An Open Letter to Shark Lovers

First of all, I want to thank all you lovely people who have been burying me in Shark Week love over the past couple of days. Um… Wholly Carp, Batman. Seriously - I’m whelmed, and overwhelmed, and ultrawhelmed. (And that’s just me. You should see the Tsock Team. Also, you should see my blog stats. Excuse me for a moment while I fan myself.) I’m scrambling as fast as I can to get blog comments approved and answered, but “as fast as I can” isn’t fast enough, so meanwhile… this. Thank you from the bottom of my strange and twisted little heart. Thank you for loving my tsilly tsharks; thank you for getting the joke and passing it along; and yes, thank you even for the weird and slightly mind-bending realization that literally tens of thousands of people world-wide have now ogled a picture of my left foot.

Second of all - wow. Sorry, I had to pause a moment to let that last thought sink in. Again.

Third - OK, here come the cold cruel facts that you probably don’t want to hear, but as you read them bear in mind that they are like the contents of Pandora’s Box: For every horrid U-No-Can-Haz-Nao there is a compensating ray of hope for the future. That said, I’m terribly sorry, but U No Can Haz Nao. Shark Week is not available - THAT IS, NOT YET - in any form.

There are lots and lots of reasons for this.

The primary one is that it is part of the current Tsock Flock Club, and is therefore exclusive to the members for a year; a deal’s a deal. (More about the club, and how you go about joining it, below.)

The other reasons are long and dull and (in some cases) whiny, having to do with me having the Insane Year from Hell and trying to do way too much all at the same time, and generally already being very far behind schedule with many things. We are in the process of rebuilding the Tsock Empire from scratch, and doing that has been a tremendous empirical lesson in how everything always takes much longer than you expect. (If you’re really a glutton for punishment, you can read a little more about this in my recent post In Which I Do Not Fake My Death.) We are a tinytinytiny business, gradually working our way up toward being tinytiny and then perhaps someday growing up to be tiny with fantasies of someday even being small, and we are perfectionists, and we’re already putting in about 48 hours a day over and above those pesky day jobs, and… well, the light we’re seeing at the end of the tunnel is NOT an oncoming train, but it turns out that the tunnel is way longer than anyone predicted. At the moment we do not have the personnel or the facilities or the supplies to put together a big production run in a hurry.

And on top of all that - we just had this storm. Sandy. You may have heard of it. It came rip-roaring through here almost three weeks ago, and we are still digging out - literally. (You don’t want to see what my cellar looks like after five feet of water. Srsly.) Some of us still don’t have power. Mine was restored a few days ago, but I still don’t even know when I’ll have heat or hot water. And I’m one of the really really lucky ones; at least I do still have my house. One of the reasons Shark Week shipped late is that for several days there was no power to print patterns or labels, no post office open, and no way to leave my house without swimming.

Right - so with all these production constraints, why, you may be asking, don’t I just release the pattern as a PDF download? Well - even setting aside Reason #1 above, i.e. my commitment to the club members - because that is not how I roll. With a few special-purpose exceptions, sock kits are what I do. Is that ever going to change? Maybe. But it isn’t something I can turn on a dime. It’d be a massive change to my business model, and those things demand time and thought and planning and discussion. Even if I weren’t running on fumes, post-hurricane, that’s not a wand I can just wave overnight.

Which is sad, because if there is one thing I hate, it is disappointing people, especially people who have shown so much appreciation for my work. But I have to. I can’t give you Shark Week for Christmas, alas. I wish I could. (And by “can’t give” I also mean “can’t sell,” and don’t think that that is not painful to me too. I wouldn’t at all object to the beneficial effect on cash flow, believe you me.)

All that said - if you can bear to be patient for a while, you too can see light at the end of a tunnel, light that does not translate to imminent railway disaster.

Here’s how this thing works.

1) All club designs DO eventually go public, typically on or near their anniversaries. In the normal course of things we should be releasing the public edition of Shark Week in time for Rhinebeck (October 19) 2013. That is, in plenty of time for NEXT Christmas. (Yes, I can hear the groan. I’m groaning it myself. I don’t like having to wait for what I want, any more than the next fiberholic. But… anticipation. Remember the Heinz Ketchup commercial? No? Am I dating myself? Sigh.)

