Here it is. Today I am half my name; I am LI. (Which also happens to be where I live, but let’s not go there. Besides, I’m there already.)

Next year…? Either my name and my age will part company, or I’ll have to change my name, or someone will have to invent a numbering system that includes the letter ‘S.’

(Or there will be some unforeseeable sort of D: None of the Above alternative that I can’t even imagine at the moment because, well, see above re unforeseeable.)

Meanwhile, there’s more to this Novemberness than fun and games and champagne cocktails and party hats (though we’ll have those too). It came to my attention recently that some clever soul, in tribute to NaNoWriMo, has dubbed this month NaKniSweMo as well. Wait a minute - I can do better than that. Google-fu, please? Oh, yes. It’s knitgrrl.

So… do I happen to know anyone with a sweater project that needs to be restarted from scratch before the momentum is entirely lost? Why, yes. I do.

I know better than to swear mighty oaths, but it seems to me that I could have worse plans than relaunching The Tsweater, and worse goals than completing it, during this month. As I know from experience with the ill-fated first attempt, knitting-wise it’s a reasonable goal in and of itself. It becomes less reasonable when compounded by all the OTHER work I have to be getting done at the same time, but… hey, so what else is new? It’s worth a try, anyway.

I will not cast on today, because of all the aforementioned OTHER work. Or wait, better than that. I will cast on today, in ritual fashion - I just won’t undertake to do much more than that until some of the OTHER work is safely out of the way.

(It’s OK. The cast-on is 6 stitches. I think I can afford to take the time.)

Speaking of said OTHER work… been kinda quiet around here, hasn’t it, since my little spate of post-Rhinebeck blogorrhea (ooh! lookit me! did I just invent a cool and useful new term or WHAT? useful for ME anyway, ahem), and of course it’s for the usual reason: multi-tasking Pattern Purdah of a cruel and unusually intensive kind. I’ll have pictures soon of the club sock I’ve been working on, though I’ve been bad bad bad with the camera and forgotten to take “before” pictures of its many and irritating froggings. Before I can focus much on any serious KniSwe work I have to get that ready to ship, along with another Lump o’ Tsuspense (already knitted and scribbled but still needs to be organized for printing) and a third player to be named later, all going out in the same package. Not to mention that I then need to leap straight into the next club instalment because we’re still playing catch-up from the Great Yarn Drought of 2008, and we have a Diabolical Plan in place to get us to the finish line in time, which Diabolical Plan involves (as usual) much burning of many midnight oils, and probably a lot of spoons.

So I bet you can guess what I’ll be doing today. I’m damn well giving myself the evening off - being taken out on the town, in fact - but by the time that happens I will damn well have earned it several times over.

Here I go - off to celebrate my birthday by working hard… and then by playing hard.

See you on the other side of the hangover.

20 Responses to “LI”

  1. Caroline M Says:

    I love it when people are older than me, I feel like I’m at the end of the bell curve at my knitting group and most of the blogs I read are written by people younger than me. Happy birthday, why not make a week of it this time around?

  2. Presbytera Says:

    Happy Birthday! *clink* A virtual toast to you! (Hoist one for me in reality, willya?)

  3. Mardi Says:

    I do hope you have a lovely evening out - and good champagne doesn’t give too bad a hangover. Ask me how I know…

  4. Phiala Says:

    Happy birthday! Alas, my age will never be any interesting part of my name, tho I think that’s terribly cool. Although you could take the “l” from Phiala, I suppose.

    I’m working on a sweater, but not planning to finish it this month. 2010 sounds good, or at least likely. I am planning to write 50,000 words of fiction. I am already procrastinating, on the very first day, by writing blog comments instead of story. Doesn’t bode well.

  5. Carys Says:

    Happy natal day, half of yourself where you live!!

    May you never have a shortage of puppy kisses, kitty purrs, and fiber!


  6. Angie Says:

    Happy LI-st (or however) Birthday! May the coming year bring you only pleasant surprises.

