Here Comes….

Little darlings, it’s been a long cold lonely winter. And I ain’t just talking Polar Vortex effect (though after four separate episodes I think I can fairly say I don’t ever want to see another frozen/burst water pipe thankyouverymuch). Little darlings, it’s been so long since I’ve been here…. But lo, the winter is past, the snow is over and gone, the time of the shearing of sheeps is come - and the spring show Mayathon starts THIS WEEK!

We are traveling with all the usual suspects as well as some exciting new ones. New friends and old joining us in the booth; new friends and old hanging on the walls.

Tsock-wise, I’m pleased to report that we’re bringing back York & Lancaster, as well as the companion Mitts of the Roses.

Shark Week? Oh yes, we will indeed have Shark Week. We are taking pre-orders on that kit and also on…


Willow Ware, which makes its official debut this weekend at Maryland Sheep & Wool.

As usual, full linky details are in the announcement HERE.

And as usual, I have to scurry off and finish assembling kits and get them packed into the Droshky. Looking forward to seeing you at one or all of the shows!

7 Responses to “Here Comes….”

  1. Melissa in Oklahoma Says:

    It tseems like years tsince it’s been here…and I tsay it’s all right!

    I am so glad I check in here.

    What do those who cannot attend do who are desirous of Willow Ware?

    Tso glad you weathered the winter of major discontent!

  2. Caroline M Says:

    Look at that - you aren’t dead after all (nor under water which is also good)

  3. Charlie Says:

    I have been waiting for an update, because I think I was led to believe that the ROW, would have the opportunity to purchase said kit soon enough. I get that this is going to be a cash cow for you, and that’s great, but I had to give my head a shake, we are after all, talking about a pattern for a pair of socks, I’m over it ! Good luck with it all.

  4. Jo Ann Says:

    i’ve purchased a number of your kits, but am unable to attend the shows you have listed…..i have been trying for over a year to get a shark week kit, but i feel like i am being punished for not attending these shows….. i would full price for the kit and shipping, but i cannot attend any of the shows you have listed….i have been buying kits for years from you and yet, i have no chance of purchasing this one, unless i attend one of the shows, which i cannot attend….it just does not seem fair…

  5. Lynne in Florida Says:

    Just got the e-mail, so decided to check in here, and lo! here you are! I was having visions of pave diamond turtledoves, reading the post. You really, really do need to get the on-line retail store up and running, so we can all buy refills of Shark Week. And kits of Willowware. Is Roxie ever going to be available again? Please pretty polly find time to blog again - I miss you!

  6. Bronchitikat Says:

    Have you given up on your blog? What about your marvellous socks?

  7. Crystal Says:

    I’m with Jo Ann, I’ve been waiting for Shark Week to be released and I cannot make it to the shows either. I would love to make them, but not releasing to the public (and that brief release as a fundraiser does not count in my book!) is not right. I can’t support a designer that doesn’t follow through. You have great designs, but I don’t appreciated being “led on”.

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