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Inspired by the autumn grape harvest and by Falstaff's brindisi from "The Merry Wives of Windsor," Vintage comes in three colorways - Claret, Chablis and Pinot - and features a wealth of fine detail and a structure that will cradle your foot in luxurious comfort.

Claret Colorway

Chablis Colorway

Pinot Colorway

Vintage's "secret weapon" for perfect fit at the instep stress points: a panel of embossed grapes that stretches to accommodate the highest instep and the deepest heel.

Thanks to the extra-roomy instep, the snug "inverted wineglass" shaping can lovingly cup your heel without tugging or binding.

The toe features an inlaid leaf embellished with embroidered tendrils...

...and more twining tendrils decorate the applied i-cord stem on the front of the ankle.

The leaves hide a 3x2 ribbed cuff, finished with an i-cord bind-off that incorporates the leaf tails for an extra touch of color.

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