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Stranger! Do not tempt fate!
The riddles are three;
Death is one!

"Turandot" is inspired by the Puccini opera, which in turn is based on the play by Carlo Gozzi, which in turn is based on an old Chinese legend, which in turn has common roots with every three-riddles-to-win-the-princess fairy tale or myth you ever read.

The sock is worked toe-up from a Turkish cast-on, and features a short-row heel with a tiny pseudo-gusset for extra ease at the heel angle.

The three riddles themselves - the riddles you must solve correctly (fail and your head is forfeit) in order to win the hand of Turandot, the Imperial princess with a heart of ice - are represented by three twist-stitch question marks on the instep.

On the front of the ankle, the Imperial Dynasty is symbolized by a knitted interpretation of the traditional Chinese Dragon Knot;

on the back is the Double Happiness ideograph common to weddings and other happy endings.

The cuff, with its quilting in pale yellow silk and its little golden bells, evokes the wedding night itself, as imagined by the ministers Ping, Pang and Pong.

And the body of the sock, bamboo stitch in ice-blue bamboo yarn, is a tribute to Pingís wistful yearning for his house in Honan, with its little blue lake surrounded by bamboo ("tutto cinto di bambý").

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