  7. Helen Says:

    No fair! What about having NaNoSweMo in a DIFFERENT month? There are 11 more to choose from. Then a knitting novelist could do both.

    So sad. Have to go write. Can’t go knit. And it’s only day 1.

  8. Cathy-Cate Says:

    I will have to live to a hundred to have my birthday be part of my name! Could happen, but by then I’ll probably be too senile to remember it.

    I was thinking about the upcoming festivities yesterday! Happy birthday, have a wonderful time out on the town, and as per advice above, drink good booze so any hangover is minimal! (But hopefully after LI years, one has learned to avoid severe aftermaths….)

  9. Melissa Says:

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy the night off :)

  10. Marina Stern Says:

    Well, hip-hip-happy birthday to you! I’m older than you (slightly), but am unlikely to live long enough to knit as well as you do now.

    I’ve seen the word “logorrhea,” (sp) used to describe the process of writing 1200-page books about one’s political philosophy. “Blogorhea” must be a very mild form of that.

  11. Jean Says:

    Your Rhinebeck blogorrhea was actually quite fun and well written (that is why I asked if you were related to Michener as he was so well known for his brilliant, but lengthy books). Just drink plenty of water while recovering from your night out, it will help you to rehydrate (you’ll feel better much faster that way). Your blog makes me smile.

  12. Gretch Says:

    Whoa, it’s 11:11 CDT - that must mean something. Anyway, chm, chm (use the german/yiddish ch - I’m clearing my throat):
    Birthdays come but once a year,
    so I send my message clear,
    Happy Birthday LI –ee dear,
    Happy Birthday til next year!!!


  13. Sharon Rose Says:

    Happy Birthday! *hugs* and cashmere!

  14. Jennifer Says:

    Happy belated birthday! I hope you enjoyed yourself, and wish you a wonderful year to come!

  15. itgirl Says:

    i told you the other day, but happy belated.

  16. Shannon (knitgrrl) Says:

    Helen, you could be crazy like me and try for both! My friends pressured me into doing NaNo (despite my inventing NaKni to STOP myself from the noveling), so I am going to knit my sweater in the first 15 days and write the novel in the second.

    Yes. I am not right in the head. :)

  17. Sarah Says:

    Belated happy birthday as well. I was rummaging through some CDs, and came across a Musical Heritage recording of change ringing in 16 English churches. I just listened to it again while spinning. Do you have this recording? It was recorded in 1989, and reissued by MHS in 1996. It is called Church Bells of England. The last track is at St David , Moret0n-in -Marsh, Gloucestershire, doing Kent Treble Bob Major.

  18. Melissa Says:

    I fully intend to live long enough to be my name (M. Yes, I plan to live 1000 years. Why? My answer to the question asked in Queen’s “Who Wants to Live Forever?” is “Me.”).

    My NaKniSweMo will include, at a minimum, finishing my February Lady Sweater. I started the sleeves last night, and I plan to wear it to Stitches East this weekend.

    This is, of course, complicated by the fact that I am also doing NaNoWriMo, and this year I intend to FINISH the 50,000 words. The closest I’ve been is 32,800 words in (I think) 2005. I would have finished that year, but right around Thanksgiving I was hit by a desire-to-live-sapping case of Martian Death Flu and didn’t recover my will or physical fortitude to write until December. So far, I’m pretty much on track…..Ironically, though, I haven’t even begun the story. I have pages and pages of backstory stuff I Need To Know that the reader will (probably) never see. Ah, well, it still adds to the word count.

    On the Tsock front, a question I’ve been meaning to ask–Will we be knitting a second Tsuspense Project? [a mate to the one in progress] I seem to have copious amounts of leftover yarn, so I’ve been wondering.

  19. Melissa in Oklahoma Says:

    Many happy returns of the day!

  20. Sally Says:

    Happy Election Day, and a fairly belated birthday to the LI girl from the LIV girl, though my age is NO part of my name it is the first three letters of LIVE which is a pretty good thing to do on your birthday and all of the other days as far as I can tell!

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