2) The club is a year-long subscription thing, with a season loosely tied to the calendar year. In a normal year, membership includes six kits, plus assorted goodies and squishy surprises, discounts, etc. In a normal year, we would have opened sign-ups for next season on Rhinebeck weekend. This… is not a normal year. Club shipments are one of the above-mentioned areas where we are frankly behind schedule at the moment (for those keeping track, Shark Week is #4 for this season, and in a perfect world we should have shipped #5 by now), and that is one of the reasons that Club 2013 is going to be a bit different from Club 2012. We didn’t open sign-ups at Rhinebeck because we are still working out the details, but as of now we are planning a one-time-only scaled-down season that will probably include four kits instead of six, with pricing to match (still working this out too, but the ballpark figure is probably about $170, as compared to $250 for the usual full run of six). This, we hope, will give us a little breathing space to ramp up production capacity, bring more of the older titles back into the line-up, and start being able to make and fulfill on-line sales.

3) Speaking of on-line sales, you may have noticed I still am not doing them yet. There is a lovely commerce site that is very nearly ready to launch, but until very recently there hasn’t been any stock to sell (see above re production capacity, etc.). We’re just trembling on the brink with this, and even now there is limited supply and a waiting list for a lot of titles. Progress is being made, but it’s turning out to be like Rome - not built in a day or indeed in a year. But it WILL happen.

4) For those of you asking about buying finished socks - again, terribly sorry, but I can’t do that. Your best bet is to become very good friends with a knitter (knitters make really great friends, incidentally, so it’s not a bad idea to do this anyway). You’ve got a little less than a year to cultivate this relationship to the point of sockworthiness. It’s worth it - not for sharks alone, but more generally because hand-knitted socks are a wonderful thing to have in your life. There may well be knitters out there who would do this for you for money - I honestly can’t even imagine how much - but better yet, there are way more knitters who will do it for love and for the pleasure of the process. Tap into that resource; you will not regret it.

5) For those of you - that dizzying number of you - who are so kindly “liking” me on Facebook, a shamefaced confession: I am Facebook-challenged. I do have a Facebook presence of sorts, and I do see all those upward-pointing thumbs, and I do marvel at them… but Facebook makes my head go splodey, and I can’t respond directly as I would otherwise wish. It may just be because I am already overwhelmed with other things, or - OK, I don’t really know why exactly, but there it is. I blog; I tweet; I e-mail like there’s no tomorrow; I keep up (more or less) with Ravelry; but that seems to be my limit. So if I’m failing to interact with you on Facebook, be sure that IT IS NOT BECAUSE I DON’T APPRECIATE THE LOVE. I do. I absolutely do. I heart the love. I thank you for it. I reciprocate. In fact I… I think I’m having a Sally Field moment here. I just - well, for now I can’t really go there and do the thing at the place with the stuff, because I’m pretty sure that if I tried to do that it would swallow me whole and there would be no more tsock designing. I’ll find my way on this, someday. But not yet.

6) NOT LEAST. If you are still with me here, and if you are interested in any or all of the above, and if you have not done this yet (I see a lot of you have, dang, a LOT of you have) - please sign up for my mailing list. I haven’t sent out any announcements for a while, because I haven’t had anything big enough to announce lately - but I’m going to. When we figure out the details for the coming club and are prepared to open enrollment - there will be a mailing. When we release club titles for public sale, or bring back older titles - there will be a mailing. When the commerce site goes live, you betcha there will be a mailing. When Shark Week becomes available for public sale, boy howdy, you better believe there will be a mailing.

So that’s what I’ve got. Thanks, and love, and apologies… and promises. Hang in there with me. There WILL be gratification - it just won’t be the instant kind.

And now… I’m gonna take one more peep at the blog stats. Um, yeah… I’ll be in my bunk.

P.S. Behold my shamelessness. While you’re waiting… maybe you’d like to amuse yourselves by taking a look at Fronkenshteek. That one IS available as a PDF download, and I’m here to tell you it comes from the same place of crazypants brain. Plus - social knitting. Big fun. Ask me how I know.

80 Responses to “CANDYGRAM!”

  1. Jess Says:

    Love the Firefly reference at the end!! And love the socks, will patiently wait……okay, enough waiting….gimme, gimme, gimme!! j/k :) Glad I discovered your blog, yay, socks!!

