Life, they do say, is what happens while you are making other plans.

This afternoon I was putting the finishing touches on a long-overdue blog post (I was, I swear!), rife with black humor about the Winter Of My Discontent, which has featured entirely unjustifiable quantities of permasnow, illness, and unidentified corpses. And then just as I was thinking it was almost ready to post, along came a certain heads-up in my e-mail that sent me scrambling to upload the new interim version of my web page… and so now all that glorious sarcasm and irony that I had in the hopper is just gonna have to hop right back out of the hopper because, well, it just doesn’t belong there any more. Because the gag order is off now, and nothing can trump the sharing of good news.

So… go take a look HERE, if you please. It’s OK, I’ll wait. It’s worth it.

Yup. Teaching a class at Sock Summit, I am. Sitting on that one for the past couple of months has not been easy; I’m surprised it hasn’t burned a hole right through my chair.

I’ve been thinking for a long time that I needed to get cracking about doing some formal teaching; I’ve certainly done plenty of it informally; also plenty of formal teaching in other fields. Well, duh, I’m not IN other fields now, am I - I’m in this one, and I do have a thing or three to say on the subject. So it’s long past time, I think. The cool thing is that, unlike so many of the One-Of-These-Days items on my I-Really-Should list… I can now cross this off and add it to the Doing-It-NAO!!!! list instead.

I think Sock Summit is a pretty good place to begin. I’m rather pleased.

OK, OK, OK. Actually, I might be bouncing up and down just a little bit - I mean, look at that line-up.

Oh, all right, I admit it. I’m excited, dammit.


And so the adventure begins.

And is there news on the Tsocks front? There is.

Until fairly recently an awful lot of it has consisted of people sitting around tables and scribbling and talking, or exchanging scads of e-mails, or both, so nothing intrinsically very bloggable. But all that is starting to change now. Bit by bit I’m seeing the discussions and the notes and the brainstorming and the crazy ideas and the sleepless nights start to resolve into concrete form; they’re beginning to take on shape and color and texture in the most literal sense: they’re becoming YARN.

And once you’ve got YARN, you can do just about anything. And just about anything… is exactly what I intend to do.

Stay tuned.

12 Responses to “Upward”

  1. Lynne Says:

    I am duly impressed, I am. Wow! SOCK SUMMIT! I’ve been wondering for some time why it is that a certain name has been missing from the rosters of all the great (and some not so great, but still better than most) gatherings of sock fiends, but the Great Drouth is ended, and in rather spectacular style. But then, what ELSE would one expect of our Tsarina? Conga rats and carrots to you, your wonderfulness!

    (Didja notice that the Harlot mentioned that you would be accoutered in your presence there with drifts of tiny leaves? Had to giggle!)

    Yarn, is it? I don’t suppose a certain noted yarny person in the great Pacific Northwest is somehow involved in that?

    I’m excited, too!

  2. Caroline M Says:

    I think I’m more stunned by there being an update than by the content but I’m all for good news rather than permadrift and corpses.Try not to enlarge your students’ horizons too suddenly in case their brains start leaking from their ears.

  3. Presbytera Says:

    Cool. Just do us all a favor and stay away from airborne mattresses between now and then, ‘k?

  4. Karen in McLean Says:

    Very nice work, indeed, as we have come to expect. Perhaps something more can be arranged for workers on the East Coast?

    Cheers, Karen

  5. Astrid Says:

    Sooooo glad the Cone of Silence is off! This is gonna be great! Congratulations!! Exclamation Point!

  6. Milissa Says:

    I saw your name on the Sock Summit list yesterday, I am so happy for you. And I am looking forward to more revelations shortly!

  7. Sally M Says:

    Oh my, it is good to see you back here and on the teachers list for SS 2011. What a good place to start :)

    AND Franklin Habit will be there too, win-win!

  8. Marcy Says:

    W00t. That is all. :D

  9. LindaS Says:

    I am noodling around to see if I can put together a trip to Portland in July……just sayin’. It would be such fun.

    I’m glad to see you back in blog-land!! Carry on.

  10. Melissa also Says:

    Just my luck to be busy and miss the first blog post in SO long. And what did I miss? Mercy me! I so wish I could attend…

    New web site - yahoo!

  11. chalyn Says:

    this is so cool. wish i could be there. guess you’ll just have to teach a class next year…

  12. Karen Says:

    Sock Summit! Just one more reason for me to be jealous of those who can be there! Hope this is just the beginning of an awesome illustrious career in teaching - so that those of us left behind in the east will get a chance to be in a class with you someday (that doesn’t require an airline ticket!).

    And I can’t wait to hear what else is going on in the sock/yarn business. Glad to see you back here in blogland.

    Happy Spring!

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