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Learn to Knit Socks Kit

Not a sock knitter yet...? You WILL be assimilated, and this is how.

And if you already are a sock-knitter... why not use this to seduce a sock-virgin today!

You've been tempted to try socks,
but you thought they were

1) too complicated?
2) too scary?
3) too fiddly?

You thought

4) you couldn't manage the gazillion little needles and the tiny fine yarn?


1) they're not;
2) they're not;
3) they're not;



This kit contains everything you need:

You get enough

of this

or this

or this

Sage Heather Grape Heather

Blueberry Heather

to make two of these

Cuff-down Sock with Flap & Gusset Heel and German Round Toe

(or maybe these)

Toe-up Sock with Short-Row Toe and Heel

PLUS a couple of these

Mini (child size) sock
(pen included for scale)

You also get these

and this

which contains lots of this:

Just you watch. We'll make a sock pro of you yet.

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