  2. Donna Walence Says:

    How do I get instructions for those shark socks or where can I buy them

  3. Sandy Says:

    You reminded me that I purchased Fronkenshteek and have not yet knit them. Have to move them up in my queue after getting distracted this year by spinning and finally knitting sweaters.

    Very happy to be in this year’s club.

    Thanks always for your humor and great works of ts-art.

  4. Vanessa Says:

    Where can I buy these amazing shark socks?

  5. Christy Says:

    Oh I have to buy the pattern for the shark socks! PLEASE - where do I get it? I have someone on my Christmas list that this is over the top perfect for.

  6. Bonnie Says:

    Soooo a year at least? That sort of blows. :-/ Kudos to your member loyalty, I guess.

  7. Bonnie Says:

    I don’t mean that to be as snarky as it came across. Haha. Oi. Patience isn’t one of my virtues. Also, need moar cawfee.

  8. Moxie9 Says:

    Vanessa, Donna, the blog post stated that the pattern is contractually private until October of next year, but that it/kits to make it may be available then; also that there are not finished socks for sale but if you make friends with a knitter you might convince someone to make them for you. :)

  9. k8eknits Says:

    That might be the best shark-y blog post title ever.

  10. Elin Says:

    I know everybody says this, but: what a genius!!!! Love your style! Amazing! I’ll be one of those who will wait patiently for that moment of delight when I get the pattern and ask somebody to help me knit these shark stocks!

  11. Sarah Wells Says:

    Call China and sell these already. Too much demand pent up, you are losing monies every second.

  12. linda levine Says:

    thank you for this note, ok, massive missive! You are amazing and wondrous, I look forward to watching your business become grand and fun for you, as well as the rest of us.

    sending you happy thoughts

  13. SallyM Says:

    trust me - the Tsarina’s sock kits are worth waiting on. She is most surely a genius and the kits are very easy to follow, even the ones that look very complicated.

  14. Christina Says:

    Hi! Can I buy the shark socks on your site? I’m in Canada.

  15. Cassandra Says:

    Get the socks ready for consumption please…

  16. Monika Says:

    Thank you for the delightful explanation. Where can I sign up for the newsletter??

  17. Charlene Says:

    I wish people would stop badgering the designer, it’s not kind or encouraging.

  18. Charlene Says:

    I wish people would stop badgering the designer. It’s not kind or encouraging, it’s selfish and really mean.

  19. Debbie Says:

    Can people not read? The socks are not for sale. The pattern won’t be for sale for a year. How is this difficult to understand?

    Also, anyone who demands hand knit socks really needs to get a clue by four, or be ready to pony up monies in the triple digits, and for these babies, that first number better not be a “1″.

    To the Tsarina, fantastic socks!

  20. kate crowder Says:

    How can I get the pattern to knit the sharks?

  21. Melissa in Oklahoma Says:

    Well, they are pretty fabulous socks, after all…

  22. Athena Apostolopoulos Says:

    I would like to buy the pattern for the shark socks. Pls email me with the info !! My youngest son would love love love them!!!

  23. Athena Apostolopoulos Says:

    Great blog!!

  24. Jenna Says:

    I was wondering if it was possible to order the awesome shark knitted socks. My 6yr is obsessed with Sharks. Watches shark week anytime it on. I would love to get my hands on a few pairs of those if possible?? Thanks so much.

  25. Cindy Reinertsen Says:

    Lisa, thanks! You are in a flood of results and it will get managed-eventually! Those of us who have knit socks can wait, though some impatiently. Those who don’t knit have no idea what waiting means.:0) (Personal opinion). So…we will knit other things while we wait to get our minds ready for the challenge. Also, take care of yourself. We, of course, want the talent to continue so we selfishly wish you good health! My church is in New York with our kitchen helping out- hope the recovery is progressing for all.

  26. Laura Says:

    I… don’t understand how it is possible to read this blog post and leave most of these comments in reply. Did they all stop at the first paragraph?

  27. Madlaina Says:

    Thank you for the update on the tshark socks. I will wait patiently for the next 12 months - these socks will make a brilliant Christmas present for my son next year. I congratulate you on your loyalty towards your sock club members - and hope to be one in the future.
    I can’t wait to hear where your business goes from here. Your designs are something else and I’m glad to have found your site. Keep up the good work!

