Root and Crown

The time has come, the walrus said…

… to take the lid off the Tsuspense Project.

No more safes. No more riddles. No more maybes. No more cryptic.

Full Disclosure.

As far as I know all the packages have arrived and been opened, and everyone has looked at the back of the book (which is where I hid both the pattern cover and the summary, just in case anyone wanted to prolong the Tsuspense to the last tstitch). Club members are still being impressively discreet about it, just in case… but the hell with that now. I’m tired of being discreet.

I’ve been sitting on this thing for TWO YEARS now!

So, ready or not… here it comes.

We have already stipulated that it is a Tsock; the time has come to admit WHICH Tsock. It is in fact Tsock #6 of the 2008 TsockFlock Club, and here it is finished:

Seven Chakras, finished

And here is the pattern cover:

Seven Chakras, Cover

I could blog about chakra theory for a dozen years solid and still not hope to cover the subject adequately, but if you’re not familiar with it Wikipedia provides a fairly decent entry point. This design is based on what is referred to there as “The Seven Major Chakras”; seven energy centers that are believed to govern physical, mental and spiritual health. This is the most commonly-used model, and incidentally the one most familiar to me as a student of yoga. The concept goes back to the Upanishads, some of the earliest known Hindu scriptures; its interpretations range from the purely mechanical through the glandular to the emotional, the spiritual and the cosmic. The word itself is from the Sanskrit and means “wheel” or “vortex”; not coincidentally it comes from the same root as the Hindi “charkha,” the hand-cranked spinning-wheel famously promoted by Gandhi.

The physical locations associated with the seven major chakras are traditionally laid out in a vertical column along the spine; several schools of thought also “reflect” this alignment in relation to the hands and feet (and from this reflected layout come the core concepts of reflexology). The Tsock, of course, follows both paths, which is why…

Muladhara Chakra      … Part I began at the tip of the heel, with Muladhara Chakra.

Mula means “root,” and Muladhara Chakra is both the seat of godhead and the foundation of all life. That is why the Tsock begins there; Muladhara Chakra is traditionally located at the base of the spine and the heel of the foot, and all form and experience (as well as sock shaping) flows outward from that first point. Muladhara is associated with the earth; its color is deep red; its “tattwa” (symbolic shape) is a square or diamond, the four sides representing the four directions and the four dimensions.

Muladhara Chakra


Svadhisthana Chakra      Tsuspense Part II completed Muladhara Chakra and then - in the “herding cats” segment of the Tsock - continued in both directions to encompass Svadhisthana Chakra.

Svadhisthana is the home of the self. It is located in the sacrum and reflected just in front of the heel; it is associated with emotion, desire, creation, and procreation. Its color is burnt orange and its element is water, whose tattwa appears as a crescent.

Svadhisthana Chakra


Manipura Chakra      Tsuspense Part III: Manipura Chakra

Manipura, the city of jewels, is located in the solar plexus and reflected in the arch of the foot. It is the home of passion, power, energy; it translates desire into action. Its color is yellow and its element is fire, symbolized either by a triangle or by a flame.

Manipura Chakra


Anahata Chakra      Tsuspense Part IV: Anahata Chakra

Anahata means “unbeaten” (shades of “Invictus” and the “unconquerable soul”); Anahata Chakra is located in the heart and reflected just behind the ball of the foot, and it represents balance of every kind. It is the seat of love and compassion, but it also constitutes a bridge between the lower impulses of the first three chakras and the higher self, the thinking and believing consciousness that makes choices based on thought and understanding as well as feeling. Anahata is traditionally bright green and one of its symbols is the heart itself.

Anahata Chakra


Vishuddha Chakra      Tsuspense Part V: Vishuddha Chakra

Vishuddha, purification, is located in the throat and reflected at the base of the toes. It is the seat of communication and resonance; the center of creativity and self-expression; the source of truth. It is associated with aether, whose tattwa is sometimes seen as an ellipse (and sometimes as a crescent - but we already used that symbol in Part II); its color is bright blue.

