Just When You Thought It Was Safe….

This one has been marinating in my brain for the past year and a half, and I wasn’t sure exactly when it was going to come to fruition. But then I started seeing signs…

Dangerous Sandwich

… signs of the times…

Fisheries Building

… signs of the end times…?

Dangerous Golf Course

… And Another Dangerous Golf Course…

… and it became obvious that the moment had really come.

Sometimes, Anna, a banana is just a banana. Every once in a while a tsock - or a pair of tsocks, as the case may be - must inevitably burst the bounds of the high-falutin’ high-concept fancy-schmancy… and just devote itself to One. Dumb. Joke.

This is that pair of tsocks.

Shark Week Cover

(I had some fun with typography here. The title typeface is called “Bite Me.” The tagline typeface is called “Amity Jack,” and I bet you can guess what it was used for in 1975.)

The shark theme has been done, of course; this, however, is the Tshark theme…

Both Socks

… and as such it is intended to go farther over the top, and deeper under the bottom, than your average sea-going pedator. (Check out my shiny new neologism that I just this minute made up! “Pedator” - a predator that is worn on the foot, geddit?)

Now just imagine how it feels
When first your toes and then your heels
And then, by gradual degrees,
Your shins and ankles, calves and knees
Are slowly eaten, bit by bit.

Hilaire Belloc,


One tshark has eaten your foot and is well on his way to finishing off what’s left of you;

Upward Facing Shark

his friend has already gorged on most of your corpus and has saved your toes for dessert.

Downward Facing Shark

Both of them are messy eaters, as witness the drops of blood and other scraps clinging to their pointy little sharky teeth; both have textured gills…


…and both are accompanied by the usual Remora…

Remora Remora

… which attach to the host wherever and whenever they please by means of… wait, are you sitting down…? by means of VELCRO.

Yes, Velcro on your knitting… on purpose. Ha ha, knitters, I am messing with your heads! Seriously, though - the top of a Remora’s head, by which it latches on to its host shark, actually does look just like a strip of Velcro, so I really don’t see how I was supposed to resist.

Remora Remora

Remora Remora

Remora Remora

You fuse or sew a little piece of hook Velcro to the top of each Remora’s head…

Remora Remora

Remora Remora

… and then you can slap the thing on ad hoc, or ad sock, so it clings to the shark’s skin and hangs from your sock wherever it will amuse you most.

Remora Remora

OK, so I got a little carried away with the remora thing. Can you blame me?

Toe-up? Top-down? Both. Neither. Some from Column A. Etc.

The Upward-Facing Tshark (as we call him in yogic circles) is more or less toe-up; his short-rowed tail flukes sandwich the sock toe, his short-rowed plump underbelly


embraces the sock heel, and his gaping maw

Gaping Maw

surrounds the ankle of his victim…

Gaping Maw

… its pointy picot teeth

Picot Teeth

biting into the tender flesh.

The Down-Tshark, as you might expect, is worked as it’s positioned, in the opposite direction. Its tail flukes spread upward…

Tail Flukes

… as it plunges downward to devour the last of its Victim. The latter’s Foot protrudes from the maw - slip-stitch lower jaw on the underside…

Lower Teeth

… upper jaw nearly covering the deeply-tanned Toes.

Victim's Toes

Victim's Toes

Both tsharks are worked in a rough tsharktskin texture…


… that is actually the wrong side of a variant on a classic herringbone stitch pattern…


… the result being that you spend much of your time knitting inside-out - that is, working inside the shark whose dinner you’ve already become, whose fearsome maw…


… has already engulfed you. Aside from the occasional confusion this engenders, the tsock isn’t really particularly difficult, technically speaking.

Not that it matters. After the Tsharks have eaten up every morsel of you, and licked their bloody chops, who will know the difference anyway?

“Shark Week” dove into the water last week, and its terrifying dorsal fins…

Dorsal Fin

… have already been seen circling the mailboxes of several unsuspecting Tsock Club members.

Watch out, my friends. You’re gonna need a bigger knitting bag.

Shark Week

P.S. Almost forgot to mention. The heroines of the dye studio took to calling this one “Bruce” for short… so that’s what we named the main colorway.

701 Responses to “Just When You Thought It Was Safe….”

  1. Astrid Says:

    It’s finally happened. You have jumped the shark. (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

  2. Caroline M Says:

    My favourite is the one with the fake toes. They are begging to be tslipper tsocks (along with that there tswan) though, too much work there to not be on show all of the time.

  3. Tan Summers Says:

    Lisa, my dear, that is worth waiting for.

  4. Lisa Says:

    I…I…have no words. I’m practically weeping with delight. So much better than I could have imagined!!

  5. Caroline Says:

    Holy - er, cow?? I have never seen anything like this. Mind-bending,my dear…

  6. Teri Says:

    Wonderful albeit frightening.

  7. Lisa Says:

    Did someone mention cows?? Hrm…I can see a whole menagerie of tsocks…

  8. Karen in McLean Says:

    Enchanting, delicious, and–yet again–a presentation that proved very, very timely. And the remora! Absolutely brillo.

    Cheers and many, many thanks,

    Karen in McLean

  9. Meredith Says:

    I. Am. In. LOVE! I am not a member of your sock club but I NEED to knit these for my Shark Week obsessed sister in law.
    Is there ANY way that this pattern can be purchased on it’s own since I’m not a member of the club? If not, do you think you’ll be releasing the pattern for sale at any point?
    I am so impressed. Great design!

  10. Lynne Says:

    I’m with Meredith above…I MUST make these for my niece. She sent me a picture of some machine produced socks similar to these and asked me if I could make them. Soooooo…if at all possible PLEASE make these available to non-club members?????? Pretty Please!!!

  11. Lynne in Florida Says:

    Words fail me. The remoras are totally over the top - maybe even cooler than all the little leaves! I love these tsocks, and can’t decide which one I like better. Lisa, these are soooo soooooo brilliant (?) off-the wall (?) fun (!) Long live the Tsharks!

  12. Lynne in Florida Says:

    P.S. The awesome has struck again! Nobody in their right MIND would design shark socks - so I’m very glad you live in your left mind.

  13. neeuqdrazil Says:

    They arrived!

    I opened the package at work, and had my coworkers cackling with laughter, and making grabby-hands at the socks.

  14. Barbara Says:

    ok sweetie - you are officially on my list of crazy/genius people I have met.

    Since we met at SOAR, I may not be all fan-girl the next time I see you, but you can bet that I’ll want to see these tsocks!!

  15. Larry Says:

    I can’t/don’t knit. wish i could buy these for Xmas presents

  16. Larry Says:

    I can’t/don’t knit. wish i could buy these for Xmas presents

  17. Martha Says:

    Where may I purchase just the socks as I can’t knit :) thanks!

  18. Rachel Says:

    I just came across your socks and I must get my hands on these shark socks!!! How do I get the pattern?

  19. Barbara Rude Says:

    These socks are awesome!!!! I have been cracking up showing everyone the pictures and they are all cracking up. The ones with the toes would make great flip flop socks. How do I get the pattern for these socks?

  20. Kathi Says:

    can I purchase the shark socks??? PLEASE!???

  21. Boosette Says:

    Hear, hear!

    I would BUY THE HELL out of that pattern, omg.

    Even if its available through the club only (Is it?), I would JOIN THE CLUB just for this pattern.


  22. angela botha Says:

    I want to sell these at our seaside town where the Great White lurks

  23. Jason Says:

    The perfect gift for my wife. Can I commission them?

  24. Cmerun12 Says:

    I’m with the group that would like to purchase the pattern and/or kit. Where and how? Please.

  25. Lisa Says:

    Absolutely love the socks! How can I get the pattern? (although I can barely knit, I’m willing to try) or to even buy an already made pair. These are amazing.

  26. Amanda Says:

    Both of my boys would love a pair of these. Especially my oldest son, which had his left foot injured earlier this year and he lost some toes. I told him that I would knit a special sock for his foot. I think this would be the one. He would LOVE it. If you ever do a pattern or kit, please send me an email. :)

  27. gramm Says:

    This is the best! Where can I get this pattern?

  28. slavicdiva Says:

    Please add me to the list of people who would BUY THE HELL out of that pattern if it were available! Please please please, pretty please????

  29. Mym Says:

    I would love the pattern for these as well - kudos to you for such an amazing pattern :)

  30. Jerri Says:

    These are hysterical and awesome and just what I needed to read about today! Thanks!

  31. dragonflydazd Says:

    pattern! pattern! pattern! please make a pattern. i love these and so would my nephew.

  32. Clifton Harp Says:

    I, also, am not a member, but I would absolutely LOVE to have this pattern…As you may or may not know, I am a 35 yr old guy who loves to knit and crochet. It’s so hard to find truly awesome patterns that will look good on men as well as women. This is one of those patterns. Please let me know where I may be able to get this pattern and you will have my eternal gratitude :)

  33. Elise Says:

    I have 2 teens who each need a pair. They regularly greet each other with “Candygram.” “You can’t fool me, you’re that shark.” “No, no, I’m just a dolphin.” etc. Must have these.

  34. Amy Says:

    I have a friend that I NEED to make these for. Please oh please say the kit will be available to non-club members sometime before her birthday in March?

  35. Megan Says:

    Please count me in. I would like to know how to buy the pattern or kit for these socks. I

  36. Sharkbait311 Says:

    I need to place an order for a pair of socks please! Need info on where and how? Thanks!

  37. Jessica Says:

    I really would love this too. Pretty please with cherry on top? Release it for sale, please? *puppy eyes*

  38. debbie micallef Says:

    I would like to buy a dozen. Are you selling them?

  39. Ksenia Says:

    I’d love to get my hands (or feet) on this pattern for a friend who is OBSESSED with Shark Week.

  40. tuupa Says:

    Have you seen the Headington Shark?

  41. Susan Says:

    I also would LOVE to get the pattern for these socks. My boys would love these and how perfect would they be for a gift given with the Dead Fish hat?

  42. Mindi Says:

    I am also in love with the sharks/remora! I see “club” mentioned a lot - how does one get to be a member, are there dues and may I buy the pattern? Please,please, please?

  43. Patti Says:

    Where can I get the pattern?

  44. Heather Says:

    like all the rest, these are AWESOMESAUCE!!! please please please release a pattern!!!! :-)

  45. yara Says:

    i love it!! that is freaking *jazz hands* amazing!!!!’

  46. Samantha Says:

    Amazing! Hoping the pattern will be for sale to the general public!

  47. Helen Says:


  48. Jennifer Says:


    I NEED this. NAOW.

  49. Susasn Ferguson Says:

    I would LOVE to have the pattern for these! They look like so much fun. My daughter-in-law has a thing for socks and these would be perfect for her.

  50. CathyH Says:

    Hi! Love these! How can I join the club or purchase the pattern? Thanks!

  51. allieaddey Says:

    Hi I’m interested in buying a pair of these socks, I know someone who would absolutlely love them. I only have the most basic knitting skills so would never be able to reproduce them.

    Please say someone is making them to sell :D

  52. meanlouise Says:

    Have I told you lately that I love you? Not in a creepy way, in a bacon-y way ;-)

  53. Becky Paschall Says:

    These ROCK!!! Any way to buy a pattern? I would love to make these!

  54. Lisa Says:

    It’s agreed please give us more info on this shark pattern.

  55. Lphil Says:

    Must have the pattern - please let us buy it from you! I can see these done in different shades of grey with black tipped fins!

  56. Lphil Says:

    Oh, and where can I sign up for the club!

  57. Whitney Gibson Says:

    I would seriously like to buy these. Please!

  58. CathyH Says:

    Signed up for your mailing list on ravelry! Thanks!

  59. Jena Says:

    Please please please publish this pattern!!!

  60. LaCie Nash Says:

    Can I seriously buy a set of these from you? I have a cousin that is OBSESSED with Sharks and this is by far the coolest shark thing I’ve ever set eyes on!

  61. Tracy S. Says:

    I am a massive ‘Jaws’ fan. I drive my kids crazy when I drag out the dvd when I am bored lol. I would LOVE to find the pattern for these. oh the fun (havoc) I could wreak. ahahahaah

  62. Teresa Says:

    Is the pattern available? My adult kids would LOVE these!

  63. Michelle Morgan Says:

    This is Great, is it possible, to have the pattern or even purchase it, I know many people that are into Sharks, and would “LOVE” these!!!

  64. Helena Says:

    I cannot knit to save my life but my other half would seriously love these - can I add my name to the list of people who will happily purchase a pair of these socks from anyone prepared to knit them in time for Christmas!!

  65. knitwhimsies Says:

    Please oh please oh please make this pattern available for sale! I need these in my life!

