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"Everything moves around on its own in this garden, if you've noticed. It used to be yellow and orange flowers right here. Now the whole thing is blue." Aunt Cookie's garden has become a sort of reseeding mecca. The plants settle where they feel like it. Since my last visit, I notice that the coreopsis has moved several arcs in a clockwise direction, while the dill is spread indiscriminately from compost pile to rosebush.
Robin Chotzinoff,
People with Dirty Hands

"Aunt Cookie" was my mother,
and this sock is inspired
by her and by her garden.

It is indeed, as she called it, " a bit of a mishmash" - not only of colors and shapes but of techniques and textures. Worked toe-up from a provisional cast-on, it features an eyelet pattern intersected by a contrasting latticework, a twisted traveling stitch with an identity crisis - is it intarsia or isn't it? The "Dirt" toe and heel are short-rowed - their upper surfaces worked in seed stitch (of course - what else?) - with a few discreet increases at the instep to add ease.

And then there's that Tomato Border in garter-stitch lace (if you don't like mixing seasonal apples and oranges, as it were, you can always think of it as a Rose Border instead).

The embroidered embellishments? It's your garden now, and you get to grow whatever you want in it. I like pole beans, obviously, but I'm thinking of adding some violets, or maybe some rhubarb. The pattern includes illustrated instructions for a number of standard embroidery stitches, and some guidelines for their use, but the planting layout of the beds is entirely up to you.

And the lucky ladybug bead can alight wherever you want it to.

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