Vishuddha Chakra


Ajna Chakra      Tsuspense Part VI: Ajna Chakra

Ajna, or perception and command, resides in the brow and is reflected in the pad of the big toe; it is often called the “third eye” because it represents the vision of the mind - dreaming, insight, intuition, and conscience. It is sometimes said that the physical eyes see only the past and the present, but the third or spiritual eye envisions the future. Ajna understands and processes memory and experience. It is associated with the element of light; its color is a deep indigo and its symbol is a two-petaled lotus that looks not unlike an eye.

Ajna Chakra


Sahasrara Chakra      Tsuspense Part VII: Sahasrara Chakra

Sahasrara, thousand, is the crown chakra. It is located just above the top of the head and is reflected at the tip of the big toe. Its color is sometimes rendered as white, sometimes as gold, most often as a bright or deep violet. It represents the pure higher consciousness, spiritual transcendence, union with the godhead and with the universe on all planes. The symbol of Sahasrara is the thousand-petaled lotus.

Sahasrara Chakra

So that, in all its tortuous glory, is the Tsuspense Tsock.

The divine in me bows to the divine in you.


42 Responses to “Root and Crown”

  1. The Boy (tm) Says:

    You are definitely the Mystic Poo of Tsmart!

  2. Programmer at Arms Says:

    Um, wow. Just… wow.

  3. PY Says:

    I did a lot of research on chakras back in high school. It’s neat to see the Lucky Charm tsock turn into something that I had a fling with.

  4. chalyn Says:

    i love this tsock. so very much that i am going to knit it next. after i finish the two other non-tsock socks i have on the needles.

    i’m so glad you’re so smart and creative and stuff, ’cause the stuff that comes out of your brain is so much Fun.

  5. Melissa in Oklahoma Says:

    Beautiful. And was I ever glad to read that the tsock was not about dental procedures! Tsorry…

  6. Lynn Says:

    When you get around to designing lace shawls, I will no longer have a life.

  7. Astrid Bear Says:

    I knew it, I knew it! You had mentioned the idea of Chakra Sock to me some time ago, and when I saw those little red thingies being knitted up, I knew it at once and didn’t say a word. It is beautiful, a remarkable realization of the idea. Just the thing to slip on for Savasana!

  8. Faith Says:

    But will you share with us all of the behind the scenes stuff? The redesigns, the dyeing, all that?

  9. Linda Says:

    wow. I wasn’t even close. :-) I just finished the first one this evening, though, and the other one is almost there. So, by the weekend maybe…..

    What fun! I’ll have to carry along the discussion sheets so I can explain what the symbols mean. hah

    Thanks for a satisfying knit!

  10. Angie Says:

    Beautiful. As lovely as the tsocks, so are the inspirations for them. Thank you.

  11. Rachel Says:

    Too beautiful for words…. I realize I will have to wait until Rhinebeck (at the earliest) for it to be offered for sale but oh, it is one of the very few projects for which I will break my (self-imposed) ban on purchasing anything new.

  12. Marina Stern Says:


    Visually, it’s a birthday cake of delight. That it means something isn’t so much the icing on the cake, as the deep fudgy center, hidden within.

    What makes me happiest is that, by the time you release this tsock to the general public, I’ll be a good enough knitter to do it.

  13. kelly Says:

    Ok now that is just insane!!! A good insane I may add, and its just incredible too!!! And by the way I NEED to get that sock kit the MINUTE it becomes available to the rest of the world. Srsly you really are gifted.

  14. karen ann Says:

    fabulous, simply fabulous. i’m a massage therapist, reiki master (2 degrees), dabble in crystal healing, etc, & this speaks to me on so many levels. this is my favorite of all the creations you’ve shown us.

  15. Pat S Says:

    I really love this sock.

  16. Sally Says:

    oh my. just delightful. I so must have at least three of the kits when released. You most certainly ARE the most high and exalted Mystic POO of Tsmart. ::bows in deep reverence::

  17. Marti J Says:

    Once I have some spendthrift money again, I’ve GOT to get this pattern when its released to us Muggles not fortunate to be in the Tsock Club! In fact, I’ll have to knit two pair of it … one for the daughter who loves all your patterns & wants them all to herself, and one for me as the hard-knitting mama who obliges her with your creations whenever possible.