  66. Solveigh Says:

    These are impressive in every way! I have 2 grandchildren that will be thrilled if I could come up with these as slippers! Thanks for the idea, but if you do intend to sell the pattern, I will be in the line up to buy it from you. Your work is lovely and the idea is absolutely fantastic!

  67. Fuzzywuzzywombat Says:

    I can see these going viral on facebook by the second! So many requests for your fantastic pattern too…it must tell you something, Ive already had 2 requests to ask if I can knit them! Please post how to get the pattern!

  68. Knitty Badger Says:

    How do I join your club? And get the pattern for these socks? I’ve had multiple requests from family and friends linking me to your site and asking for tsharks of their own!

  69. Jannett Ammons Says:

    Please let me know if you have a pattern available for this. I NEED to make these!

  70. Conny Says:

    OMG - I need this socks so much for a friend of mine! Please make the pattern available for all of us… Greetings from Germany, Conny ♥

  71. Sharon Says:

    I would love to have this pattern if at all possible. Thanks

  72. Brandon B. Says:

    I shared this with fans on my Fin Forward page, and they loved the socks! We specialize in shark dives for cancer survivors, so let me know if you ever decide to sell them or want to feature them as a sweepstakes giveaway! I’m sure they take quite a bit of work to make, but they are very creative!

  73. Brandon B. Says:

    P.S. Please put me on the list of contacts in case you release/sell a pattern. I work with Halos of Hope, which makes handmade shark hats for our cancer survivors at Fin Forward. Feel free to check them out as well. They must have sold all the shark hats for now, but here is a link to their store, where they show/sell the shark hat pattern… http://www.halosofhope.org/online-store.html

  74. Mary Says:

    I would also love to have this pattern. Please can you make it available to everyone???

  75. JoEllen Says:

    I also would love the pattern. If it ever is available, let me know how I can buy it. Wonderful design!

  76. Tina Says:

    those are phenomenal!!!!! Please add me to the growing list of those who are interested in buying the pattern.

  77. Debrah Says:

    Like everyone else, I LOVE these…my whole family are huge Shark Week fans, and each year we add another shark themed item to our collection, would enjoy knitting these for the group. If you offer this pattern to the general public, please add me to the list!

  78. Tonya Says:

    I love these! Are you going to release the pattern?

  79. Kelly Z. Says:

    Oh my, these are fantastic! Please let us know where, when, and how to buy this pattern. My husband laughed so hard when he saw these that I thought he was going to fall off the couch!

  80. Gwen Says:

    My grandson would love a pair of these, he’s obsessed with sharks. I would appreciate going on to your mailing list for when the pattern is ready for sale.
    Fantastic job.

  81. Joan Says:



  82. Sandra M. Odell Says:



    These look great. I would love to own a couple of pairs, should they become available.

  83. Knittingquilter Says:

    My friends and I want these and so do their children. Please let me know as soon as the kit will be available

  84. Gina C Says:

    How can I buy these!?

  85. Genevieve Says:

    I so need to be added to the people who want to buy the heck out of this pattern! These are just far too awesome NOT to be knitted up. Immediately!

  86. Helen Ayers Says:

    Brilliant! Please oh please make the pattern for sale and perhaps even have your knitting club knit a supply for orders from some very wonderful, kind, grateful shark loving folk! :-)

  87. CorrinainMT Says:

    I work for a company with a shark (sadly, a Thresher, not a White) for our logo, but these are so freaking awesome I must knit them!! Please let me know if you release a pattern. They are wonderful!

  88. Maarten Says:

    I would love to have this pattern as well. Please share!

  89. three_square Says:

    Will join sock club for pattern!

  90. Tarrilynn Says:

    Those are da’ bomb!!!! Absolutley the coolest………wetest………tsocks on the planet. Where..O’Where can a pattern be purchased? Puhlleeeeeeeaaaazzee????

  91. Tina B. Says:

    LOVE these!! I’m not a good knitter, but I want the pattern anyway. If I can’t do it, I will happily pay someone to knit them for me! Please let us know if/when the pattern will become available and if you may also sell some. Thanks. :)

  92. Karen Lee Says:

    OMG!! these are so amazing. I must have the pattern. My nephew and his son will just go crazy over them. I would be the best Auntie ever if I could make them each a pair. Pleeeezzze!

  93. Michaeka Says:

    Wow great..

  94. shey marie Says:

    Oh please do sell the pattern… MUST HAVE!

  95. wustaz Says:

    please point me in the direction of the pattern too

  96. Michelle White Says:

    Like many of the above how do I join the club and also purchase the pattern they are amazing?

  97. KD Williams Says:

    Please release this pattern; I would GLADLY pay for it… Looking at this you could raise a lot of money for your club simply by selling the pattern… Please let us know when you will release it????

  98. Matthew Says:

    Please tell me how I can get the pattern for these awesome socks.

  99. Christine Cambridge Says:

    Please please can a copy of pattern be published. It is awesome!

  100. Paula McKenzie Says:

    Have lots of beach goers in my family and they have put in requests for these socks….


  101. Lynne Says:

    I saw the shark socks on facebook…..do you make them to sell, or is there a pattern? Seriously, I love them and would definitely order some if you plan on making them to order :)

  102. Hanni Says:

    I would also like to buy these socks!

  103. brenda butler Says:

    these are so cute…i would love this pattern to.

  104. Farida Says:

    Would like to buy some of the fun socks you’ve pictured. Let me know if/when they are available for purchase. Great ideas.

  105. Becky Says:

    Add me to the list - I’ll join the sock club, and it would take me alot of trial and error to re-create these wonderful socks, so PLEASE share the pattern. I’ll buy.

  106. Julie Crabtreee Says:

    Are these socks for sale? If so where can I purchase them? They are awesome and would be a perfect gift for my son’s girlfriend. Thanks

  107. Mary Hinchman Says:

    I must have - I don’t knit so would need someone to make them for me - for my shark crazy granddaughter

  108. Melanie Says:

    I am also interested in patterns for knitting (and crocheting if you have them). Who doesn’t need these for lounging around the house or the swimming pool (not that I can do that in WI in winter outside…well, I guess I could, but brrrrr). In case you hadn’t caught on, these are AMAZING! I love them!!

  109. Knitten Says:

    I’d like to join the chorus pleading for the pattern. These are absolutely wonderful, and the details are amazing!

  110. Wrenda Freeman Says:

    I would love to buy a pair of the shark socks for a Christmas gift. They are great! Would that be possible?

  111. Ann Young Says:

    Yes Yes!! I want this pattern too

  112. Beth Johnston Says:

    Want paattern please. Where can I buy it?

  113. Lissa Says:

    Please please PLEASE add me to the list of fanatics that are in love with socks and would LOVE to have the pattern!!!! When and where is it available???

  114. Kate Says:

    Please add me to the list of pattern-requesters! These are fab.

  115. Bernice Says:

    Add me to the list of people who want the pattern.

  116. Scroncha Says:

    I just need the pattern. Question of life or death! If you decide to sell it, please let me know!

  117. JaTakk Says:

    I’ll join the queue for the shark pattern purchase. Great idea; love the concept!

  118. Linda Fenton Says:

    Put me on the list to buy the pattern and/or a kit when you decide to honor all of these requests.

  119. The Borch Says:

    I would difinitly lay in line for this pattern!! Even travel around the World.. Please tell me how to get it!!

  120. Samantha S Says:

    I’m not even a sock knitter, but I’d love the pattern too. I’d learn to knit socks for this pattern. It made my day.

  121. Debra Says:

    I am also interested in this pattern and the sock club. A link to sign up to the sock club would be handy. :)

  122. Maria Mealiffe Says:

    I would love to buy these for a Christmas present. I can’t knite but would pay you to knite them for me. Please please please please.

  123. Georgie Says:

    Please can I buy these magical sock with those little sucker fish attachments. They are a must have. At worst could I buy the knitting pattern as at least then I can find someone to knit them. They are for me and any additional I obtain can be for younguns.

  124. Lisa Says:

    I would love to get the pattern or a kit please where can I get this in Canada I have a cousin whos daughter just loves sharks and would love these

  125. Thekla Says:

    Would also like to purchase this pattern.

  126. pip Says:

    hi i would like to buy these socks - how and how much PLEASE! Pipx

  127. Veronica Ferguson Says:

    Would love to knit these for my great-grandson who lives in Uckfield, East Sussex.

    is the pattern available.

    Awaiting your reply.



  128. Ozelote Says:

    There are not words enough to to describe how extremely AWESOME these are! I adore them…. :) Sorry you can´t read anything on my website/blog ( or so I pressume, what do I know) it’s in Swedish, but I took the liberty to link to the sharky tsocky goodness….

  129. Veronica Ferguson Says:

    If pattern available would love to purchase it.

  130. Cathy Whitener Says:

    Please, let me purchase the pattern. I am a sock junkie. (Pretty please, with shark bait on top?)

  131. Meg Says:

    I love these! Will you have kits available for Maryland Sheep and Wool?

  132. Jane Says:

    Yep - would love the pattern too! i could probably try and cobble it together but much easier if you’re willing to spill the beans!

  133. Jean Says:

    Pattern please!! Would love to buy it!!

  134. Ines Says:

    I would love the pattern, this is so cute. Please can we have the pattern.

  135. Sheri Says:

    i would love to purchase the patter. Please tell me how. Words can not explain the greatness your have created.

  136. Martine Says:

    these are the most awesome socks on the planet, I bow down to your magnificent skill and imagination

  137. Cathy Says:


    SELL THEM, SELL THEM! You’ve got customers begging to buy them from you!

    If you can’t produce them all yourself, get others to help you. If you need a lot more help, think big, and get these babies to a factory.


  138. Marianne Jacobsen Says:

    Please let me know where I can purchase or consign someone to create these for me and a friend.

    These are a must have! Great imagination!

  139. Sue Davies Says:

    I love these!! Please can you tell me where and how to get the pattern or buy socks, they are amazing!!!

  140. Darren Clark Says:

    Hi, greetings from Australia. Great socks!

    I can’t knit, or anything that even remotely resembles knitting, but can I please put my name down to purchase a pair of these? I know my wife would love a pair!

    Hope to hear from you soon,

  141. Breila Says:

    I don’t knit. Can I buy these from you? Want a pair for an adult man. Please let me know if this is possible for Christmas - it’s also his birthday! Thanks!

  142. Johnathan Williamson Says:


    I am not a knitter … at all. I would however love to buy these for my 7 year old sons Christmas. He is shark MAD … knows many of them by their name and watches endless videos about them.

    I think he might actually kill for these :)

    Would appreciate if you could drop me a mail if you’re interested in selling a pair!


  143. Eleanor Says:

    How do I get the pattern?!!

  144. Amy Says:

    Please add me to the list of people who love to buy a pair! I can’t knit to save my life, but this would be such a perfect Christmas present for my husband!

  145. Michelle Says:

    Ohhhhh, I would love to buy these socks or the pattern for my niece and me to wear all during our favorite week…”Shark Week.!”

  146. Traci Says:

    I would love the pattern! They are a work of art.

  147. Marianna Wilhelmi Says:

    OHHH MMMM GGGGG! I have a friend who went cage diving with sharks! I need to buy a pair of these please!!! I do not knit either but with the pattern I might be able to pay someone to make them! Thank You Brilliant work!

  148. Katherine Says:

    Please, please, can I get/buy this pattern????

  149. Peggy Kassees Says:

    I would love the opportunity to purchase the shark pattern to knit.

  150. Cyran Dorman Says:

    Never needed a pattern the way I need this one, pretty please.

  151. Ingrid Says:

    Oh please oh please oh please I need the pattern for these!

  152. Gabrielle Says:

    These are amazing! My 7 year old daughter LOVES sharks. I showed her your socks and she swooned over them. Please let me know if or where I could purchase a pair.

  153. Dee Bennett Says:

    I too, would like to purchase the pattern…….

  154. Nan Says:

    where can I get the pattern???? I am a so-so knitter - would love to have the pattern and buy the socks …. pretty please??? thanks

  155. whatcookie Says:

    Darling - if these are the patterns available in your sock club, please sign me up for next year! :)

  156. Susan Says:

    I would buy at least 3 pair….name your price!

  157. Sunny Says:

    I love, love, LOVE these tsocks!! Jaws is my all-time favorite movie. If you know anybody who’d make and sell these, I’d love to be at the top of the list of buyers. These are just the cleverest socks I’ve ever seen!

  158. Andrea Says:

    Please tell me how I can get that pattern. My daughter-in-law lives for “shark week”. Finding a pair of these under her Christmas tree would put me in the lead for Worlds Best Mother-in-Law.

  159. bill Says:

    i would love to have the pattern OR i would gladly pay you to make me a pair

  160. Lois S. Says:

    I am not interested at all in the pattern, I just want to PURCHASE A PAIR OF BOTH SOCKS GOING UP THE LEG Pleaseee ! tell me where I can buy or will someone make them for me : )


  161. Morwyn Mullins Says:

    Brilliant. Love your work.