  28. Ray Zittlau Says:

    How can I join the “sock club” would like to get the shark patten when it comes available as well as some others but I don’t see where I can join?

  29. Greg Says:

    What Laura said… Sheesh!

  30. Monica Says:

    I am truly disgusted at how many entitled, demanding, and just plain stupid people are posting here. For the love of all that is holy, did you not read one sentence of this blog post before you started begging for special treatment?! Do you not comprehend written language unless it directly benefits you?

    Okay, it’s a bit more understandable that people would go bonkers in the previous post that actually describes the socks and shows pictures, but this? This is the follow-up that explicitly states the following:



    NO ONE IS OUTSOURCING THESE PARTICULAR SOCKS TO CHINA (can’t exactly speak for what else some overseas factory might come up with…)

    It does not matter if your shark loving five-year old grandchild has some kind of (god forbid) terrible disease. You still cannot demand that someone provide you with these socks by Christmas (unless you happen to be in the club or know someone who is). YOU ARE STILL NOT SPECIAL ENOUGH TO GET THE BLOODY SOCKS.

    To the extra-oblivious individuals who demand ready-made shark socks: you cannot possibly comprehend how much time, money, and skill goes into every handknit sock ever made. The person above was lowballing the estimated price, if you were to commission these things from a knitter who values his or her time and skill properly. Would you even be capable of caring for them properly? You do realize that socks like these require hand washing with gentle soap, and they need to air-dry. Go ahead. Tell me with absolute certainty that your husband or child will be able to manage that one instead of tossing them in the laundry basket. Tell me that you won’t just throw them out once they no longer fit or develop a hole in the heel (hint: holes are repairable).

    Look, if you’re that desperate for shark socks, buy a pair of socks at Walmart and staple some fleece teeth and fins to them. Much cheaper, easier, and you probably won’t even be able to tell the difference if you’re creative with the staples.

  31. Angie A. (Sybina Says:

    Laura, I think you may be right…general population does not read anymore. The sock pattern is NOT going to be available until NEXT YEAR!

    Love the socks, as usual, Lisa.

  32. breyerchic04 Says:

    Can I buy a pair. Please. I really really like them, and I’m a little special. Plus I heard recently heard I don’t knit or spin.

  33. Charlene Says:

    breyerchic, are you illiterate or just so spoiled that you DID NOT READ THE BLOG?

  34. Monica Says:

    Bahahaha, breyerchic’s just being an epic troll face and teasing Tsocky.

    The sad thing is how many people have asked the exact same thing in earnest and won’t take “no” for an answer.

  35. Deborah Says:

    Thank you for the awesome shark and other designs. YES, I would love to join the club (when you are able) and YES, I would love to buy this and other patterns when they become available. Please let us know anything we can do to help you get back on your feet (maybe advanced memberships plus restoring-the-business donations to get you some cash flow?). I know lots of folks that are still struggling to get life back to normal. We’d love to help any way we can.

  36. Postdown Says:

    I would love to subscribe to your club but don’t seem to be able to find out how. Thanks so much for finding the time to reply to us all after Sandy and thanksgiving.

  37. Johnathan Williamson Says:

    I read the blog post in it’s entirety. I understand you cannot/will not sell the socks.

    That said, I still believe you’re missing a trick. You have a captive audience like this once in a lifetime, do not be surprised if someone alters your design and profits in the year long wait which you would have people wait.

    In fact … they already have: - granted they are not wool, and most likely not hand made, but I’m sure you see the point.

    Your club ought to be supporting you in so far as this presents an immediate profit generating window which would help support your club and it’s future endeavours.

    That all said, I wish you well - you made a fabulous design, I’m just sorry it’s not going to be available before the rest of the world consumes your idea.

  38. katie kleber Says:

    LOVE you! I don’t understand why you can’t do all those things!? NOT! I am happy to get up in the morning and get to work and back…let alone do all the other things you have listed. Keep looking at the remoras : ) they will keep you more sane by laughter! All is well and best to you and your world…Peace.

