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You know who I mean. The jazz-baby with the smoking gun. The beauty of the cell-block. The sweet-faced little flapper you wanted to take home to mother - if only you could bust her out of the clink. Yeah. That Roxie.

She wears fishnet stockings - a twisted diagonal mesh worked in opposite directions, so the socks mirror each other.

This pattern is based pretty closely on an old Spanish pattern called Madeira Lace - I’ve added a twist to it, and I’ve also done three incremental variations in how it’s worked, so the mesh starts out fairly snug near the toe and becomes gradually stretchier as you go up the instep, adding ease at the heel angle.

She wears a bugle-beade skirt, daringly grazing her knees - it's made up of three tiers of lacy beaded scallops and is topped by a picot-edge “waistband” with a knit-shut hem.

She kicks up her heels.

She’s hot; she’s cool; she’s sweet; she’s lethal.

Dance with her; cuddle up to her - just check first to make sure the gun is out of reach.

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