  18. KittyMommy Says:

    Long-time lurker de-lurking to say that is probably the most amazing sock I have ever seen! I love all the cryptic, intellectual, crazy components of many of your socks, but this one just completely knocks my tsocks off!

  19. ktb38 Says:

    That is so awesome!

  20. Joan Says:

    Also delurking to suggest making a bazillion kits for sale as everyone who knits either works with the chakras or knows someone who does. Personally, I think I need, I mean, would like, five kits when they are available!! The way your mind works leaves me tspeechless. Namaste

  21. The Boy (tm) Says:

    Marti J, what your daughter really needs is Tsocks 101!

  22. Mistress Wenzer Says:


    Now I need to go back to knitting my chakra tsockras…

  23. Alexander Says:

    Chakra socks :D

  24. CaroleP (ohio) Says:

    I too, am delurking to let you know those socks are wonderful!!! And also, must have the kit when it’s available - when is that? and how do I get it?? Love, love, love. Thank you!

  25. Lizabeth Says:

    Ok, Lisa, this may just be the sock that will tempt me into your sock-y clutches. I really, really like this design.

  26. AudreyA Says:

    Will this pattern be available for purchase by the 2009 Tsolk Flock? (I’m trying every angle I can to get my hands on this pattern/kit!!)

  27. JennyE Says:

    Wow! Those are so beautiful– my sister in law absolutely MUST have some. I can’t wait until the kit is ready for public consumption!

  28. Sharon Rose Says:

    My acupuncture clinic is inside a Yoga studio… I’ve never been sad to be here alone (which I am, most of the time) before now - I want to show these off to the girls! Well done!

  29. Marcy Says:

    Woh. You are the Mystic Poo of all the Poos.

    Namaste to you, too, Poo

    P.S. Though the Lucky Charms idea is not without merit. :D

  30. Veriton Says:

    I bow before your greatness.

    ok, so lets review the list, shall we.
    In order of when I first started lusting after it

    1 Poseidon
    2 Nine tailors
    3 Vintage
    4 seven chacras

    and I know I’m forgetting one in there but can’t remember now

    I’d say I have a lifetime of knitting ahead of me already, and I haven’t even got the kits yet

  31. karin Says:

    I must have this sock pattern. I will wait as long as necessary, but having missed out on the Tsock Club I would like to know when and where this will be available to mere mortals outside the sock club.

    I think you need to change your name from Tsarina…to something more goddess-like…


  32. Samm Says:

    This is the most gorgeous sock I’ve ever seen. I would love to try this one someday. :) samm

  33. Susie Says:

    Oh my, I just found you on Ravelry and I gotta have this pattern. Pretty please, this will keep m awake till you have it for sale!

  34. Jen Dussault Says:

    Hi there!
    Beautiful pattern!!! I am just wondering when I can get my grubby paws on this kit? I’m just all beside myself with glee about the chakra sock, and must have it! :)

  35. Jane Sink Says:

    Just found this on Ravelry. My yoga teacher –a delightful woman who I admire and love, asked if I would knit her a pair of socks. I have been looking seeking looking searching for an appropriate pattern and VOILA I find this!!!!! Puhleeese can I get a pattern?????? It is singing to me!!!! in My Creative Chakra!!!!
    Thanks, appreciate your creative spirit.
    Jane Sink

  36. Jane or on ravelry jgate Says:

    May I also find the pattern please? Thank you.

    Jane Applegate

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  38. Sanne Larsen Bagby Says:


    Found this sock and your blog. Please, please, please, tell me how I can get my hands on the pattern for the lovely Root and Crown Chakras tsocks. Also, I’m seeing evidence that you have some kind of club that one can join to get kits and projects across the year? Pray tell, tell more….

  39. The Tsarina Tsays… » Blog Archive » Now Is the Month of Maying… Says:

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  40. Sanne Larsen Bagby Says:

    Hi again,

    So….Has the Chakras sock pattern yet been released again? I desperately want to knit a pair….. How does one purchase it, please!?

  41. Vickie Says:

    Where is the pattern available for purchase?

  42. Sanne Larsen Bagby Says:

    Hi and Happy New Year! Still hoping for the re-release of the pattern for those gorgeous Chakra Tsocks! Thanks.

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