  162. Bonnie Davis Says:

    Please, please let me buy the pattern as well! I’ll join sock club if necessary to get it! MAKE SOME $! The people are clamoring! PLEASE!!! Thank you!

  163. Lynnette Says:

    I would love to have this pattern not for profit but for a couple of family members.

  164. Kira Says:

    Hi there - I would loooove a pair if these socks - how can I obtain them?



  165. June Says:

    Please, please let me know when/how I can get this pattern!

  166. Angela Says:

    Is there anyone that wants to sell these socks to all of us that would love to buy a payer or two?!?!?!?!?!

  167. oddartist Says:

    I haven’t knitted in years but if you post/sell the pattern I will take another stab at it! Add me to your list please.

  168. Aine Says:

    Equally, I’d like to know how to join the club I’d need to join to get this pattern. Or what to pay. Someone said you were on ravelry? Is this pattern also there?

  169. TARDIStara Says:

    Yet another avid fan who wants to buy the pattern.

    Pretty, pretty please!!!

  170. Ricky Says:

    Pattern please! They are wonderful!

  171. Claudia Says:

    I would also like to purchase a pattern. I can knit just fine if I have a pattern. Please let me know what I have to do. Thanks.

  172. dianne de Munk Says:

    I’d love the pattern …I come from Australia! Shark territory!

  173. HeikeS Says:

    Please let me know if you have a pattern available for this. I NEED to make these!

  174. Vera Says:

    Yes, I also would love to purchase a pattern (or kit — I’m not fussy) for these. They are freakin’ awesomesauce!!!

  175. susi Says:

    kann ich diese socken bestellen? :)

  176. Annette Says:

    I would love to buy the pattern or kit or socks. Please put me on the list. These socks are above and beyond AWESOME!

  177. parking princess Says:

    I too would like to buy the pattern. If I need to join Sock Club [the first rule of Sock Club is you MUST TALK about Sock Club], no problem. I may never get around to knitting these but I really want to have them in my “Patterns to fondle and dream of doing” file.

  178. Joanna Says:

    I would love to buy the pattern or kit or socks. Please put me on the list. These socks are above and beyond AWESOME! Please please please

  179. Jan Says:

    So, can we get a pattern?????

  180. Charmain Says:

    really need to know where i can get some of these…..please tell……..

  181. Glenna Says:

    Please add me to the ever growing list!! I would buy 2 pairs and/or the pattern
    Thank you so much for sharing. They are amazing! You should be in the Ellen Show!!!! Seriously!!!!

  182. Laura Says:

    These are faboo!!! Please put me on the list with the other non-knitters. I totally need a pair of these bad boys!

  183. Linda Doss Says:

    I WANT THE PATTERN P L E A S E……or tell me where I can buy them!!!

    What a great idea.

  184. bj Says:

    me too me too want the pattern. pleeeeease

  185. Julie Crabtreee Says:

    Are these socks for sale? I would like to buy a pair for my son’s girlfriend. They’re awesome.

  186. Samantha Says:

    Holy shark bait!!! I’d love to have this pattern. I KNOW my bf would LOVE these. GREAT JOB!!!!!

  187. Carol Caro Says:

    I would like very much to make these socks for my grandson who is currently a shark fanatic. when will the pattern be available. I would like to purchase the pattern.

  188. Mauricio Parra Says:

    Must buy as gifts for entire family.

  189. Joy Schulenburg Says:

    Hey brilliant Lady! It’s Joy, back over here in India. My daughter just sent me a message with the link to the shark socks DEMANDING (lovingly of course) that my granddaughter MUST have a pair. Any thoughts as to how I can accomplish that from the other side of the planet? You are, as always, a genius. In this instance, a true BLOODY genius.



  190. Wendy Koenig Says:

    Would absolutely love to get a pattern for these socks!!or be able to purchase them. They are FANTASTIC!!!!

  191. ClaudiaSalter Says:

    Oh, add me to the list! I would gladly pay for socks or the pattern. Not sure if I have the knitting skills, but I am in love with these!

  192. amanda Says:

    You should sell these socks if not the pattern. Seriously start a store on etsy, I would pay an inordinate amount of money for these socks.

  193. Tracy Rowe Says:

    Hi I would love the pattern for these too. Living in the UK I would be happy to purchase an Epattern to save on shipping. My daughters would love them.

  194. Bonnie Says:

    AUGH. I need the pattern for these!

  195. susi Says:

    wow, this socks are incredible!!!! my son sami loves them and would like his mam to knitt him a pair…… please please if you decide to puplish the pattern let me know….I really would appreciate that! many regards from cold allgaeu where we always have a lot of snow and need warm socks :-)

  196. gina Says:

    I MUST have this sock pattern. It would go very well with the dead fish hat. Please, please!

  197. Kim Says:

    I would LOVE to have a pattern for this!

  198. Carmen C Says:

    Also not a member of the Tsock Flock (although I would like to know more about it c:)
    I would REALLY love to be able to purchase a pair of these socks. They are OVERWHELMINGLY adorable and the remora idea was SO unique! If there’s any way I can get my hands on an already made pair PLEASE let me know! : )
    So cute.

  199. Heather Says:

    Are these available for sale? I don’t knit, but I’d love to have these!

  200. Liz West Says:

    As the others have said, I would love the pattern. Please add me to the list for the pattern!
    LizW in TX

  201. Joanne Says:

    These are wonderful -
    Add my name to the chorus requesting the pattern!

  202. Kim Says:

    Pattern, please :)

  203. bobbie Says:

    wow! you could retire and just sell these! PLEASE sell them, or the pattern, or SOMETHING! must …have … shark… socks….

  204. Jacqueline Knowles Says:

    Do you sell these socks made? I don’t knit but would LOVE to buy a pair for my shark crazy daughter for Christmas!

    Jacqui Knowles

  205. Nancy Tennier Says:

    I too would love the pattern!

  206. Andrew Says:

    I’d love the pattern as well :) Thank you!

  207. elsa Says:

    Same here ! would love to buy the pattern to make it as a gift :-)

  208. Lisa Says:

    Would love to know how to join the club, so I can get the pattern. These socks are amazing. I can’t knit to save my life, but I’m sure I could talk a friend into doing these for me. Beautiful job! Love the little details.

  209. Lorraine Says:

    Would love the pattern to make these as my grand-kids would absolutely love them. They are the greatest and would be the favorite gifts. I know I would have fun knitting them and they would be most appreciated by the grandchildren.

  210. denise Says:

    Wish ya had a crochet pattern!!!! I cant knit!

  211. ilse Says:

    Please post a way to buy your pattern! Or tell us how to join the club…. keeping these socks from us is just crazy mean :(

  212. ilse Says:

    Well, mean is harsh. Your socks are amazing

  213. Elin Says:

    First of all: what a delight to see such delightful creativity! I have always loved creative socks and these are the best prizewinning and original patterns I have ever come across! Made my day.
    Secondly: YES, we all want either the pattern or the socks themselves. Looks like you are in the road to fame and will end up commissioning to some chinese outsourcer to satisfy the shark-sock craze you have just started!
    In any case: any chance of buying a pair, or commissioning one (or a whole bunch? all my friends want them!!)

  214. LeeAnne Bennett Says:

    Please let me know if you sell this pattern. Would love to purchase it xxx great work!!

  215. Betty Says:

    These are awesome. Would love to have the pattern!!!

  216. Maellenie Says:

    My friend has a sock fetish and absolutely LOVES these socks! Is there a pattern, or anyway I can order them? They’d be a great birthday gift!!

  217. Linda Says:

    I am absolutely mad about those shark-socks and so are a lot of my friends!Two questions:
    1/Do you do such and sell?
    if not..
    Where can I get hold of the pattern?

  218. liz Craftbubble Says:

    Ah love these , saw it on Mc Anararks FB page!!And all those Sharks Remind me of a house in Oxford ( Where I grew up )…………… will put link on xx



    Feel free to post on here too x

  219. Geraldine Says:

    Tasmania. I need these socks. Must have. Purchase or pattern PLEASE! I am old. I cannot die happy until I have given all my nearest and dearest a pair each because if I give them to one, there will be a family feud for sure. Pleasy weasy tell me where to buy the socks or get a pattern.

  220. Athena Says:

    pleeeeeease! is there a pettern for this work of art? As you already must have noticed, all of us are eager for you tou tell us that Yes! there is…pleeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  221. Linda Says:

    Hey, I’m from Norway, and came across a picture of your socks!! Any chance you can come up whit a pattern? These are just fantastic!!! ;);)


  222. Athena Says:

    oh! did I mention the “tsocks” of yours are unique?

  223. Ruth Says:

    Hello, I too would love a copy of this pattern. Will it soon be available through Ravelry???

    Can’t wait!

  224. Charlotte Says:

    I really want theses socks, to give as gifts to my friends please let me know when you are selling them.

  225. Tzipporah Says:


    These socks are wonderful! I too would love to buy this as a pattern! Do you have a ravelry page? Please consider it :)


  226. Samantha Says:

    I would love a copy of this pattern!

  227. Christina Says:

    Is there a way to purchase these? They are adorable!

  228. Lindsey Says:

    Where can I buy these? My husband really wants a pair just like the ones you have. Please respond to my email.

  229. Grandma Dan Says:

    I have two grandchildren that would love a pair of socks like this. I am also requesting this pattern. Just love it!! What a great idea.

  230. dawn Says:

    I also would love the pattern for these. i promise it is not for profit but for my kids.

  231. Frisco Says:

    Please tell me via email how I could acquire a couple pairs of these socks for my two marine biologist, shark-researching daughters! They would love these; thanks!

  232. Buddha Says:

    You might have heard this before but I LOOVVEEE these!!!! My gf is a marine biologist and a shark nut that watches Jaws about twice a week!! She would be floored if she had these but unfortunately neither one of us have any type of knitting skill. Please contact me if your taking orders for the socks already made. Thank you SO much!

  233. Cheryll Says:

    I NEED a pattern…….yesterday.
    OMG….these are soooooo amazing.

  234. Lanette Says:

    LOVE these! Please let me know if the pattern ever comes available! You are a genius with a perfect sense of humor!

  235. michael Says:


    I am desperate for the pattern for these as my mum loves to knit and i am a massive shark fan so she would like to knit me some.



  236. Chris Says:

    Thank you for a smile, though my teeth are not as sharp and pointy as the sharks

  237. Kila Says:

    Good evening, these are sooo cool. Please put me on the list for this pattern. My grand kids would love these. Thanks,

  238. Luisa de Fanti Says:

    Please let me know where I can purchase this sock pattern? It is so beautiful

  239. katie kleber Says:

    I would love to buy your pattern…these are AWESOME! I love the remoras! that was the icing on the cake, so to speak! those are really weird fish and the velcro is a stroke of genius! you are my hero!

  240. Joy Says:

    Please add me to the list of pattern buyers… :) thank you!

  241. Kelly st.marie Says:

    I would love to buy this pattern and be in the sock club!

  242. Talia Says:

    I want these socks so bad!!! If you ever happen to mass
    Produce them send me an email. I would love to buy a pair:)

  243. Dennis Jenders Says:

    Would love to purchase a pair of these for my girl!

  244. Jennifer B Says:

    OMG I would love a pair with remora(s). Let me know if you’re selling!

  245. Michelle H Says:

    I would love to turn this into slippers. Are you selling/sharing the pattern?

  246. Juli Says:

    How to I acquire a pair of these? What are the cost? Please let me know!!!

  247. Judy Says:

    I would love to get a copy of this pattern. Please let me know where I can find and purchase it.

  248. Meshelly George Says:

    I am an upper extremity amputee and couldn’t make these if I had a pattern. If anybody knows where I could buy a pair, please let me know.

  249. Corene Says:

    These are amazing! I would love to purchase the pattern. Please put me on the list when it becomes available!

  250. Q Kung Says:

    OMG I really love it~I want it now. Let me know if you’re selling. call me maybe. +XXXXXXXXXX

  251. Staci Says:

    Am in love! My husband wants to knit a pair…. Can the pattern be purchased?

  252. Ashley Says:

    I will echo everyone else above me n say that these socks are amazing and I would love to buy the socks or the pattern. My roommate is a HUGE fan of sharks…she has a slight obsession honestly lol…and I would love to buy or make them for her for Christmas. Please e-mail me what you plan to do.

    Thank you!

  253. Ann Says:

    How may I get the pattern please, these are awesome

  254. Jessica Maldonado Says:

    These are so awesome!!! I totally want to purchase. Can you hook me up with a pair?!

  255. April Dermody Says:

    I would love to purchase some..have daugters !!!!

