Surreal Decade

Cookie on Swing
Photo by Allan Janus; Washington Grove, November 5, 2000

Anne Chotzinoff Grossman
February 21, 1930 - November 5, 2002

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4 Responses to “Surreal Decade”

  1. Astrid Says:

    Wonderful picture of Cookie! But then, it seems like there never was a bad one.

  2. Lynne in Florida Says:

    What Astrid said. She would be so proud of what you’ve done in the past decade. Hugs.

  3. Allan Janus Says:

    Wot a fine day that was!

  4. Melissa in Oklahoma Says:

    More evidence of a life well lived.

    I know the pain is everlasting, but I also hope it has become easier to bear. My own is like a bruise that I have to keep touching to make sure it’s stilll there accompanied by the occasional tsunami of loss.

    Anyway, aren’t we blessed to have had wonderful mothers?

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