Just. Too. Easy.

Oh, come on, Stephanie. This is supposed to be a challenge?

Well, maybe it is if you don’t happen to be a Real Political Animal like me. But I just happen to have the most important candidate of the millennium staying in my house right now, and she took a moment out of her busy campaign schedule to pose with my sock-in-progress. (I’m not sure this is what she expected when I said “yacht,” but she was pretty gracious about it, considering, only muttering a few choice epithets under her breath about the decrepitude and general lack of amenities like bars and scantily-clad stewards and such.)

No, she didn’t knit on it. I didn’t ask her to. That is my very own 4-ply handspun made out of an Abby Sock Batt, and even in the best of causes I’m not letting any dissolute sheep drop a single one of its precious stitches.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Fibertarian Party, may I present your candidate, the one and only Dolores, in a rare moment of relaxation:

Dolores Aboard

Close-up of sock:

Dolores Holding Sock

All you other political and/or sock-knitting mooks, eat your hearts out.

10 Responses to “Just. Too. Easy.”

  1. KellyD Says:

    OMG talk about great minds thinking alike!! I did the same thing basically but had Obama in my shot ROFL….. check out my blog. www.self-patterned.blogspot.com.

    I literally was the post before you on stephs blog! Arent we the smart ones.

    You know Franklin is having a contest too. If you are one of the first 30 to send him something then he puts you in for a drawing too.

  2. Cathy-Cate Says:

    I admit, the Fibertarian candidate crossed my mind immediately when I read Stephanie’s challenge just moments ago. Who else? We will ignore the fact that the Senator from Illinois was only a mile from me three days ago (I had to work, though my daughters were there — bad timing! They’re knitters! But somehow, I don’t think they would have gotten within sock-holding distance). Dolores is a candidate of the Fiber People and most gracious, it goes without saying.

    I hope you took her out for a sail with at least a decent Scotch or something.

  3. Programmer at Arms Says:

    That looks a lot like some handspun yarn I have seen before.

  4. jesh Says:

    There is tea all over my keyboard. You win.

  5. alwen Says:

    You win - I’m giving you the “I love your blog” award. ‘Cause I do.

  6. LauraS Says:

    Double blog-challenge score! Good one.

  7. Marina Stern Says:

    Oh, Tsarina, you are funny. Evil, and funny.

    As a Tsarina, don’t you qualify on your own merits? As in, take a picture of yourself knitting on a sock?

  8. Marcy Says:

    You know, I’m always surprised by how short Dolores is. I always expect her to be much taller.

  9. Tan Says:

    OHMIGOSH you got Dolores! I am so impressed!

  10. Jean Says:

    Very humorous (I know this dates me, but I could picture Jane Curtain covering something like this on the old Saturday Night Live). Best blog entry I’ve seen all weekend!

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