  256. Carol Says:

    MUST. HAVE. PATTERN!!! Please :) ?? Thank you ever so much!!

  257. Sandra Says:

    genius!!!! Want!!!!

  258. Tina Says:

    Love them and would love the pattern……please let us know when it is available!

  259. chrystal Says:

    please tell me how to purchase a couple pair of these awesome socks

  260. Cherian Says:

    I agree. This is fantastic! My daughter is a shark fanatic. Is there any possibility that you will be making these for sale? I don’t knit, but would love to buy a pair. It would so make my duaghters day, week, year… You get it.

  261. Malene Says:

    Gotta love them!!!
    Please let me know if I can order a pair

  262. Gail Says:

    How do I get this pattern, pretty pretty please.

  263. France Delisle Says:

    Can I buy these socks or the pattern to make them?

  264. traci Says:

    I would love to get this pattern to make for my cousin..Please contact me and let me know where I can get the pattern.
    Thanks so much

  265. Kathie Says:

    Add me to this list of people waiting to purchase the pattern for the Shark Socks !

  266. jo ann Says:

    best sock ever!!!! pls, pls, hurry and get those kits made up!

    jo ann

  267. Sharon Says:

    We just passed a shark fin product ban for our town, due to the fact that - get this- 100 MILLION sharks a year are being killed for their fins. This practice threatens to permanently upset the balance of the ecology of the oceans forever.

    I love these socks and would be thrilled to wear them to a council meeting! I join the throngs who want the pattern!

  268. Sharlene Says:

    FANTASTIC , I love’em and HAVE to have the pattern. Put me on the list to purchase the pattern too.

  269. amiedame Says:

    I’ll buy a copy of this pattern as soon as you make it available! Would be a great gift for my sister who is completely obsessed with all things shark. Thanks!

  270. momofcwboys Says:

    PLEASE tell me where I can purchase these! I could not knit if my life depended on it.. I would absolutely love to purchase a couple pair for Christmas gifts! If you can get back to me that would be awesome!

  271. Carolina Says:

    hello — where i could get 2 pairs of these socks? Many thanks! Carolina

  272. Carolina Says:

    oh - i don’t know how to knit, but wonder IF i could buy it already made? - please, let me know… carolina

  273. Felice Says:

    A friend tagged me on FB with your socks…asking/BEGGING for a pair. Keep me posted as to when you’ll be publishing this pattern. Too fun!

  274. MK Says:

    These are awesome!! I’d love to order a pair or 3. I’d even learn to knit just to be able to wear them :)

  275. Marina Says:

    I would love to buy these socks!!! are you selling them? please send me some info.

    (they are amasing)


  276. Jenna N Says:

    I’d love the pattern of these socks..

    Or perhaps if you are making some in bulk and are selling.

    I’d love them for Christmas. So would several others who have seen these images on facebook.

    Please contact me for a for sure buyer. *Cheers*

  277. Ann Says:

    PLEASE when are you going to reply to all these requests for patterns and/or socks I have seen the picture on facebook and already friends are asking me to knit them but I DONT HAVE THE PATTERN, Are you selling the pattern or what? When do you reply to your messages. Thanks you

  278. Camilla from Norway Says:

    LOVE your work! These socks are the funniest i’ve ever seen! People are begging you to sell them the pattern, please add me to the list… AWESOME!

  279. Julie Says:

    Oh my goodness, I LOOOVE these! I’d also happily pay for a pattern and join your mailing list for other designs.

  280. Cappy Says:

    I am ready for the pattern. I have never knit a pare of socks. HELP!

  281. Vicki Says:

    I became a member in hopes of finding the pattern for the shark socks. I love them and would like to make them for my daughter who is a sock fanatic.

  282. Mary Says:

    I see you’ve been inundated with requests. I would love the pattern or to be able to purchase a pair.

  283. Samantha Says:

    Love the socks!! I would also love to have the pattern. E-mail me please.

  284. Marla Eglowstein Says:

    My daughter, who is studying to become a biology teacher and is especially interested in marine biology, really needs a pair of these! I would love to buy the pattern so that I can help her become the coolest biology teacher on the planet. Please let me know when you might be able to sell it. Thanks so much!

  285. Lauren Says:

    How do i find the pattern or buy these???? I want to try and make them for my sister, who wants to be a marine biologist, for christmas. If someone would like to help me out, I would greatly appreciate it!

  286. Nancy Says:

    My niece sent me a pic of these socks. They are crazy and I love them. Can I buy the pattern? Where? I’d like to make them for her for Christmas.

  287. Eric Thibault Says:

    Ho my! I also would love to have a pair of both! Can I purchase those? Is your patern available?
    Love your work!

  288. Cheri Says:

    Please add me to the hoards of people who want the pattern….I’ve never heard of your sock club!! (and would happily join…just for this one pattern!)

  289. kelly Says:

    How can I purchase these??? My son would love these! Thanks

  290. Denise Says:

    I have a friend who would love this as a gift. This is a great idea. I can see you are gonna be busy. When you decide to sell them please let me know via email. Thx

  291. Madeleine Says:

    These are amazing!!! I would pay an inordinate amount of money to get a pattern or a commission of these socks!! Great job! :DDD

  292. Guillermo Lozano Says:

    My friend is in love with these socks. These would the the perfect gift. Please message me back with information on how to order a couple pair.

  293. Carrol T Says:

    My dad has begged me to find a way to make these, sadly I am soooo not brilliant like you, I would buy the pattern please let me know if and when!

  294. Fermin Says:

    hi since I post one pic of those socks many of my contacts would like to have a pair do you sell them? :) as you see they are a success on the net

  295. Melissa Says:

    My sis-in-law would LOVE these socks!!! They’re genius!! I can’t knit to save my life… Any way I could buy a pair?!? Must-have Christmas gift!!

  296. Nathalie Says:

    I am not a knitter but I would LOVE to buy a pair of these socks for a Christmas present — are they available for purchase anywhere???

  297. lori Says:

    PLEASE can I be put on the list for these incredible socks????? I would so love to make them!

  298. Blossom Says:

    I Love these. You are ingenious! Let me know if socks or pattern are for sale I would love to wear these!

  299. Marianne Wacker Lentz Says:

    Please send mé the knitting pattes

  300. Marianne Wacker Lentz Says:

    Pleace send mé the knitting patterns

  301. SHirl Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Shark socks!!! Where can I get them and how much do they cost?

  302. Horacio Says:

    Please let me know if you sell the socks or the pattern. Put me in the list please

  303. JANET Says:


  304. Jessica Ditchfield Says:

    I NEED this pattern please!!! Where can I get it??? Amazing!

  305. Suzie Says:

    I love the socks they are genius - please may I purchase the pattern from you - I need warm quirky socks as I have fibromyalgia and suffer badly with cold feet and a friend has offered to knit me these and line them - fingers crossed you can
    Hugs and I love them
    Suzie x

  306. Courtney Says:

    I would love to purchase the pattern/and or a kit. Please contact me when/if it is available.

  307. Mary Shay Says:

    How or when can I get a copy of the pattern?

  308. Terry Levinson Says:

    I’d love a pattern for these socks for my older daughter who knits all kinds of wacky things.

  309. Jill Says:

    People looking for this and other amazing patterns….
    Go to www.ravelry.com
    You’ll be thrilled!

  310. Rachel Says:

    haha add me to the list of many people wanting to purchase the pattern and/or completed pairs! Love them!!

  311. bari Says:

    Wow , i fell in love with your fabulous design when i saw this design on a google plus post i reshared it and now i’ve come back here to see if you have a pattern? kit? cuz gals there are bugging me like ๑•ิ.•ั๑
    imho these, “tshark Tsocks” PEDATORS have viral potential as evidenced by the response here please PinG me

  312. Laura Says:

    I loved the socks!!! must have them! either buying them or knitting them pleaseeee!!!!!!

  313. Ann Says:

    Hi, please add me to your long list of adoring fans - I would love the pattern for these socks. I’m in the UK so an email would be great and I could do a bank transfer to pay for it.

  314. julio Says:

    Hey guys i dont knit so i was wondering where can i buy the socks already made,Cuz that would be a cool ass xmas gift :)))

  315. daisy Says:

    hoe kan je aan het patroon van de sokken komen
    vriendelijke groeten

  316. Asienka Says:

    I love theese socks !!! Could you please let me know how can I get a pattern? I’d also happily pay for a pattern and join your mailing list for other designs. Best regards :-)

  317. ShellaE Says:

    Hi, my friend is a huge fan of sharks and she would be REALLY happy if I can get theses for Christmas. Please, tell me where I can buy some?! Thx

  318. Jessica Says:

    My daughter would flip for these how do I get a pair?

  319. Caitlin Rivera Says:


  320. Claudia D. Says:

    Hi! Kind of agree with “Ann Says: on November 20th, 2012 at 4:15 pm” that juste one reply with what you intend to or not to do about the pattern. I have an aunt who’s crazy about knitting, and Christmas or no, she’d love to knit these remarkable shark Tsocks. Not a member yet, for I’ve no time myself right now to knit, but will join if it’s what it takes to be able to get your pattern or have the information about it.

    Thanks in advance!
    From Quebec City Canada where winter’s coming! ;-)

  321. bob aultman Says:

    can i please get the kit from you please :)

  322. Claryssa Says:

    I am another that is seeking a pattern to these socks. They are AWESOME!!
    Please let me know whether this is possible. :)

  323. Sherry Says:

    Where can i have them? and how much it will be? really love to buy it.

  324. Sherry Says:

    one more question, what is the size? for adults or for kids?

    thank you

  325. Andrea Says:

    Please email me how to get the pattern!
    Thank you!

  326. Fermin Says:

    do you realize the success in facebook those has been?? too many people want a pair of those ;)

  327. Dave Says:

    do you realize the success in facebook those has been?? too many people want a pair of those ;)

  328. Lee Says:

    Hi, i would love to buy this perfect pattern from you,
    Where can i get it?
    Thanks :)

  329. Greg Says:

    I’ll add my voice to the throng, I would really love to have this pattern. I’d like to knit a pair for my sister for Christmas.

  330. Dany Says:

    I would also love to knit some of these for my family. Please let me know when the pattern is available. Thank you so much!

  331. Leonie Says:

    I also would love to purchase the pattern or the socks already knitted as my niece would love a pair of these socks. Please contact me when it is available.

  332. marie-marthe Says:

    Elle son magnifique tes chaussettes Comme plusieurs autre j’aimerais bien savoir ou je pourais me procurer le patron Merci pour cette merveille

  333. bitwhizzle Says:

    I’m just another one who wants to throw money at you for a pair of these socks for a shark-crazy friend!

  334. Andy Says:

    Please add me to the list of people who would like to purchase a pattern for those swell shark socks! Thank you!

  335. Christy Says:

    Amazing work of art! Would love to commission a pair or learn to knit them if you’re willing to sell the patter. Thank you! Christy

  336. Mermaiden Says:

    Hey guys,

    You all do realize there’s an update post on the main blog, right? If not, check right here:


    PS. Nice socks!

  337. Rachel Says:

    How can I buy a pair?

  338. maryse Says:

    un bonjour de la France, quelle belle chaussette vous avez tricoté ,c’est une merveille, quel bonheur de savoir créer, toutes mes félicitations
    a bientôt

  339. marie hannagan Says:

    We need this pattern. Please tell us how to purchase it.

  340. Marie Boyer Says:


    Ces bas sont vraiment originaux. Est-il possible d’avoir le patron?

    “I need this pattern of sharks. Please contact me when it is available.”

    Thank you

  341. Catherine Mcnabb Says:

    Would love to order this sock my nephew saw it and loves it . Do you have it available? Awaiting an email

  342. Joke Harbers Says:

    Hello from the Netherlands,
    I would lobe to have the pattern of the sharksocks, please tell me what do I have to do to purchase this..
    Friendly greetings, Joke Harbers

  343. Karen Says:

    Please please please release this pattern, so many of us are willing to pay for this, such a lovely pattern, and a great result! Please please please release the pattern.

  344. Jim Says:

    I couldn’t sew if my life depended on it but PLEASE share the pattern for these killer sharks!!!!! I’ll find someone who can sew them for me! Better yet, figure out a way to manufacture a large quantity of these yourself and begin selling them online. My bet is you’ll have retailers interested in no time and make a fortune.

    These are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! Stocking stuffers with teeth, perfect for the holidays!!!

  345. Alison Says:

    OMG I want a pair of these socks SO BAD! They’re so cute!!!! And I love the detachable remora.
    Unfortunately, I don’t know how to knit, only crochet. So please let me know if you have a crochet pattern or if you would be making any of these socks for sale (in which case I will give you all my money)

  346. Meg Westfox Says:

    My husband is an amputee–he suggests that these would make perfect stump socks!

