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News and More Teasers

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Sorry about all this doling out, but I’ve been working hard, HONEST, and I thought a few pictures at a time would still be better than nothing.

What I’ve been working hard on? Web page updates, mostly. Check out the main page for its lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-ong-overdue facelift. I mean… the look is the same, but the information is a whole lot less obsolete.

  • Vintage: available!
  • Kitri’s Mantilla: available!
  • Blue Stocking: no longer in beta (not since, um, end of March, thank you very much, you’d think I’d have thought of this one before…)!
  • FlockSock Sock Club - 2008 signups open! (Though I have yet to put up the Actual Page for this - still working to nail down a few details and get same in sync with Jennifer. That’s next.)

So go! Drool! Buy! I’ll wait here! Is that relentlessly commercial and enabling enough?

OK, how about the manipulative approach, then: Poor Ptolemy needs cat food….

Oh, never mind. You know what I mean.

Here, have a little Rhinebeck eye candy, and stuff. You’ve earned it.

Cookie Dough Booth

Indigo-Dyed Coopworth Locks

Got Soap

Another Yarn Booth

Alpaca Xing

More soon. I promise.


Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Kitri Shawl - Gathered

Kitri Shawl 6 Sketch

Kitri Shawl - Gathered

Some Announcements

  • Sign-ups for the 2008 Flock Sock club will be open starting at Rhinebeck this weekend. This does NOT mean you have to BE at Rhinebeck in order to sign up! If you’re there, and you come by the booth (26-D) and sign up in person - great. If you e-mail - also great. (At this stage signing up does not commit you to anything; it just puts you on the list in some kind of first-come-first-served order. And yo, existing club members? You’ve got dibs.) For now please send your e-mails to me - sockclub AT tsocktsarina DOT com - because Jennifer’s computer is temporarily out of commission. Note I’ve set up a special e-mail address for this purpose, and I’d also appreciate it if you’d put Sock Club in the subject line of your message - makes it easier to keep track of things at a time when… well, which way was up, again? Jen and I will both be updating our official web sites after Rhinebeck is over and we regain consciousness….
  • Since a lot of knittyheads and ravelers are going to be using us as a meetup point, we will have some kind of a message board set up so you can leave notes for each other. Building D, space #26. See you there! and also of course at the Blogger Meetup on Saturday at noon, which may also sort of be on Saturday at 1:00.
  • There is a slim chance I may have internet access in the booth - all depends on whether or not the EVDO card has a signal. So I may or may not be able to post live - and I may or may not be able to offer that facility to others. We shall see….

No Excuses

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Today, for the first time, I made myself haul the pre-Rhinebeck to-do list out of my head and shove it onto paper. I have to tell you it is not a pretty sight. We’re moving along at a good clip, and for all I know we may even be kind of on schedule - but still, from here it looks an awful lot like squeezing 10 gallons of accomplishment into a one-pint window of opportunity.

Therefore it is that I make no excuses whatsoever for doing the Comment Cheat. That is - there were some good questions in yesterday’s comments, and as I answered them via e-mail it struck me that the replies might make interesting (and non-labor-intensive…) post fodder.

Herewith, therefore, yesterday’s Shawl Blocking Q&A.

Astrid said:

I’d love to hear more about your washing and blocking process. Is the white stuff under the shawl in the sink fabric to help lift it out of the water gently? Is the pale blue yarn used for a preliminary tugging into shape? What is your blocking surface? And why did you add big yellow beads to the tips? (Just kidding!)

Yes, the cloth underneath is for lifting it out and doing the first squeezing out without putting strain on the yarn. I would use a net bag, but couldn’t put my hand on one in a hurry, and the muslin I use as a ground for blocking small swatches was in the right place at the right time. The pale blue yarn is Caron’s Simply Soft, which I use for knitting illustrations and which is pretty damn strong - couldn’t find my ball of Strong Nylon String which I was going to use like blocking wires a la Early Harlot, so I used the yarn instead. Next time I block a big piece I’m damn well springing for wires! The yarn worked as well as string, but string isn’t good enough for this.

Surface: I actually bought a lot of those interlocking floor tiles a while ago, but at the moment I don’t have a big enough piece of cat-proof floor-space available. So instead I just used the same guest bed where I’ve been doing the dry-pinning. I have a big heavy white canvas shower curtain thingie (cost me a whole quarter at a yard sale! and the moment I saw it I knew what I’d be using it for), so I laid that out first and just pinned over it. Someday I’m going to mark a grid on it.

