Darrowby - Temporary Errata Page

Wow, that was quick. Usually I have time to blog something before the errata reports start coming in. Ooops!

There is an error in the Latticed Diamond Cable charts as currently posted on Knitty; I have sent them a note and I am sure it will be corrected soon, but meanwhile here’s the straight dope. Both stitch patterns are supposed to be 24 sts wide, not 23 sts wide. What’s missing is a column of twisted sts at st #23, corresponding to the column of twisted sts at st #2.

I don’t have the same charting software and symbols set up, so this will look a little different, but the information is there.

Latticed Diamond Cable Left

Latticed Diamond Cable Right

Looking back over the chart revision history, it appears that this crept in several versions ago and I was so focused on whatever other issue we were discussing that I just straight-up failed to catch it. What did The Oatmeal just call this? Oh yes, being “typo-blind.”

Sigh. My apologies.