  39. Kelly Says:

    Patience is overrated. However, I will just have to prove to Santa how good and patient I can be so that I can be sure to get Shark Week next year for Christmas. I hope that everything works out so you can be a small business soon. :)

  40. Ann Young Says:

    So !!!! How do we join the sock club!!!???
    ANN :)

  41. Genevieve Says:

    Thank you heaps for the update! Thankfully for me my WiP pile is danger of exceeding my stash (which any knitter will tell you is impressive and almost in total contradiction of the very time/space continuum) so I will sit patiently awaiting the joyous day I can get my very own copy of the pattern and be secretly just a little thankful I don’t have to figure out how to free up another set of needles.

  42. Carol Says:

    Good things come to those who wait.. and I’m nothing if not good ;P Looking forward to see what else percolates out.. *and* so glad you survived Ms Sandy…relatively intact.

  43. Grammom Alice Says:

    You are so amazingly creative and talented! Best of all to you through this tough time of cleaning up and getting it together after H.Sandy. (I’m familiar with your situation after dealing with H.Andrew in ‘96). You are very fortunate to have your home even though all around you, you are still feeling the after affects of this storm. For me, that means that unfortunately, I will have to wait for this pattern to be released. But in the meantime, I am really going to have to improve my knitting skills to try and make an attempt at the Tshark Tsocks next year. But then, I do have a few friends who knit; just need to figure out how I can barter their skills with my skills. Again, best to you during this recovery period.

  44. Marthe Says:

    Real knitters can be patient. How many times are we unraveling things. You are doing a tremendous job and to help you in all your projects we can wait. There is always next year to start something new. And hopefully sharks are as timeless as the socks. I knitted during Sandy by candle light. for 12 days. Intricated patterns were a little bit harder to do. And yes people asking allready, can you make me these socks. And my answer is, try it yourself. Hang in there. Don’t overdo it otherwise it becomes your “real job”

  45. Kassandra Says:

    Something tells me that perhaps I should strike while the shark is hot. Yarn is wound. Needles have been unearthed. Shark Tooth is in school for a couple of hours. Time to CO! Let me put *Jaws* on; it’s only appropriate.

  46. Jay Says:

    These socks are amazing, awesome idea & design! I am bummed that I can’t buy them but will try and remember to check back later. I have to say, I was entertained reading the rabid indignation coming from people regarding other commenters desperately pleading for a pattern/socks (this is a huge compliment, in my book, especially when people are so passionate about something you’ve created that they are in absolute denial that they can’t have it!)

  47. fairycakes100 Says:

    1. Amazing designs, I absolutely love what you’re doing
    2. I am glad you’ve escaped the storm relatively unscathed.
    3. I wonder if your club members would mind you selling this design as a one off for $50-$100 in an electronic form to give you a cash injection to get back on your feet and fullfil your commitment to them for kits? I can’t imagine you could find a circle of knitters big enough and fast enough to produce the socks for the $500+ you’d need to sell them for to keep up with demand so I wonder if the pattern would be easier, simpler to manage and give you access to easy cash. It would then be the buyers job to find a knitter, possibly giving the knitting community a much needed profile boost.
    Even if you think my suggestion is bunkam I love your work and will come back and visit in a few months when hopefully your basement will be less full of, well we’ll call it sludge shall we.
    Best wishes from London, UK

  48. Sharon Hobbs Says:

    Sorry to hear of your being in the middle of Sandy and all that. I love your blog and patterns and hope to hear more about your designs. Love the cowboy boot ones too!! Will wait for Shark Week to make for my son. Pattern without kit would be fine. Hope you get back on your feet after Sandy and soon.
    Best to you,

  49. Vaisshali Says:

    I read the whole post . So can i ask for These socks and its price as 1 yr is completed as u mention no1 can get it till next Christmas . Its a humble request , if u will tell i m going 2 happy :)


  50. Vaisshali Says:

    Sorry ……… its my bad…i think i was in another world..Sorry again.. !!

    Plz dont mind.. Sorry !!

  51. Sue Ostergaard Says:

    Heck, I won’t have time to knit those socks until next year, anyway, with my backlog of intended projects. Sounds like you’re really busy.