Soaked the whole piece for about 15-20 minutes in very warm water (didn’t bother with the hot bath after all, because the black yarn felt fine to me once it was knitted up), with a small drop of shampoo and a small handful of conditioner. (Hair’s hair, after all. Mind you, I still wouldn’t do this with just any old shampoo, but I use Mane & Tail, which is pretty simple stuff, actually intended for both animals and humans - and I find it makes a really nice wool wash. Cheap, too. And not stinky.)

Rinsed slightly. Gathered it up in its protective cloth and squeezed. Wrapped in a big towel and squeezed some more. Laid it out on the surface, pinned out the strings, adjusted, adjusted some more, and then got down to details.

If I’d had wires I’d have gotten a more even line at the bottom and more of a convex curve. As it is, I mostly just blocked for dimensions. The bottom shaping isn’t critical, so I didn’t get obsessive about pinning it - the drape should make that a moot point.

What - you didn’t LIKE the yellow beads? And here I thought they added such a… special… touch….

Lynne said:

Am I correct that you ran your blocking lines (the pale bluish [at least on my monitor] yarn) before you started the soaking/wetting process? Makes a whole lot of sense!

Yup - beats wrassling it through with all that damp lace. Never understood why more people don’t do it that way - I have a note about it in the pattern. ‘Course, you can’t do that with wires, which I must say I do wish I’d had for this. Couldn’t find my ball of Strong String, either, so used Caron Simply Soft which made a fine substitute. But wires would have been way better.

Lynne also said:

You are enjoying dragging this out and teasing us, aren’t you? Tcha…

Possibly not quite as much as you might think - the suspense is kinda killing me too, you know. But I’m so crazed, and doing so many things at once, I really can’t spend the concentrated time on this that I’d like to. (In fact, what with scrambling to do taxes and what-not, I didn’t get to experiment with draping tonight after all - but did get half of the remaining edging done. What is WRONG with the IRS, anyway - don’t they know about Rhinebeck? What were they THINKING, scheduling a tax deadline the same week?) OTOH, might as well make a virtue of necessity and get some mileage out of the fact that it has to happen in instalments.

Astrid said:

As for the Mystery Object, my mind is stuck on un-plying tools, and I can’t get past it.

(… and a number of other people had some very interesting and creative thoughts on that subject too….)

Yeah, well, there’s a reason I said what I did about torturing yourselves. The Mystery Object is so completely arcane and far-fetched that I would be astonished if anyone actually figured it out. It’s a special-purpose implement for facilitating the modification of one small component of a device that I haven’t mentioned at all yet. I have no excuse whatsoever for putting up such a total red herring on the blog, except that it’s, well, kinda funny-looking, and I like being silly now and then. All will be revealed in due course.

And now, having both begun and ended with disclaimers on the subject, I will cease to pretend to refrain from making excuses and will get the hell back to work.

P.S. - the final batch of yarns for Vintage just arrived; the palette is now complete - and gorgeous. If I can possibly manage it I’ll show you the whole deal tomorrow.

Flat Out

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Kitri Shawl Trussed for Slaughter

Kitri Shawl Soaking

Kitri Shawl Wet

Kitri Shawl Pinned Out

Kitri Shawl Pinned Out

Kitri Shawl - Fan Edge

Kitri Shawl - Fan Edge

Kitri Shawl - Side Edge

Kitri Shawl - Side Edge

Still have to do side edging on stitck section and weave in a couple of ends (will spot-block that when done). Tonight we play with draping….

Vintage is finished, but I haven’t got pictures yet. Since I’m starting to get into the un-photogenic phase of preparation, I’ll save that for eye-candy for the next post.

Meanwhile, if you feel like torturing your brains a little, you can ruminate on the possible purposes of this object:

Mystery Object

Hint: It is not unrelated to the Semi-Stealth Project that got Luke into trouble the other day. (No, um, actual “hard” evidence on that, BTW, but some recidivism later in the day: caught him with a hunk of cork impaled on a fang. Case closed, I’m afraid.)


Sunday, October 14th, 2007

Do Not Disturb

Bound (Off) for Glory

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

Kitri Shawl Bound Off

Tomorrow - that is, later today - we block.