So MDSW is today.

And I SAID I was learning to delegate, but… wow. Talk about your long-distance relationship!

I am racked neither by doubt nor by fear, but I’m marveling a bit at the extent to which this is happening in ways beyond my control or imagining.

Let us count the ways.

First of all, let me take you back in time a few steps, to VKL in January. One of the reasons we’re able to do MDSW at all under the present unprecedented circumstances is that, frankly, I overplanned for VKL. Had no idea what to expect, made up more inventory than we ended up needing. Good, right? Only… some of that inventory never even got assembled. There were bags and boxes of labeled kit components that went to the show and came back, still in the same form but a bit more chaotically packed, because VKL totally violated my normal MO for packing/loading a show. Basically, because the logistics of midtown Manhattan are so crazy, for that show we rented a van instead of using our own trailer. So EVERYTHING was packed differently, and repacked who-knows-how. Then when we got back from VKL we had to unload the van in a hurry so we could return it, so all this gear went into a quick-and-dirty-and-random holding area, actually the garage of one of my very accommodating neighbors.

IN THEORY, the next thing that would/should have happened is that we would then have moved all these things back into their proper places right away, assembling all those additional kits, tallying inventory, and so on. IN REAL LIFE, what happened? Well, I got a really bad cold, and as that was winding down I started feeling sick in ways that were leading we-now-know-where; meanwhile the Permasnow of 2015 was setting in, along with exciting new adventures in frozen pipes and so on. And we had to move the pile from neighbor’s garage to neighbor’s basement, because neighbor actually wanted to use her car, so… pile did not become less chaotic. Normal inventory got dealt with, mostly – tallied and shelved – but all the other miscellaneous show gear, kit components, etc., remained in basement limbo for the nonce.

Cut to a few weeks ago, when we discussed the feasibility of doing MDSW with what we had, including me being here instead of there. I knew I wouldn’t be able to DO any of the DOING of it, but I did think I’d be home from the hospital at least a week ago, and able to supervise re-packing on the spot. Because as usual, even when things are not at all where they are supposed to be, I do more or less know where the bodies are buried, and can at least look at a pile of stuff and make a well-educated guess as to its contents and trajectory. But no… still in the hospital (NB knocking on wood… now hoping to be sprung some time next week, ptui ptui ptui I spit through my fingers I shouldn’t jinx it), so supervising blind… if at all.

Meanwhile, the Usual Crew has also been experiencing this annoying thing we call Real Life, so the people locating and organizing and packing stuff are mostly not those who are at all familiar with how it’s usually done, and now the same is true at the other end, and what’s a girl to do? Supply all the info I can – ground plans, maps, forms, lists, etc. – and then just sit back and marvel. And not know what to expect.

Well, no, that last is not entirely true. What I do expect is that The Show Will Go On and that it will be fine. The Boy and The Booth Babe, with much-appreciated assistance from the Bead Ladies, will pull it off and make something wonderful happen. What that something will be, and how it will and won’t resemble the sort of show we usually put on – I’m content to wait and see.

It’s out of my hands, after all.

All my friends at MDSW, I’ll miss you! I’m there, in spirit, of course, so I hope you’ll visit the booth and hang out (and, you know, buy stuff). Eat a slab of lamb for me, and a big pile of ribbon fries; wash it all down with quarts and quarts of fresh lemonade. It’s what I’d do.

Update on Kate’s book: Alas, that plan too yielded to real-world logistics; there was a last-minute problem with cross-border shipping, so no supplies for us, I’m sorry to say