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All the summer flavors
of Little Italy...
... in one waffle cone

There’s a little piece of me that will always be a New York City kid. Oh, your Good Humor truck and your Mister Softee are all very well (even the weird little truck in my neighborhood that plays “Turkey in the Straw” instead of the Mister Softee song has its place, I guess) - but when I think summer treats the first thing that comes to mind is Italian ices, with their bright colors and their intense flavors and their sticky staining juice melting down your chin.

That’s why our club sock for June 2007 was “The Iceman Cometh.” Three scoops on a waffle cone (yeah, the little paper cup would be more authentic, but I draw the line at making the foot of a sock in white* - and besides, I like waffle cones), in Lime, Black Cherry, and Blue Raspberry.

*(Yes, I have since made a whole sock in white... but I had a really good reason. And besides, I'm allowed to change my mind.)

"The Iceman Cometh" is thoroughly air-conditioned. It has tiny eyelet ice cream cones on the toe...

... and on the heel.

There are more eyelets in the waffle cone...

...and in the ribbing at the top of the cone...

...and each scoop features more eyeletty ice cream cones.

The sock is worked cuff-down, and features what I call a "scoop" heel (get it?) - built in after the fact like a peasant heel, but shaped with a short-rowed gusset and a series of staggered decreases hidden in pattern. Eccentric... but effective.

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