Past My Bedtime

I mean, not on a normal night, or whatever passes for such with vampire me. On a normal night I’d be up until maybe 4:00 AM. But tonight is not a normal night. Tonight I should be asleep by now because I have to GET UP shortly after 4:00 AM.

Somebody flip my body clock, please?

So anyway… right now I’m comfortably camped out at a friend’s apartment in the Bronx. Shortly after the above-mentioned crack of dawn we will be joined by another friend and the three of us will pile into a car loaded to the gills with spinning gear, and we’ll hit the road for Ohio; we are on our way to Stringtopia, and after an insane week culminating in a crazy crazy day I am only beginning to grasp how very exciting this is.

Which is probably not conducive to grabbing a couple hours’ shut-eye… but I gotta try. It’s going to be a LOT of weekend.

No idea whether I’ll be able to get near the blog while there - maybe the occasional tweet between classes. (Oh yes, kicking and screaming - see over there in the sidebar? yep, I’m on Twitter now. It was inevitable, wasn’t it.)

But you can be pretty sure my brain and my camera (both carefully emptied out in anticipation) will be FULL when I get back.

Overflowing, in fact. Right into this space.

Time for my nap now. Must rest up. It’s going to be… EPIC.

2 Responses to “Past My Bedtime”

  1. Liz Says:

    Can’t wait to hear all about it. Don’t forget to take pictures!!!

  2. Melissa in Oklahoma Says:

    Oh, envy! Looks like a dream weekend. Looking forward to your tweets and all.


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