They do say you can’t please all of the people all of the time. As with so many other things that aren’t supposed to be possible, apparently that hasn’t stopped me from trying - which is how I’ve ended up keeping the secret that isn’t a secret from the people who may or may not want to know it. No, I haven’t lost any more marbles than I was already missing; I’m just talking about Tsock #2. Speaking of which:


I’ve heard from about as many people as I can count without taking my socks off (if I were wearing any in this fearsome hot) that they have received their kits, and at least two have already cast on - in itself no mean feat.

Anyway - as you may recall, I chose to make #2 A Beeg Secret for no particular reason except that it seemed like a fun thing to do after the exaggerated advance exposure of #1. Turns out there are two kinds of people in the world: those who divide the world into two kinds of people and those who don’t. I mean… those who love surprises and those who don’t, and everything in between, which makes a lot more than two categories, doesn’t it. There were those who didn’t want to know ANYTHING until the package arrived. (They don’t.) There were those who wanted to go crazy trying to guess, but who didn’t want to be told if they’d guessed right. (Most of them hadn’t.) There were those who wanted to be told outright. (They were.) There were those who mined my every utterance for clues. (As if I weren’t carefully watching my every utterance and choosing each syllable with deliberation.) There were those who assumed that everybody but them already knew. (Wrong. Very few people knew. I think only two or three guessed, and only a small handful were told.)

Meanwhile, there was me, up to my nostrils in stealth projects, and as I’ve said before - MUCH STEALTH = BAD FOR BLOG.

So I’m going to come clean - but I’m not going to come clean. I’m going to tell all - but not to the people who still don’t want to know.

If you want to see #2, if you want to know what it is, if you’re not still holding out for the surprise in your mailbox… start clicking. I’m showing my hand, but for now I’m hiding it behind Door Number One. In fact, I’m locking it in this safe.


(If you’re holding out for the surprise - you know who you are - I’m counting on you to Step. Away. From. The. Mouse.)

And in a couple of weeks, say, or after I feel confident that all precincts have reported in, I’ll take what’s hidden here and re-post it in the open.

P.S. Many thanks for your kind wishes, here and elsewhere, in the wake of the last post. To clarify in case anyone else is confused - no, I’m not a teacher, nor do I play one on TV. But my BFF Lauren is, and it was her in-loco-parentis aunt who died during the week when end-of-year grades were due. I’ve often helped out with the grading crunch in the past - when it comes to thematic questions on the standard material it’s really not difficult to determine whether a kid Gets It, Majorly Gets It, Sort of Gets It, or Totally Doesn’t Get It, and to assign a number according to the degree of cluefulness displayed. So we got it done. Grades are in; summer vacation has begun. And of course this year Lauren’s going to have more free time than usual on her hands. It’s OK - she won’t be idle. I’m going to bring her over to the dark side… I’m going to teach her socks.

12 Responses to “Despoiled”

  1. Colleen Says:

    You should have comments enabled on the stealth page….because the comment I want to make is a spoiler!!!!!!!

    It involves a missing photo, there should be one more, after the last one, showing the results of the last two…..

  2. Donna Says:

    In this case, I’m in the everything in between category. I liked being surprised and didn’t invest any energy into guessing. In hindsight, I think I miss your as you go along design details. The summary doesn’t seem the same.

  3. LauraS Says:

    Those little safes on the next page are a riot!

    I got my kit today, and I love, love, love it! I love everything about it. I’m congratulating myself (again) on signing up for the club because if I had to wait until next year for this sock I would be …well, I’d be feeling like I’m feeling right now for the tsocks from last year’s club. In case you were wondering, this involves checking the blog posts for the ‘07 socks monthly or so, sighing a lot, wishing that I’d known about Tsocks the fall before last, and deciding I’ll make up for it by knitting multiples of them when I can finally get my hands on them.

  4. Tan Says:

    Love the pictorial tour! Just because I have the kit doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy seeing a lot more shots of what it’s going to look like. Especially the “lamprey” shots.

  5. ZaftigWendy Says:

    Oh, YAY! Pretty pretty pretty (like I knew it would be!) and I enjoyed the stealth, but I also enjoy the big reveal!

  6. Marina Stern Says:

    That’s a serioulsy pretty sock. Too bad my skill level is such that I’m still thrilled to be making socks in stockinette

    I cast on my first sock three weeks ago, and the first sock of my third pair tonight. Yeah, I think I may be hooked already.

  7. Marina Stern Says:

    “Seriously.” I don’t type any better than I knit.

  8. Veriton Says:

    This was fun! It was like a journey to a tsock!
    And by the way, you have done it again, my friend, GORGEOUS sock!! Absolutely stunning. Hat off to Jennifer too for the colours (I’m trying hard not to spoil anything, did I succeed?, feel free to delete otherwise!)


  9. mardi Says:

    I’m rereading the book now, even though I’m not a member. Have you read many of the other novels beside the most obvious one?

    The tsock is beautiful. Period. You’ll get women back in skirts just so they can show off their tsocks. A fashion revolution - I can just see Anna Wintour, all in black wearing Cleopatra with stilettos!

  10. Astrid Bear Says:

    What lovely socks! I especially like the **** ****, and the photo of ******* ******** is hilarious. Not to mention the cleverness of the ****-**. Brava!

  11. Emilie (a.k.a. Arianne) Says:

    I GOT IT!!!!

  12. Ann (yet another) Says:

    Want. Want. So, so want! Sigh.

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