  347. Honolulu1984 Says:

    I would also love to have the model… did you purchase it or was it your personnal model?

  348. Piper Mum (Mary) Says:

    Saw the picture on Facebook and laughingly posted it with a message directed at my daughter that simply said, “No, Jen.” And THEN… one of her friends saw the post and the comment and said “The heck with Jen - I want some!” So… I join my plea to all the others: Would you please make this pattern available to us? It’s BRILLIANT!

  349. Karen Says:

    Incredibly clever pattern! Perhaps you would be willing to offer it up for donations to an appropriate shark-friendly charity? It would definitely help the cause of educating the public about sharks (they aren’t all Jaws)…

  350. Missy Says:

    Absolutely awesome socks! PLEASE please make the pattern available for sale. I’m a graphic designer and knitter and can help if needed.

  351. Delia Says:

    Yes very cool pattern please let us know when its available… I will join the club, too.

  352. Andrea Csanalosi Says:

    Please, add me to your long list, I need to knit it for my brother for Xmas, if possible, if not, well, he will get it for his birthday.

  353. Melinda Says:

    I want to buy some of these for my great nephews for Christmas. Please let me know if any are for sale?

  354. Reenact Jaws With Your Feet Says:

    […] (Tsarina of Tsocks via Boing Boing) […]

  355. Rik Says:

    Can I buy a pair of these for my girlfriend for Christmas? Please let me now if it’s possible!! Thanks and… wow it’s amazing!!!!

  356. Giuseppe Says:

    my girlfriend is going to kill me if she don’t get these socks. Where can i buy them?

  357. Adriana Says:

    Hey guys, if you go to Ravelry and search “Shark Socks” you will find the project page for these socks. It says there that she will release the pattern sometime in 2013 and that you can sign up for email notification when it happens. Hope that helps!

  358. Marthe Says:

    Make them available on Ravelry. Ask 5.99 for the pattern and you are in business.

  359. Jeri Says:

    Please add me to the list of those who’d love to purchase the pattern. Perfect gift for my oldest brother!

  360. Leohat Says:

    Where is the pattern? I can not find it. Is it a free pattern or does it cost? How much? Where can I download it, or get the name of the book that it is in?
    I see some cool pictures but no pattern. Am I not looking in the right place?

  361. Carol Says:

    Ha! If you’ve got Bruce.. will you have Dori and Nemo? ;) All the characters from Finding Nemo?? Too funny!!!

  362. Patticlogg Says:

    Those socks are the FUNNIEST things I have seen in ages! Absolutely made my day. I agree with all the comments above: you should release the pattern! Thanks, Patti

  363. Kathi Says:

    My guy is in LOVE with these shark socks! How much would you charge for a size 12 feet.

  364. Seddah Says:

    I want these socks so bad!

  365. Nora Says:

    So so so cute! My best friend would LOVE these for Christmas! Can I *please* purchase two pairs???

  366. Caroll Casey Says:

    Sydney is shark central. The socks just might be shark totem! I want the pattern, I must have the pattern or I will have a hissy fit.


  367. Ian Says:

    How can I buy it?
    plesse tell me.

  368. yvonne Says:

    would also like to buy a copy of your pattern. the socks are great. please email me.

  369. Mark Miller Says:

    Would love to purchase a few of these if possible they are Awesome!

  370. Stricken kommt wieder – Die Haisocken von Lisa Grossman | Schlecky Silberstein Says:

    […] Danke Lisa […]

  371. Roxxy Says:

    I am so looking forward to this pattern! Maybe it’ll encourage me to actually finish a pair of socks…

  372. Lívia Says:

    Ahhh eu queroooo!! Muito lindaaa!

  373. Megan Says:

    These socks are fantastic! My brother really wanted animal knit gloves for christmas but I feel like he’d get a real kick out of these socks. Is the pattern available anywhere?

  374. Amy Says:

    I would love to have the pattern for these if you ever make it available. Thanks so much for being the most awesome knitter in the world.

  375. Heather Says:

    MY sister loves sharks,,,, i need the pattern or will purchase them from you.. Please just let me know how

  376. Kris C. Says:

    *Throws money at the screen* “TAKE MY MONEY NOW!!”

  377. Diane Says:

    PLEEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE make the pattern available!!!!!

  378. Shirley Sletten Says:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to purchase some of these socks!!

  379. Роман Says:

    Здравствуйте, очень понравились ваши носки, вот только вязать я не умею, скажите можно ли купить такие носочки? Я очень хочу подарить такие носки своей жене на новый год.

  380. kathy Says:

    My daughter just texted me the picture, begging me to knit these. She says there’s a page on Facebook with over a 1000 likes right now!

  381. sharon Says:

    Why the delay in making this pattern or kit available? My grandson saw these and would like a pair for Christmas. Next year will be too late. Is this your normal method of operation? Show something but don’t make it available. Not complaining, it’s your site, just wondering why. Thanks

  382. Lorraine Cannell Says:

    I would really love to knit these socks for myself. When can I buy the pattern? I adore them! xx

  383. Virginia Says:

    Ok, my daughter said she has to have some of these socks…..so…being super mom, how can i make this happen? Info please!!!

  384. Linda C Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these socks. Gotta buy this pattern - please make it avail for purchase!!!!

  385. Andrea Haddock Says:

    Hi, any chance of buying the pattern - I love knitting socks and my grandson (and a couple of friends) have seen these shark socks on FB and asked me to knit them for them. I would really appreciate more info. Thank you

  386. Kathy Says:

    Absolutely love Them..I Am intersted in pattern or a pair. Please let me know

  387. Cynthia Says:

    I would delightedly make these if the pattern is offered for sale.

  388. Sharon Murphy Says:

    Please put me on the list! I would like to order these socks!

  389. Brenda Means Says:

    My son saw these and loved them. He has just went through chemo and I told him I could do them if I had the pattern, I could do them in pink too. He said he would give those to his girlfriend. Let me know when the sharks are ready for release.

  390. Katherine Says:

    Simply awesome.

  391. jody nishida Says:

    These are the greatest. Would love to make these as soon as the pattern is available.

  392. Bjarema Says:

    I’d like to purchase some of these for Christmas. Is that possible?

  393. Diane Nix Says:

    I would love this pattern for my Marine biologist daughter, who is obsessed with Sharks. Please let me know as soon as the pattern is available for sale, or you have a made pair for sale

  394. Kira Says:

    As I am about to endure my 21 surgery I would love to have 2 pairs of these to wear through the Canadian winter during my 3 months of recovery. Is these any way to order these for a Canadian or US resident???
    Please let me know, thank you

  395. Sue Ostergaard Says:

    Add me to the list of those interested in the pattern. Please!

  396. Chaussettes requins | didoune.fr Says:

    […] Plutôt classe non? Si vous voulez apprendre à les tricoter, c’est par ici: Tsarina. […]

  397. Marilyn Says:

    I would love to get the pattern as well!!! Totally awesome socks, my son would love them!!

  398. Tal Says:

    These are awesome!
    I am also in the club of wanting to know where I can buy a pair or buy the pattern. I am willing to give the pattern a go to recreate these.

  399. Mary Wheatley Says:

    Please let me know when the pattern becomes available!

  400. Mary Wheatley Says:

    These are the greatest! When and where will the pattern be available?

  401. Gala Says:

    These are great ! Congratulations ! I would also like to know where I can buy them.

  402. Gala Says:

    They are great ! Where s.o. can find them ?

  403. Shihoko Ura Says:

    I am same as many above, I would like to purchase the pattern if it is available. Thank you. They are great and cute and will make good Birthday present.

  404. Lindsay M. Says:

    I MUST HAVE THESE SOCKS! They are UNREAL! Please let me know when they will be available for purchase!

  405. Cristal Garcia Says:

    OMG! Where can I purchase these socks? I don’t knit but I want a pair for my Boyfriend who survived a Shark Attack, he was bitten on his left foot about 4 years ago. I WANT THESE FOR HIM, please help me out. Where can I purchase a pair or the pattern? I’ll have them made if not sold knitted already. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!


  406. Tanya Taylor Says:

    Please please PLEASE tell me these are for sale somewhere! I can not knit to save my life but my daughter -really- wants a pair for Yule.

  407. Nathalie M Says:

    Oh dear, I’m afraid I may be request # 405 for the socks. I chased you down from a post of “you’re killing me smells” on Facebook to google! I don’t knit but I would for sure try! I showed the socks to one sister and one friend, now my sole mission is to find, purchase 15 pairs. I dare not show anyone else. That’s just one sister and one friend. Incredible job, creativity, pizazz if you will. Please make them available soon AND perhaps make more?

  408. Shark Socks | Doozgle.com Says:

    […] Socks look as if they are eating your legs. Made by Lisa of tsocktsarina.com. To check out more details on the socks check here. Unfortunately, it’s not for […]



  410. Angel Olivarez Says:

    i want some where can i buy them at

  411. Angel Olivarez Says:

    i seriously want to buy some ….

  412. manali Says:

    I loved the shark socks……interested in buying it…..please notify me when its available….I am from India.

  413. Katarina Vitić Says:

    I need to place an order for a pair of socks please! Need info on where and how?
    Many thanks in advance!

    Best regards from Croatia

  414. Sandra Tye Says:

    This is a great pattern. I would also like to purchase it. Looking forward to 2013 when the design will be released! Yes! I can think of many friends who would love to have socks like these!

  415. Martina Says:

    My best friend has practically dedicated her life to sharks. I can’t even darn a pair of socks let alone make these, but these would make her squeal for about a week + every time she laid eyes on them. If I can buy them from somewhere…her birthday’s in august so I can wait. Can’t even explain how cool I think they are and what fun the post was! Thanks!

  416. Oscar Iván Hernández Ledesma Says:

    Hi, how much for sending the pair to México? :)

  417. Russ Says:

    I’d like the pattern too…

  418. You Know Whaaa! » Shark Bite Socks Says:

    […] rock these sweet shark bite socks to the next party I go to. Created by Lisa Grossman also known as Tsarina of Tsocks they also come with little velcro attachable remoras. Sadly at the moment these socks doesn’t […]

  419. ANGELA Says:

    my Daughter posted this on FB she’s a big shark fan…. recently she told me not to send her any Christmas money to split it between her two sisters because they need it more than she does.. I would love to buy these for her..

    Is there a way to purchase the tshark socks…If so how much?

    I don’t knit but I know someone who does….. If you’re not selling them…can I purchase the instructions????

    Thank you

    Merry Christmas

  420. Terri Says:

    Where can I get some shark socks for gifts?????

  421. Dawn Says:

    How can i get my hands on a pair of these?!!? awesome!

  422. Mark Miller Says:

    I would love to purchase a few of these fantastic socks!

  423. Rick Says:

    I have to have these….where can I getz them???

  424. jaime Says:

    I love these and my spouse has promised to knit me a pair if I can get her a pattern. Is a pattern available? please?

  425. Kelly Says:

    I want to buy these socks!!! I don’t know how to knit, but if you are only selling the pattern would be willing to not only buy the pattern but learn how to knit just to make these amazing socks!!! Please please please tell me where I can buy them. Thankyou!

  426. Kathleen Woodcock Says:

    Is there someway I can purchase the pattern? I have never seen anything as awesome as these.

  427. James Says:

    I really want these!!!!! can you please let me know how i can get some, pattern - i can enlist gran and mum, or im more than happy to buy 3 pairs

  428. Zazzu Says:

    Shut up and take my money…please! I need the pattern now…my husband would LOVE toe chomping socky slippers! *eager whining* Gimmiegimmiegimmiegimmiegimmie? This pattern HAS oh HAS to be available on Ravelry ASAP!!!!!!

  429. Delaney Says:

    I would buy some of these, they’re awesome :D

  430. Maria Helena Says:

    How can i get the pattern, please?
    Thank you and congratulations, its awsome!!!

  431. Chris Says:

    How do I get this pattern?! My 6 year old loves sharks and would love these socks!!!!

  432. Manuel Says:

    The Upward-Facing Tshark are the my favourite… where can I buy them? …I’m European
    Anyway really cool socks..

  433. Max Says:

    Hey there! These are wonderful and ingenious! A great present (for me or anyone else!). Is there any way that I can get the pattern for these? In an e-mail or something, since the world should know these exist and what better way than knitting a pair and showing them off?

  434. Debi Hilliard Says:

    Can I buy these? Thanks,debi
    Send a link and I will pay thru Paypal!

  435. EMANUELA Says:

    how can i get one pair of it?is it possible to shipt to Italy?i’ll pay thru paypall.

  436. Blog athas!.. | REINVENÇÕES, TENDÊNCIAS E DESIGN Says:

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  437. Troy Says:

    Add me to the list of people interested in buying!

    I also know someone who might invest!

