America’s Sweetheart

This is it - the final sock for the 2007 Flock Sock Club. As usual it’s been off the needles for quite a while; as usual I’ve been sitting on it superstitiously, not wanting to blog it until it was almost ready to take wing. (See earlier post re: OMG-it’s-already-January!) Which took even longer than I was expecting because of… um… unforeseen circumstances that might have something to do with leaves or amoebas….

If you were still expecting this sock to be “Fearful Symmetry” - well, it isn’t. That plan fell by the wayside during “The Nine Tailors,” because when we finally nailed down the base color for that sock and realized how grey it was… and then confronted the fact that the base color for “Fearful Symmetry” was also going to be grey… it just didn’t seem like a good idea to do two grey designs back to back. No matter how different the greys (one cold and granite-like, the other softly ashy and underlaid with pale peach). No matter how different the designs (and they are dramatically different, diametrically different).

So “Fearful Symmetry” has been shifted to late 2008, and in its place we have… we have… well, see, it started out with this skein of bamboo Jen showed me at Rhinebeck, in a soft peachy-pinky color that had us both thinking light bubbly giddy thoughts about pink champagne. When we made the decision about “Fearful Symmetry” a couple of weeks later, the pinkish bubbles rose to the surface again and struck us both as the obvious, the natural solution. So Jen sent me a skein, and I got me some beads, and I started swatching, and swatching, and swatching, and somehow… the champagne thing just wasn’t happening. And then I backed off and took a good look at the yarn, and suddenly I realized that it was a lot more pinky and less peachy than I remembered, and that my Rhinebeck-fuddled memory of it was clashing with the reality on my needles. So I started shifting gears.

I can’t easily describe the progression that led to where the sock ended up. It owes some of its shape and drape to an unfinished sketch I made over a year ago, based on Cunégonde’s aria “Glitter and Be Gay” from Bernstein’s “Candide” - a short dainty girly sock in pale pink, with swags of diamond necklaces. But somehow this one wanted to be more modern, more overtly robust, than that. Next thing I knew I was up to my ears in the history of Elsie de Wolfe and the gazillion incarnations of, and recipes for, the Pink Lady (a story for another time, and a good one). By the time I found my footing on the other side, what I had was a sweet little flapper, in fishnet stockings, with a bugle-beaded skirt daringly grazing her knees. And the pink pink pink pink of the whole thing was nagging at something elusive in the back of my mind, something that I knew was central to the idea, something that I just couldn’t quite grasp. Like when you meet someone on the street and you recognize the face but you can’t put a name to it. Then a night or two later you suddenly sit bolt upright at 3 AM and realize who it was - and it’s someone you’ve known all your life, someone you know like the back of your hand.

And sure enough, one night I sat bolt upright at 3 AM and realized exactly who this sock was and why she looked so familiar. She’s Roxie, that’s who she is.

You know who I mean. The jazz-baby with the smoking gun. The beauty of the cell-block. The sweet-faced little flapper you wanted to take home to mother - if only you could bust her out of the clink. Yeah. That Roxie.

(I wasn’t so far off with the Pink Lady, though. It turned out that wanted to be the name of the colorway, not the sock.)

Anyway - here she is. Roxie.






Look, Ma - two! I made TWO socks!



The twisted diagonal mesh is worked in opposite directions, so the socks mirror each other. This pattern is based pretty closely on an old Spanish pattern called Madeira Lace - I’ve added a twist to it, and I’ve also done three incremental variations in how it’s worked, so the mesh starts out fairly snug near the toe and becomes gradually stretchier as you go up the instep, adding ease at the heel angle.



The “skirt” is made up of three tiers of lacy beaded scallops and is topped by a picot-edge “waistband” with a knitted-shut hem.


She’s hot; she’s cool; she’s sweet; she’s lethal. Dance with her; cuddle up to her - just check first to make sure the gun is out of reach.

(Oh… one more picture. This one’s goin’ out to Whittney and Wendy - they’ll know why.)
As dear old Marvin Gordon used to say… “No point foots, no ballet.”

30 Responses to “America’s Sweetheart”

  1. jkknits Says:

    Hi Lisa, Nevermind my email I just sent asking about the final 2007 club sock. I should have waited one more day! Wow, Roxie looks great! I can’t wait to get this one. Thank you, Janet

  2. Sherry Says:

    Hey Lisa! She’s FABULOUS! I’m so completely impressed that you are able to design these things. Now see, when you were saying/writing pink lady I had both the drink and Rizzo from Grease in my head. Totally different. But I love her! Too bad I’ve discovered I don’t actually like to wear pink…. Hmmmmm…..

