any shorter (please note literary use of artistic understatement), and I keep having this nagging feeling that every minute given to the blog is a minute taken away from the bACKlog.

This is sort of stupid, because of course the unblogged blog thus generates a bACKlog of its own that almost rivals the To-Do list in ever-increasing length. At some point I’m afraid I’ll have to declare Blog Bankruptcy and just skip over huge wads of unused b(ACK)log fodder just to get moving again. Really excellent unused b(ACK)log fodder, too, so I’m still trying not to let it come to that.

The irony of the present post is not lost on me, incidentally - I’m well aware that I’m not getting things any forrarder by sitting here making excuses for non-blogging instead of just getting on with it and blogging, already. But if this breaks the bottleneck it’ll be worth it; anything to get bACK on the horse. (And meanwhile it’s one more day of not facing the massive pile of picture triage, ahem.)

(It isn’t just the bACKlog, at that. To be fair, it’s been kind of life-ish in these parts during the past few weeks; life-ish in ways I can’t really discuss here. Life-ish in a mostly good way, I think, at least in the long run. But even good life-ishness can tend to be, as TheBoyTM would say, Fraught with Fraughtness. And it turns out that Fraughtness and bACKlog are just NOT a productive combination.)

I was going to wind this up by laying out the To-Do and To-Blog lists, in order to give you some idea of the scope of the two parallel bACKlogs… but on mature consideration I’ve decided that would be a completely insane move, as tending to drive me to bury my head permanently in the sand, which would not be at all conducive to further blogging or other productiveness, now would it. Instead I’m going to go off and tighten my focus to the Most Urgent Item on each (I consider it a major achievement that I have managed to identify same) in the hope of having something to show for both in short order; and meanwhile I’ll leave you with a picture, because really it’s just unfair to saddle you with all this empty navel-gazing and not give you anything cute to look at.

Spinner's Cat

There. That’s Ptolemy pretending to be a Good Spinner’s Cat, which you can parse as either the good cat of a spinner or the cat of a good spinner. Or both, as the fancy takes you.

And on that note - I’m off to work. But I’ll be bACK soon, I swear, with my shield or on it. Or both, as the fancy takes you.

12 Responses to “ACK”

  1. chalyn Says:

    good luck with the backlog, i understand being overwhelmed.

    sending catch-up mojo your way.

  2. Jesh Says:

    HAI tpolemy!!11one!

  3. Caroline M Says:

    I could go on and on (you slACKer, take the flACK etc etc) but I won’t. My strategy alternates between the sensible “address most urgent first” and the more satisfying “how many little ones can I knock off in the next hour”.

    Purdy kitty.

  4. Presbytera Says:

    Just design a sock of that shield (with or without you on it) and I’ll be happy. See how easy-to-please I am?

  5. Lynn Says:

    Now that you mention it, I think I remember having a blog myself sometime in the distant past. Must rummage in the backs of closets and see if it’s still around.

    Also, nice cat. I wish mine were half as phot…

    squashes moth

    …ogenic. Damn moths, I thought they were gone.

  6. onafixedincome Says:

    Don’t wanna discuss moths…REALLY don’t wanna. :(

    Glad to see you bACK, really I am… get to work so you don’t crACK up! :)

    Well, not any FURTHER, anyhow. (Scritches for Ptolemy…ooh, soft felis domesticus bogus)

  7. Karen Says:

    No worries, be happy, do.

    I have been reliably informed that there are no good cats, only fine actors/actresses biding their times and allowing their humans to wax overconfident. A handsome boy thoughtfully and silently removing ALL my drive bands and hiding ALL my orifice hooks was the informant.

    Cheers, Karen

  8. BaaBaa Says:

    Any day with a photo of Ptolemy is a good day.
    Which is fortunate, since Lifeishness and Fraughtness are in full force today.
    You’d almost think Mercury was retrograde again.
    Forget the old blog fodder. Once the buy-by date is past, it’s stale. (Or should that be bye-bye?)
    See? The To-Do list is shorter already.
    Onward and upward.
    And give Pt a couple of scritches for me.

  9. Margie in Maryland Says:

    Did anyone ever tell you that you are very funny.
    LOVELY cat.
    Makes me wish that I were not allergic to cats….

  10. Marina Stern Says:

    Yes, we’ve missed you, but, see? We’re better already. Like dogs, we know not length of time, only Presence or Absence.

    Pretend the last (mumblemumble) bloggable weeks didn’t happen, and start blogging from what you’re doing right now.

  11. Gretch Says:

    At least you’re among us. It’ll be there. smell roses, etc. Live is ridiculously short.

  12. karen Says:

    I got it…..feel the exact same way about my personal daybook/diary. I keep writing all the entries in my head but the pages remain blank…..& I’ve been stuck longer than you. Here’s to hoping that writing to you will help me get going again. Thanks. Write on!

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