  438. Gabriele Says:

    Hello my Name is Gabriele and i LOVE knitting.. Please send my the instruction. The socks are beautyfull!! I have 3 doughters and she loves this socks, this is a top presant for christmas.! I write you but my doughters dont think that i can this do. Sorry for my english it´s terrible.
    I wish you good luck and thank you for sending of pattern.

  439. Adam Says:

    I need to buy these for Christmas! Please let me know where I can purchase these, thank you!

  440. Heather Smedley Says:

    I would like to buy this pattern as well….please :)

  441. Jill Says:

    OK. You’re probably overwhelmed with demand, but I very interested in buying a pair of these socks. Please email with details. My daughter is a Shark Week fanatic.

  442. Joshua Says:

    I would love to buy at least one pair of these socks! Please add me to the list of people interested in buying would love to own a pair and buy some for my nieces.

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  444. bonnie Says:

    add me to list for pattern or to buy made!! Will buy several.

  445. You’ll never fit that in your boot. « Angriest Man Online Says:

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  446. Sabine Says:

    WOW, the socks are great. please let me know, when a pattern is available. I must knit these socks

  447. Mary Beth Says:

    Please put me on the mailing list as well, as when you are going to release the pattern…. I would be happy to buy it! lol These are great!

  448. Nancy Says:

    Are these available to buy? if so how much ?

  449. Rick Says:

    anybody wanna make a few bux knitting a pair for me???

  450. Annmarie Coby Says:


    I would love to buy a pair for my husband. I am no good at kitting so would much prefer to buy a pair. Please let me know if they are available for sale.

    Kind regards


  451. Kate Says:

    I also want the pattern!!!!! Please make it available for purchase - THANK YOU!!!

  452. Kat Says:

    These are wonderful, thank you so much for your creativity! I shared this on my diving company’s facebook page and already have lots of people asking me where they can get either the socks or the pattern. I’ve got a bunch of customers for you if you need ‘em (including myself! Love the remora, what a fantastic touch!)

  453. Mimi J Says:

    I am one of many that desperately want to purchase these socks. I have no sewing/knitting/crocheting skills whatsoever but my lady friend would be the happiest girl in the world on Christmas if I could give her these. How do I make this happen???

  454. Shark Socks Are So Comfy It’s Scary | Fantastické.cz Says:

    […] true is these things look real comfy. Unfortunately they’re not for sale, but Lisa provides a pretty in-depth tutorial on how to make a pair of your own. Or make a pair of my own. You know what I’m saying? I’m […]

  455. Grant Says:

    I am one of the many that want a pair of these. How can I get them/buy them/find the pattern! PLEASE!

  456. Lotta Says:

    I’m endlessly entertained by people asking you to knit dozens of pairs of these intricate and totally awesome socks for “a few bucks”… It would be even more entertaining to add up your material costs and labor (at some reasonable hourly rate) which, even for a fast knitter, would surely be upwards of $150 for a pair.

    I’ve been a knitter since I was a kid–way before it was cool to knit, and was sometimes ridiculed for it. The desire of non-knitters wanting something SO cool that can only be made by hand feels like pay back to me… some things money can’t buy!

    Looking forward to the pattern! :)

  457. Ker Says:

    These are fantastic!

    I would love to buy the pattern. I went to ravelry to get on the mailing list for the pattern, but apparently you have to get an invite to sign up for ravelry before you can get in to add to the list to be emailed if/when the pattern is available. (Phew! run on sentence much?)

    Anyway! Please sell the pattern. These are brilliant!

  458. Tracy M Says:

    Love, love, love these. I wish they were for sale. I’d buy some in a heartbeat. I’m not that good of a knitter to be able to knit these even if I got my hands on the pattern.

  459. Shark attack. | Dead Bonsai Says:

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  460. Ioannis Says:

    How can I buy them??

  461. Jan Says:

    My son is begging me to knit these for him. Is it possible to buy the pattern?
    They are great

  462. Stefania Says:

    I’m interested in buying your shark socks,
    Are they available for sale in any online shop?

  463. Die Bremsspur - Die tägliche Dosis Internetgedöns.. Says:

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  464. תכשיטים גותים Says:

    is it possible to buy a pear of this sharks?

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  466. Lauren Says:

    Can we purchase them from you? Or can you make more? I really really want to buy some, please contact me about it!!

  467. Mary Cook Says:

    These are great Can I buy a pair?

  468. Mary Cook Says:

    Thesse are great can I buy a pair?

  469. tracey Says:

    OMG what a pair of socks plz could i have the patter these are amust have for my kids for xmas

  470. Ben Sewell Says:

    Hi, I am the biggest shark obsessed person in the stratosphere. I live in London and would very much like to buy a pair of these from you! Can you help me make this happen please?

    Thanks, Ben

  471. Ramone Says:

    I love to buy these form my girlfriend… or the pattern… any possibility?
    thanks in advance!

  472. Krista O'Brien Says:

    Would like to be able to purchase the pattern or the acutal product. Please let me know if you will have either available. Thanks ;)

  473. Natalya Says:

    I would LOVE if there were a way for me to buy these from you? I would love them more than most things, considering how much I love sharks.

    Let me know!!

  474. Kara Jensen Says:

    Is there any way to join the tsock club at this late date? I’ve been good this year. Really good.
    All your sock designs are awesome.

  475. Beer Says:

    i like it, idea so cute and so good !!

  476. Mahaut Says:

    Oooooh my god, I love these socks !! Could I please purchase the pattern?? It would be for my sister-in-law christmas… Thank you for answer.

  477. ashley Says:

    is thier any way i could buy these? i saw them on pintrest and found myself here but i cant knit to save myself and i really need a pair?

  478. Jayne Says:


    I am very interested in purchasing the shark sock pattern and joining the tsock club. All your sock designs are so original and beautiful. Please let me know when your pattern will be available.
    Thanks and keep up the good work!


  479. Sarah Says:

    My husband sent me this link. He desperately wants me to make these for him. Please let me know if the pattern (or the socks) becomes available.


  480. Michelle Ross Says:

    Would love to purchase a pair of these. Please let me know if they are available!!


  481. Veronika Says:

    Just love them!! Absolutely want to buy the pattern!!

  482. Sharon Says:

    Please share how I might obtain the pattern to make the socks, or the store where they may be purchased. I would love to have them!
    Thank you,

  483. Line Madsen Says:

    Please, let me know, if I can have (buy) the pattern for these fantastic socks. They are great!


  484. Marty Mowdy Says:

    I *LOVE* these…but I don’t knit… Can I buy them, allready made? If so, PLEASE tell me where? Thanks!!!

  485. Robin Says:

    I’m yet one more who would love the pattern and join the sock group. Thank you for your awesomeness.

  486. Nathan Says:


    will you be selling these socks anytime soon, and can you list the website it can be purchased at?

    Thank you,

  487. Harriet Says:

    Another lover of the shark sock and a lover of sharks and anti-sharing! Is it possible to get this pattern and have a go at them myself?

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  489. Elizabeth Says:

    Hi-I see you have a bizillion requests for the pattern—do you have one available to purchase? or socks made up to purchase? Please let me know, trying to get a pair for my daughter who has loved sharks since she was little-her 30th birthday is coming up in March and these would be awesome…thanks

  490. Maridale Says:

    So agree with everyone requesting the pattern! Came from Pinterest popular first page so congrats on that! Great work, cute and beautiful fun!

  491. Ashley Says:

    I am interested in purchasing your shark attack socks! =) Please let me know if you have any for sale! =)

  492. Ashley Says:

    I would love your socks! Please let me know if they are for sale =)

  493. Lori Says:

    Love those, our sone would have a blast with those and joking around. If they are for sale please let me know or even if the pattern is for sale.

  494. Lori Says:

    Son that is would have a blast with them. Fingers aren’t working this evening.

  495. Hannah Says:

    I want to purchase these!!!!

  496. Susan Says:

    Are these socks for sale? PLEASE reply! Thanks

  497. Susan Says:

    Where can I purchase them? PLEASE reply!

  498. Antoinette C. Says:

    I WOULD LOVE THESE SOCKS! I would buy two pairs!! Please sell them! They are adorable!!

  499. Jocelyne Says:

    Here is another one …… I really think those sharks would love to go on a summer vacation in France ! So …. if, and when you accept sharing the instructions …. please ….. jst thonk of these lovely hungry sharks desperately wanting some French garkic tasty feet ! I’ll take very good care of them !


  500. Jan Pilcher Says:

    I am an avid diver with zoo many diver friends! I would love to purchase the pattern or buy these socks. Please reply! Thank you so much!!

  501. The Tsarina Tsays… » Blog Archive » World Without End Says:

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  502. Kayleigh Says:


    I saw the post prior where you have a chance to win the shark socks. I was wondering if you were considering selling them? I cant knit and these would make an amazing gift.

    Thank you

  503. britan1 Says:

    Hello! I zhmvu in Russia. I liked your socks-shark. Can we ask you a description. I really want to connect the same. I hope that will not refuse. Maybe you can buy it as a description. My email address britan1@mail.ru

  504. rabyll Says:

    Just a quick thank you to your amazing club members! My copy of the pattern is printing now.

  505. Debbie LaDieu Says:

    A knitting friend recently showed me pic of these sockks and asked if I had ever seen a pattern as her daughter would like a pair-Is it possible to get the pattern? Would love to try and make a pair.

  506. kusum budhwar Says:

    love your socks.if you do put the pattern out please add me to the list.

  507. kusum budhwar Says:

    Love your socks.if you ever decide to share the pattern do add me to your list.

  508. Jayne dickinson Says:

    Just purchased the shark sock pattern…wondering where can I purchase the yarn and notions?
    Tha nks

  509. Anita Chretien Says:

    Please add me to your list will buy pattern when it is out GGson is just waiting on these.Thanks

  510. Steph Says:

    Does anyone know if this pattern is available for purchase? My daughter and I went to see Jaws on the big screen the night before her little boy was born (this past August) and I would LOVE to make her a pair!

  511. Mary Cooper Says:

    How do I purchase this pattern? It is an absolute MUST HAVE!!!

  512. Adam Blackburn Says:

    Please… take all my money and make a pair of these for my girlfriend… I cannot knit to save my life, I beg of you!!

  513. The Art of Darkness » Blog Archive » 9 1/2 Link Dumps Says:

    […] Knit Shark Socks – The fact that these come with little velcro-attachable remoras make me want to kiss the designer flat on the mouth. (She talks about their eventual availability for purchase here.) […]

  514. Marjatta Says:

    I would love to get the pattern for these socks. How do go about getting it?
    Thank you

  515. Scott Says:

    Allow me to add my fervent wish that these were available for purchase! If you ever put out a pair, I’d be interested.

  516. Cristal Garcia Says:

    Where can I buy a pair?!!!!!!!!!

  517. Karen Jefrreson Says:

    Is there any way to purchase these socks? They are amazing. Please let me know where I can get them from and how much they are. Many thanks.

  518. mila Says:


    can i have the pattern pleaaaaaaaasssssssseeeee
    is’ very great

  519. elizabeth Says:

    I Love these socks. I can’t knit can i buy a pair of each I love great white sharks i need these i want these sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad.

  520. Bea Says:

    Where can I buy the socks and pattern? Can ready made socks be bought? I don’t knit, but my sister does.

  521. Singingfran Says:

    Where can I buy the pattern? I need to make about 3 pair these

  522. StoneMaven Says:

    How much of my money will you require??? LOVE THESE!

  523. Phie long Says:

    Please could I be added to the list and/or purchase a pair or these?
    They are INCREDIBLE!!!!

  524. Melissa Gill Says:

    Amazing socks. How can I get the pattern and find out more about your sock club?

  525. Ruth Poley Says:

    I’ve seen lots of requests for the instructions, but no information about where to buy them. Please advise; I have to have the directions to make these socks. Thanks

  526. Hannah Bender Says:

    Please please please can I buy a pair of these!?!? I don’t think that I have ever wanted anything more in my entire life than I want these! Please tell me where I can buy some!

  527. Sarah Says:

    Is anyone making these? If so, I’d like to talk with someone about purchasing a pair for a birthday in March. Please email me: saritadp@gmail.com


  528. Jasmine Owens Says:

    Where can I buy the pattern

  529. LOUIS L Says:

    Where can I purchase these?

  530. ashley lewis Says:

    I would love to buy a pair of these socks. I wish I could make them but I cannot. Please email me if I can purchase.

  531. Matt Says:

    I would love to purchase some of these as well. If you can make them, shoot me an email at mrtnmatt@gmail.com

  532. Jessica V. Says:

    I’m so in love with this socks.
    Please, please, please…would you send me informations about these lovely socks and the price, if you sell them? And do you deliver to germany? :s

    Greetings ♥


  533. Poh Raggatt Says:

    I am joining the long list of requests for patterns for this fantastic shark socks. Please let me know if you sell either the pattern or the socks. Thank you.