  3. Donna Says:

    Roxie looks like so much fun! Which picture best captures her color? One of those pictures is the color I seem to be obsessed with this winter (a la Claudia).

  4. Ruby Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  5. Lynne Says:

    Roxie has moxie! Wow!

  6. Kelly Says:

    The pictures just dont do them justice!! They are really beautiful socks. I love the stitch and color!!

  7. Ellene Says:

    This is so beautiful! You have outdone yourself on this one!

  8. Wendy Says:

    What sexy feet you have, my dear!

  9. Toni in Florida Says:

    Wow! And did I understand correctly that these are knit toe-up?? Beautiful and inspiring.

  10. Linda Schaefer Says:

    waaaah! I WANT them! Will this pattern/yarn ever be available outside of the sock club? Pleeeeeeeeeeeze?

  11. Cathy-Cate Says:

    Nice arch!
    Though I’m thinking Roxie’s idiom would probably be tap-dancing en pointe.

    Those are beyond words. I’m pouting like my preteen because I can’t have them for a Long Time and I Wants Them, I Do, I Do, I May Not Survive Without Those Socks!
    (Walks away singing, “The name on everybody’s lips is gonna be: Roxie!”)

  12. Astrid Bear Says:

    Yeah, baby, that sock’ll razzle dazzle ‘em!

  13. Sharon Rose Says:

    OMG!!! I can’t believe I’m gonna miss out on this. I suspect Jan 1, 2009 you’ll be getting a huge order from me.

  14. Pat Says:

    Man am I glad I’m in the Sock Club!

  15. Robyn in the Northwoods! Says:

    OhMyGoodness! Those are fantastic!!!

  16. dale-harriet in WI Says:

    Ballet! I’ve popped in and read now and then ( I am 1) on a Project Monogamy at the moment: 2) a Highly Trepidatious sock-knitter) but as I looked at the pictures of this beautiful sock I says to myself says I, “I recognize feet doing those things!” Aaaah, makes me toes itch for the auld lambswool….just sayin’. It’s been a while (gentle term for 89,642 years) since my days with the Andahazy Ballet Borealis (and “Sleeping Beauty” with Antal Dorati in the pit).
    Thanks!! (Oh, and I’m Seriously Considering the ‘Socks 101′ deal when my Enforced Monogamy ends!)

  17. kathe hannauer Says:

    OMG that is gorgeous.

  18. Deborah (a.k.a. Mt. Mom) Says:

    Ah, Lisa — she’s lovely! Must have been SO hard to wait to show and tell.

  19. Sheldaa Says:

    I love your socks , also ask will any be avaliable as pattern only for those of us with wool allergies? I love your designs and also want tiny leaves !!Can just the leaf directions be bought?

  20. Sonya Says:

    I was reading and reading and reading and wondering - Where’s the sock? Where’s the pictures? Very lovely. The mirrored pattern - clever. The graduated patterning - you mad, sock genius.

  21. ruth Says:

    She is Roxie! And those beads. That’s one pretty sock!

  22. Debby Spieler Says:

    These are seriously beautiful socks.

  23. Karen Says:

    Oh, my, yes indeed. Elegant work.

    Think one could find a tiny silvery Derringer charm to slip inside the cuff? Or maybe not the charm?


  24. charlotte Says:

    WOW, they are just gorgeus, i love the idea with the beats. And the way you make a heel. You are such an insparatio…

  25. Stephanie Says:

    These are the most beautiful socks in the world! I keep coming back to your blog to drool over these… I’m really hoping you publish the pattern so those of us not in on the sock club can have the pleasure of knitting them!

  26. Emilie (also Arianne) Says:

    I love it! And pink is probably my least favourite colour. :) It’s definitel Roxie. :)

  27. Rosi G. Says:

    Oh, darlin, those are FANTABULOUS!!!

  28. Betty Says:

    Oh, wow! She’s so purty!

  29. Penny Says:

    When will she be available to purchase?

  30. Whitt Says:

    OOOOH, a special Shout Out just for me! Love it. :) Nice feeties.

    PS) My actual name just has one “t”, not two. I added the second one to be all cool when I was signing my award-winning middle school art work. ha

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