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Inspired by the heroine of the ballet "Don Quixote" (Quitarea in the original), whose traditional costume is a marvelous red Spanish tutu with black lace ornaments, and whose big variation is a flirtatious little number wirh a fan.

(I'm not entirely sure this design is really a sock. I have the oddest feeling it's actually a big lace mantilla in disguise; but that will be an adventure for another season.)

Features of the Kitri Sock

  1. Top-down construction
  2. Instep and ankle pattern: Fan lace; a scaled-down modification and inversion of the old Peri's Parasol pattern.
  3. Heel: short-row shaping, with a tiny embossed fan on the back.
  4. Toe: The fan pattern extends to the tip and the toe is shaped by the pattern decreases.
  5. Cuff: Twisted 1x1 rib, overlaid with beaded lace. The lace is my own design, a shetland-style edging I call Beaded Double Diamond; it's worked in black Jaggerspun Zephyr, and the beads are a combination of black and silver-lined garnet Czech glass, with a "Tiny Tim" teardrop at the points.

The yarn, still in the skein, with an early lace swatch for color contrast.

Sock in progress, with lace swatch draped over the ribbing.

Finished sock. (Not a great picture. Still working on this.)

The mini-fan motif on the heel.

The patterned toe.

Toe, head-on, grafted just below the final pattern repeat.

The lace.

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