  534. Justiina Says:

    I am joining the crowd of commentators, and will ask whether it would be possible to purchase this pattern from you? My niece would love a pair of these!

  535. Leny Says:

    Is het patroon te koop? Veel vragen, geen antwoord terug.

    Ze zijn wel geweldig. Leuk gedaan.

    Groet Leny

  536. Fran Hartman Says:

    No words— they are the most fantastic socks I’ve ever seen. I live on a sail boat, sailed around the world and have encountered many sharks. How do I get your pattern??? Please!!!!! begging!!!

  537. Jonathan Says:

    Simply put I will take two dozen pair to start and then once production can keep up I would help market these. No problem selling these babies. Drop me and email!

  538. Shelley Says:

    pattern PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

  539. Fede Says:

    Where can I buy the pattern?

  540. Pat Merna Says:

    I LOVE these! Can you buy them??

  541. goddessence Says:

    My son sms’d me a pic of the socks and asked if I can make them for him so I looked the socks up online and found them but no pattern. They look so much fun to make. When and will the pattern be available PLEASE

  542. Carrie Schultz Says:

    Awesome design, would love to purchase a pair.

  543. Emma Says:

    Could I please get the pattern for these socks x

  544. yokko Says:

    soooooooo lovly !!!!!!
    how can i get them?!
    plz tell me about net shop detail :)

  545. DBJr. Says:


    I don’t nit, but I would like to give those as a present to a shark loving girl.
    Please let me know if you could make the for me.
    Please, please.

    Thanks in advance.

  546. Courtney Corona Says:

    I want these socks so bad how do I buy them.

  547. goddessence Says:

    Found your pattern on Ravelry, thanks so much ♥

  548. Betty Coops Says:

    Is this pattern for sale anywhere please, my daughter would love a pair.

  549. Hilde Marie Grønås Says:

    Hi! I love the shark socks, where can i buy the pattern, please?

  550. Gamache Says:

    J’ai bien aimé vos chaussettes requins .Le désir est que j’aimerais me procurer les instructions pour m’en faire une paire. Donc j’attends de vos nouvelle.

    Hélène Gamache

  551. Anette Says:

    Amazing socks. How can I get the pattern and find out more about your sock club? Please send me the pattern. We German like these socks too… ;-)

  552. Chrissy Harris Says:

    Would like to purchase a pair, or pattern. Live in Australia.
    Many thanks

  553. Chrissy Says:

    Would like to purchase socks, or pattern please.

  554. Claudia Says:

    Gostaria de adquirir a receita desta meia. Pois gosto muito de fazer tricô. É o meu passatempo predileto. Sou aposentada e preciso ocupar meu tempo com trabalhos manuais. Será possível receber a receita pelo meu e-mail?
    Aguardo anciosamente uma resposta.

  555. gaz Says:

    i need a pair pleasee email me how so i can buy my gf a pair she loves sharks

  556. Sharon Bala Says:

    Would like to have the pattern for these knit shark socks. Please send me a link to buy them. Thanks,

  557. Dorota Says:

    I love these socks! Will they ever be for sale?

  558. Filipe Says:

    I want to buy one pair, contact me please.

    For a gift.

  559. gordon Says:

    hoooo my dear…a masterpiece!
    I would love to order some at yours, if possible!
    please leave me an e-mail if you could do me that favour
    and do me a pair or two!?!

    cheers+best from germany/munich

  560. Norma Says:

    Is there an ANY where I can purchase these all ready made? My son is in Brazil, and had found the picture of them but wasn’t able to find out WHERE you can buy them…. I would LOVE to buy for gifts!

  561. Beth Johnston Says:

    This pattern is driving me crazy. It would have been really helpful to see a diagram in steps. I cant figure out visually where these begin so I can get an idea in my head - they dont seem to start with the toe , or else cok 2 would start with CC — so where is the beginning or do they start in the middle - I am tempted just to start knitting and make up the colour changes as I go along. Is there a chatroom or some such customer helping customer place . help please

  562. Lyssa Says:

    I LOVE these socks! If anyone could make me a pair that I could buy I would be forever grateful.
    Please email me lyssa_e@hotmail.com if you can help

  563. catherine Says:

    Bonjour, j’aimerai tricoter ces chaussettes pour une amie, serait-il possible d’avoir les explications ?
    Ces chaussettes sont très réalistes et hyper marrantes, bravo.

  564. Cille Says:

    You are a genious! I Please publish a pattern for these, I’m sure it will sell loads of copies! I understand, however, if you want to keep it to yourself, or maybe it’s nearly impossible to write or chart out, but I really want to encourage you. You’ve really got something here!

  565. sandra ashenfelter Says:

    well it’s march 2013 and i would still like this pattern. obviously you are not giving it out or it would have been done by now, however if you do decide in the future to sell the pattern please keep my email. thank you. i’ll now go sign up for your newsletter.

  566. Camilla Says:

    How I buy this pattern? I’m from Brazil and I love this socks! How I can get in your sock club? Please, I’ll love being part of this!

  567. carsten bertelsen Says:

    If I ever saw a MUST this is it ;o)))

  568. Kathy Says:

    I’d love the pattern! How do I get it?

  569. Mary Shay Says:

    Please let me know how I can get a copy of the pattern for the shark socks. If you can send me an email of the pattern, I would appreciate it. Thanks so much. Mary Shay (halemary9@aol.com)

  570. Rosemerry Says:

    OMG!! Please tell me if there is any possibility that I can buy a pair of these socks. I do not knit so I could not possibly make them. I would like them for a very special person. I have custody of my grandchildren. One of whom whose Big Brother mentor is a marine scientist that loves sharks, and I am always looking for unique gift ideas for him. He has made such a difference in my grandsons life. A pair of these would make a special person in our life very happy! With all the requests already ahead of me, I can certainly understand if my asking comes too late and is asking too much. But thank you for your consideration, and bravo on your accomplishment! They are great!

  571. Josh Says:

    As everyone else has said, i would love to purchase the pattern for these if you have them available.

  572. Sarah Gate Says:


    I saw these last year and I am in love with them. My friend Sara is in love with them too!

    How could we purchase a pair? Is it possible?

    Many thanks

    Sarah (UK)

  573. Rebecca Says:

    Cannot knit at all yet willing to learn just to make these wicked socks!! Must have a pattern or at least somewhere I can buy a pair. HAVE TO HAVE!

  574. lucy elliott Says:

    Is this pattern still for sale? In which case where and how much? Thank you.

  575. You’re Going To Need A Bigger Boot | Broadsheet.ie Says:

    […] Tshark shocks by designer/überkinitter Tsarina Tsocks are no ordinary shark socks. […]

  576. Sandra Roberts Says:

    I am willing to pay the $40 for downloadable instructions to make these socks.
    How do I do this?? The website just guided me to this list serve??

  577. Sandra Roberts Says:

    I would like to purchase sock pattern. You state on website that directions can be purchased for $40, but I keep getting redirected to this blog. How do I make the purchase and download directions
    Sandra Roberts

  578. Fiona Lawrenson Says:

    I am trying to buy this pattern but the link just keeps sending me to this page and i can’t see any option here to buy the pattern. Can you help pls


  579. Bri Kennedy Says:

    I too would really like to have a copy of this pattern, could you please let me know how to go acquire the pattern.

  580. Heike Says:

    Wow - great!!!
    How I get the pattern and buy the instructions?

  581. Mary Shay Says:

    Mary Shat at “Halemary9@aol.com” would love to get a reply as to how she can get a opt of te shark pattern

  582. Chelsea Says:

    If anyone is making these please email me on chelseabun02@aol.com i would love to purchase some!! Or if anyone know where i can get them or the pattern please let me know!! Thanks x

  583. tumblr backups Says:

    […] Quite possibly the best socks ever made […]

  584. Anastasia Says:

    I’d love to know if i can get a copy of the pattern for these socks! I saw them on Ravelry and I tried to buy from them there,b ut it brought me here and I can’t seem to find a way to purchase a copy. Please let me know where I can get a copy! :)

  585. Fiona Lawrenson Says:

    Is it still possible to buy the shark socks pattern please?

  586. Iréne Says:

    Is there a written description of the shark-sock? My grandma is willing to knit them for me. :) Is het possible to email them to me?

  587. jillian Says:


  588. Jack Says:

    I want to by those socks. Please email me!


  589. Berenice Says:

    Is it still possible to buy the shark socks? I would love to have them

  590. Val Says:

    Please, I would love to make these for my Grandson’s. Let us know were we can get the pattern!

  591. Sharon Says:

    I too, like everyone else, would be sooooo happy to purchase the pattern. You are brilliant! The socks are sooo much fun! They bring joy to the knitting/sock/shark world!! Please let me know when I can purchase it. Seeing the socks is making so many people so happy! Me too!

  592. Johanna Says:

    I don´t know how to by the pattern. Courld you be som kind and send it to me and I could reward you the way you want!

    Maybe yo need something I could do?
    Look at my homepage.

    Best regards Johanna Söreke

  593. Chelsea Says:

    I would love to get/purchase the pattern for these amazing socks! Please let me know how :)

  594. Carlos José Says:

    Is it still possible to buy the shark socks pattern?

  595. rose lenza Says:

    I would and my grandchildren would be very happy. Can I buy the pattern?
    Thank you rose

  596. rose lenza Says:

    If i may get directions my grandchildren would be so happy if i made them. They are unique. Thank you. Rose

  597. Mariela Padres Says:

    Hi, can I buy a pair of these socks? I don’t knit and don’t know anyine that does… but i really need these socks on my feet! LOL
    best socks i’ve ever seen,congrats!

  598. PAMELA MASON Says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can I have the pattern for the shark socks - I am a core member of the NGO known as SHARKLAB-MALTA here in Malta and desperately want to knit them for my another member of the NGO. I saw the pattern on Raverly and got directed to this site for DOWNLOAD PATTERN HERE. I would be very grateful for the pattern if at all possible. Regards PAM

  599. Michele Says:

    Hello, I would like to purchase a copy of the pattern for the shark socks. My daughter has a friend who is a marine biology major and she would love to have me knit a pair! Thank you!

  600. Donna Brant Says:

    I want to buy the shark sock pattern please.

  601. janice Says:

    please tell me where to find this pattern

  602. Lana Says:

    Hello Lisa,
    Hope you are great!
    I live in South Africa. For us shark issue is quite a real one, and when I saw your socks, I thought what an awesome way to demistify thoese amazing creatures.
    The town that I live also has a rugby team called the Sharks..hm,
    Also I did show picutre of the socks to one of my friends and they absolutely loved it too.
    Please could you tell me how could I get some of those socks, or if you are supplying a knitting patern, would it be availabe. Please note in South Africa there are many under privilaged communities and maybe this could turn into a project that could empover the community, and buy school books or necessary items.

    Many thanks for such a creative mind

    Love and light

    Lana Flumiani

  603. Patti Ross Says:

    PLEASE, my 3 year old granddaughter has requested nana to knit a pair of these for her…how can I get this pattern???


  604. nike free Says:

    Is there a written description of the shark-sock? My grandma is willing to knit them for me.

  605. Bonnie Says:

    Would seriously LOVE to purchase this pattern… is it still available? Thanks!

  606. Ommy Says:

    Where can I get some of those

  607. Saundra Spinelli Says:

    Is there any chance that I can purchase two pair of already made shark socks for my grandsons, ages 9 and 7?

  608. Lívia Sancho Says:

    Please please please, give me the recipe!!! I’m an oceanographer, and I’m dying to have one of these socks! Please please please!!!!!

  609. dayna Says:

    how is it possible for me to obtain these? please let me know any way possible.

  610. Alicia of 3 Says:

    I’d pay the $40…is this pattern still available?


  611. Karrie Says:

    Was interested in the shark socks pattern? Please indicate where I can purchase it.

  612. Jeanette Says:

    I so want to buy a pair for my college age daughter? I don’t knit

  613. Janet Blair Says:

    Is this pattern for sell. I went to ravelry and and when I went to pattern download this is where it brought me.

  614. Karen Fadner Says:

    I knit to raise money for a local charity, a Literacy Council, (but yours if you’d like) and I KNOW I could raise lots of money if you’d PLEASE send me your shark sock pattern. I could also knit them for you if you’d like. I know funds would go to a deserving place!

  615. Agnes Garnett Says:

    I was wondering if I coul purchase this pattern, my son in law in California saw these somewhere and wants me to knit them for shark week.
    Much appreciated.
    Agnes Garnett

  616. Angela Werner Says:

    You can now make a ton of money off of these! LOL, it seems lots of people are interested. If you do release them, please add me to your mailing list.

