Protocol Schmotocol

I can’t stand it any more. I don’t care what the normal rules say. I’ve got to show you Cleopatra.

Cleo from left

Seems like the least I can do, given the delays in sending her out.

Cleo from right

She wasn’t all that hard to knit - just a couple of tricky spots and a few unconventional tweaks - but she’s been the very devil and all to write up.

Cleo details

Anyway - there she is.

And here are some of the working notes I’ve been trying to re-decipher.

Cleo notes

You can tell it’s trouble when the French curve comes into play…

French Curve
(see all the cute little color-coded alternate snake layouts for different sizes?)

…and when the cat decides that it is something to play with.

French Curve and Cat

You can tell it’s trouble when it takes both graph paper and a spreadsheet to calculate the relationship between the shaping decreases and the pattern increases in something as small and simple as a toe.

Cleo Worksheet

You can tell it’s trouble when you have to frog and re-knit in-line i-cord on the bias because (is it just me?) no matter how hard you try to control yourself you are just WAY TOO NEUROTIC about OVER-adjusting the tension on EVERY ROW.

Frogged Snake

(Learn from the error of my ways, if you can: chances are your natural tension is JUST FINE.)

All that aside, though, it’s not actually a very difficult knit.

It’s just documenting and codifying it that’s hairy. That, and re-knitting a bunch of extra toes and snakes in different sizes to make sure the stitch counts and the travel angles are right.

Extra toes

Oh yeah, and unventing a newish kind of heel.

Newish Heel

That sort of thing.

The worst is over now, though. Still got some proofing and organizing to do, but I think we’re out of the reeds and starting to drift down the Nile.

In other news, I see Archie has been wreaking havoc of a fluffy kind in the environs of the Janus Museum again. What have I wrought?

(I notice, also, that one of the stalwart Pickelhaube-wearing Prussians in this entry looks strangely familiar… nah, must be my eyes deceiving me.)

P.S. Dang, I see my color balance is still all over the map. I need more arms, more legs, more eyes, and more time. Sorry….

5 Responses to “Protocol Schmotocol”

  1. Terry Says:

    Two blacks and a green: not bad. But the big pictures came out blue.

    Other than that, Tsarina, you’ve got a really nice asp!

  2. Sonya Says:

    Did you know that you are a Sock Structural Engineer? Cleo is a beauty. Watch out for those snakes though, I can just hear Samuel L. Jackson’s character from Snakes on s Plane.

  3. Ponto Says:

    Wonderful tsnakey tsocks! Would go very well with the appropriate historically informed headgear:

  4. Karen Says:

    Cleo is absolutely gorgeous - I love it, I like it, I want some more of it (sorry, carried away there) :-)

  5. Ivy Says:

    Those are amazingly gorgeous, but weren’t they supposed to be open to the general public by now? COVET! They’re too cute!!!

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