  617. Dianne St. Laurent Says:

    As an avid knitter I am extremely impressed with these socks. Can’t wait to make a pair for my Grandson with Cerebral Palsy. The perfect smile promoter for him. Looking forward to your pattern becoming available. Great job!!!

  618. linda Says:

    How do I get the pattern. I love them. I want them

  619. hope nightingale Says:

    how do i get the patterns for the shark socks and the willow socks? thank you for the reply hope

  620. Marta Says:

    How can i get one pair of it? ^_^ totally love!!

  621. Novelle Says:

    So many people longing…..no, begging, for this pattern, please, please add me to your list for the pattern, alternatively where to buy? Four grandsons and many friends would be overjoyed to wear these and I shall be watching eagerly for a response! Sparks will be coming from the needles if we are all lucky!!

  622. patsy ward Says:

    How can I get the patterns for these socks with the little shark that is attached on the heel, what a cute addition

  623. Ellen Says:

    The minute you post this for sale on Ravelry I’m buying it. Well done, too cool.

  624. Patti Says:

    I love the shark pattern. I would like to purchase the pattern if at all possible. Thanks

  625. Kim Campbell Says:

    Looking to buy the pattern for these shark socks. Not sure how to navigate around the site to be able to do that.

  626. Marsha Says:

    Please, please, please where do I get this pattern. My daughter sent me a link with the picture and said I need these socks - can you please knit them for me.

  627. Ralyn Schraceo Says:

    These are awesome! I would love to buy the pattern. I’m pretty sure they’d be too time consuming to sell - but would make great gifts for family & friends. Please contact me if you’ll sell your pattern.

  628. vikki Says:

    I would really love to get my hands on this pattern or kit. can you please let me know where/how to do so please…these are amazing.

  629. Brad Says:

    Oh my gawd. Those are impressivly awesome. Please tell me how I can get a pair. WANT WANT WANT :3

  630. Armando Says:

    Are you going to make these available for sale? PLEASE let me know!

  631. Christine Carter Says:

    Wondering if I can buy a pattern for the shark socks.

  632. Angie Says:

    My daughter sent me a picture of the shark socks with a request for me to knit her a pair. I would love to buy the pattern if it is available.
    Angie W

  633. Irma Says:

    Where can I get a pattern for these. My granddaughter is over the moon for a pair.

  634. Jeff Says:

    Please please please send me the pattern for these shark socks. My girlfriend’s birthday is coming up soon and she would absolutely love them. This would be such a perfect gift. Please help!

  635. Colette Says:

    Pattern still available?

  636. Jan Says:

    I would like to know if it is possible to get the pattern for the shark socks please?

  637. yvonne martin Says:

    i am looking for the pattern for the sharks, my granddaughters are just dying for them, if you can help you will make them very very happy thank you

    yvonne martin\ 146 elgin cres. waterloo, ontario canada. n2j2s4


    thank you yvonne

  638. Lisa Says:

    I just saw a pic of one sock and tracked this here. do you share the pattern at all? or do you sell them? Please let me know. thanks.

  639. Robin Says:

    Can the pattern really not still be purchased?

  640. Jennifer Says:

    I sooooooo want to purchase you shark socks

  641. Gayle Hernandez Says:

    I have been looking for these socks since someone posted on my facebook wall. Please tell me I can purchase three pair or that I can purchase a pattern.

  642. Syrina Says:

    I really wan these socks!!!! there so awesome alas I cant knit to save my life any way I could buy a pair??

  643. Barb Says:

    I would like to buy instructions for the shark sock pattern. Are you selling it still? How may I purchase it?

  644. Toni Allen Says:

    Desperately seeking shark socks! Please contact me if you will sell these; I’m looking for at least 3 pair. Or if you’ll provide knitting lessons, or the pattern in crochet!!

  645. Jennifer-Lea Says:

    I just saw the sock. Wonderful! My family and I are big Jimmy Buffett Fans, and i was wondering if or when the pattern will be available again?

  646. Jane Says:

    On disability, would love to purchase the pattern. Is it available? I saw on your site it was originally offered … Thanks.

  647. Emily Says:

    Love it! Where can I purchase this pattern, please??

  648. Debbie Says:

    Is this pattern still available?

  649. Julia Says:

    Can I purchase the pattern from you? Is it still available? My niece is a shark researcher. She would LOVE these for Christmas!

    Thank you,

  650. laura sharkey Says:

    I want a pair of socks. How much

  651. Leah Says:

    These are really cool. Do you have a pattern available?

  652. Tina Batori Says:

    I see that the pattern sale for Sandy is over; is there any other way to buy the pattern? ALL my friends are eager since we saw the socks on Facebook today!

  653. Michelle Says:

    Like everyone else here I would really like this pattern. Don’t need the kit, just instructions. My friend is a biologist and he NEEDS these socks! Please make the pattern available somewhere. Please?

  654. Andrew Says:

    Hi there, I have recently learnd how to knit and I would really like to tackle this pattern for my girlfriend. I know the fundraiser is closed but is there any way for me to still get this pattern?

  655. Deena Caldwell Says:

    I saw this pattern and my Mom loves all the Shark Week movies and just HAS to have the pattern for these socks. Is it available for purchase somewhere?? Everything on the net brings us back to this blog….help!!!!!

  656. Sharyn Says:

    Hiya, I got redirescted here from ravelry, can you please let me know how to buy the pattern? cheers

  657. Barbara Formica Says:

    I await info on joining the club, purchasing patterns and kits, and any future masterpiece(s). Presently, I want patterns for the shark socks and cowboy boots (cowGIRL boots - which I’ll knit for my sister who will wear them when she takes her guitar to a local kerioke place, where she sings “I Want To Be A Cowboy’s Sweethear” and YODELs.

    I’m getting anxious for your newsletter. Can’t you tell?

  658. sandi wunschel Says:

    Can I still buy the pattern for the shark socks. If so please send me the email address to send a check or a email address to order it on line.

  659. sandi wunschel Says:

    would like to purchase the pattern for the shark socks.

  660. Laurissa Says:

    Can we still buy the shark sock pattern please ??


  661. Jeanette Orr Says:

    Do u sell these Shark Socks? I need a pair! My daughter cheers for the Sharks! She would love them! Please advise asap and price! WOuld love to order!

    Thank you
    Jeanette Orr

  662. liesje Hoekstra Says:

    Dear Tsarina of Tsocks..

    Today i saw a picture of your Shark Socks en the chakra Socks. They a wonderfull, i like all your socks. I don not understand if it is possible to use your patterns and how to order of get them
    I live in Erope in the Netherlands, we have a strong tradition of knitting socks.
    How can i get a copy of the pattern for Shark Socks and the Chakra Socks. My daughter is a yoga teachter and i really would love to knit the chakra socks for her.
    with respect and love
    Liesje Hoekstra

  663. liesje Hoekstra Says:

    All your designs for socks are fabulous.
    I live in Europe in the Netherlands and we have a strong tradition for knitting socks.
    Please put me on the list if the patterns for the shark socks and espicially the chakra socks are available. My daughter is a yoga teacher and i love to knit te chakra socks for her.

    love Liesje Hoekstra

  664. Carol Cochran Says:

    Please let me know when the pattern for the Tsarina Shark Socks becomes available:


  665. Janet Says:

    Would love to buy socks or pattern if available anywhere!!!

  666. Janet Kyte Says:

    How can I get this pattern? The link on Ravelry to download it just takes me to your blog. I am assured by my niece I will be the Best. Aunt. Ever. if I were to make her a pair.

  667. Heather Says:

    Trying to find a way to buy this pattern. Found it on a website but the ‘buy’ button doesn’t work and only takes me here. If someone could contact me to let me know how to purchase pattern, that would be greatly appreciated.

  668. Diane Says:

    Please tell me how to buy or get the pattern. My grandson is absolutely crazy about sharks — he is a classical ballet dancer and these would be a hoot for warm up stretching.

  669. Sheri Says:

    I see I am not alone, here! Would love to purchase this pattern. My niece saw a picture of them and needs a pair. Please advise if it is available somewhere? Thanks!

  670. Kim Says:

    Would really love to have a copy of this pattern

  671. Simone Says:

    Dear Lisa,
    I have the same question as all the ladies who have posted here before… Please let me know whether I could purchase a pattern or a pair from you. Your answer and help would be much appreciated!!!

  672. Lindsay Says:

    How much as these sox. Soo cute!

  673. Kathy Says:

    Like everyone else I would love love love to have the shark tsocks knitting pattern. Please let me know what to do to get it!!! Thanks so much in advance!!

  674. Bilja Says:

    i would like to purchase the pattern for the shark socks, please.
    Best regards from Germany

  675. Leanda Gorrigan Says:

    Cant find this pattern, only blog! Please tell me where to find it!? Many thanks

  676. Cathy Says:

    Is this pattern available for purchase? My daughter and daughter in law both saw these on facebook and want them, I thought they would be great Christmas gifts but looking for the pattern and also not wanting to pay $40 for the sock pattern. Is the pattern only available somewhere?


  677. Michaela Says:

    Hi there!
    since many month I come here regularly to see if I can buy this pattern.
    I really would be glad if somebody could tell me where to buy or what to do to buy this pattern
    thanks a lot

  678. Mia Says:

    Just the same as Heather said on September 23rd, 2013. Please let me know where this pattern can be bought :)

  679. Alicia Says:

    Would like to get a copy of this pattern in time to make them for Christmas 2013… is that possible??

  680. Linda Larsen Says:

    Please…. help me to get he pattern?
    They are awésome..

  681. gizem Says:

    excellent! I wanna buy two pairs like everyone above:) could you contact me pls. Many thanks in advance!

  682. Myke Says:

    I, too, would like the pattern. How can I buy it? The button only takes me here.

  683. Christy Says:

    I’d like to purchase this pattern but can’t find anywhere to do so. I see crochet knock off sites, but I’d rather patronize the originator. Would you let me know how I can get this pattern?

  684. Hellen Says:

    I LOVE these socks!!!! Where can I buy the pattern for the shark socks as my cousin is terrified and they would make a great present.

  685. Mindy Says:

    I too would like a copy of the pattern, how can I get it?

  686. Marilyn Says:

    I too would love to buy the pattern. Please let me know how to purchase.

  687. Susan Borovsky Says:

    wondering how i can get a copy of the pattern

  688. Debora Says:

    Hello there, I would love to buy the socks or the pattern (but preferably socks since I a not so talented in the knitting/crocheting area). Please let me know, I sooooo need these for my daughter whom is studying to be a Marine Biologist! Thanks!!!

  689. Gustavo Says:

    Olá, não sei tricotar e não conheço alguém que possa fazer para mim, por favor se puder entrar em contato eu gostaria de comprar algumas para dar de presente.


  690. Elena Says:

    Is the pattern available at this time. My daughter is in England and sent me a picture. I would love to make them for her

  691. Debbie Arnold Says:

    Are the shark sock patterns still available for purchase? I would love to make both pair for my husband. He swims a lot in open water and these would be the perfect gift!

  692. The Tsarina Tsays… » Blog Archive » Tswim with the Tsharks at Rhinebeck 2013 Says:

    […] promised in this space and others so long ago, the time has come at last for the public release of SHARK WEEK. Right on schedule, no less. That’s right, do not adjust your monitor; I really did say RIGHT […]

  693. Robyn Says:

    I live in Canada and am unable to pre-order for pickup at a trade show. Am I able to order otherwise? I’ve been waiting SO long for them to come available!!

  694. Melissa Says:

    Has this pattern been released? If so could you please let me know how to purchase it. My neice like many of the other people posting is in LOVE with shark week and these socks. Thank you.

  695. ray Says:

    how can i get the sharks socks plzzzz!!!

  696. Louise Blankenhagen Says:

    How to purchase pattern. Tried the crochet version but did not like.

  697. Lelsie Says:

    Is the pattern available? Where would I be able to purchase it?

  698. Nadine Neunzig Says:

    I would Love to have the pattern to make them for my sister! She Loves this socks and can’t knit. where can I buy this pattern????

    Pleaseeeeeeee, let me know!!!!

  699. Sharon Says:

    Oh I would so dearly love to purchase the pattern for these amazing socks. Bravo to The Tsarina!!! Truly over-the-top fantastic. I really enjoyed looking at Shark Week in detail and now would love the fun of making them up. Do please let me know where the pattern can be purchased. Quite a job to write out THIS pattern! :)

  700. Sirkku Says:

    Dear Tsarina,
    Is there going to be a downloadable pattern for international customers? Ravelry has promised for months that one can download pattern here for 40 dollars. I have pressed that button for number of times wanting to spend my 40 dollars, but nothing to download. Please, advise.
    Sirkku from Finland

  701. Peggy Rundgren Says:

    If you are selling the kit at fairs, etc., where is the next one where it will be available?

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