  52. Yvone Fuqua Says:

    Because I can read, I will wait patiently for a year or more. And IF and WHEN club membership opens up, I will be HAPPY to join far away (West Coast). I will even sign up for your mailing list. I have a very distinguished cousin who absolutely loved your socks! Hah, he’s 87 and LOVES them. If I knew how to knit I would attempt them myself. If I knew anyone who knit, I would have them attempt it. But I don’t. I will be happy to wait. They are amazing! ♥

  53. hwgang Says:

    Lisa, not only do I love your socks, I LOVE your writing. Love it. I have signed up for your mailing list. I have read your block comments. Twice. I’m still a bit confused. Am I to understand that folks who are already in your sock kit club have already gotten it? The comment ” One of the reasons Shark Week shipped late is that for several days there was no power to print patterns or labels, no post office open, and no way to leave my house without swimming.” The part about non-sock-club-members needing to wait until 10.2013 I get.

    I would add my voice to the chorus that suggests you will miss a huge opportunity by waiting. The demand is NOW. As much as I love the socks, I’m not even personally impatient. I’m just in marketing. ;) While it is admirable to want to honor a commitment to your subscribers, given the natural disaster you have just been through, the startling attention these socks have garnered and given the cash flow that this pattern could easily represent, I would just send out a heartfelt email to your subscriber base and ASK them if it would be OK. Asking alone would be over and above. I can’t imagine any knitter not understanding. As a self-editing group, knitters are gems.

    It’s an amazing opportunity. These socks have hit main stream media. Not just some cult knitters blog. I hate to see your considerable talents go unrewarded. Your moment in the sun dimmed. Make not mistake about it, these WILL be knocked off, leaked, butchered in some way by someone else wanting to make a quick buck when YOU could be making that quick buck. I’m afraid in a year you’ll be saying, “No, no, srsly, this is the original!” as you try to make your pattern stand out as THE pattern.

    Those of us in the creative field are always trying to protect copyright infringements under the best of circumstances. My mother always says: “Life is like a beef stew and you’ve got to grab the bay leaf when you see it because you never know if you might see it again until it’s in your mouth.” I would urge you to Grab This Bay Leaf Now! :D

  54. Meg Caulmare Says:

    Hi Lovey,

    I’m still reading Candygram, and I can’t wait to be able to get your Shark Week sock kit, but upon reading your statement about being a tinytiny business with hopes of growing up to become a tiny business, etc etc, and knowing that you have not faked your own death, something occurred to me. You, meaning Art for Your Feet, need an intern. You know, one of those students who wants a taste of real working life and they do it for free.

    Easy for me to recommend, but much harder to find someone with the right skills and work eithic, right? And guess what, if that person presents him/herself, it’s even harder to hand over your newborn idea and swatches to see what they can help with. But it might be worth a try. You’ve got some riches around you for resources: FIT, RISD, and the plethora of New England colleges and Universities. Most of them have an established Internship Coordinator or Program. Maybe what you want is someone to help run the business end of things, to free you up for the creative work and problem solving?

    You can also cotemplate the skills you’d teach them. Entrepreneurship is the wave of the future. They tell college kids now that the job they will have when they graduate hasn’t been invented yet. I’ll bet there are students who would LOVE to see the workings of a creative venture. Some of them are probably even perfectionists.

    back to finish the post. Boy, will I be embarrassed if it ends with the punch line, “So we got ourselves an intern!”

    Keep up the good work. You’re a breath of fresh air. See you in New Hampshire?

  55. Linda Dawson Says:

    Love the shark socks!!! Everyone in my family is wondering where they can get a pair! Me, too! It seems people really love them!

  56. Liky Says:

    My suggestion would be to take the picture down if you can’t deliver the goods!?!

  57. Jocelyne Says:

    Ok … I’ll wait then ….. and so will the sharks for their vacation in France.

    But I have not congratulated you ….. such imagination, such creativity ! Those sharks are just great !


  58. Carol Says:

    I just paid for the pattern.. and it was not such a long wait! from my birthday to Christmas.. more or less. Now to search out my supplies.etc.. DD wants a remora :)

  59. Elizabeth Duvall Says:

    I, too, just took the LIMITED TIME opportunity and purchased the Shark Week pattern. I am so happy that the Tsarina figured out a way to make this available to her new fans AND help the people of Long Island recover from the ravages of Sandy. The Tsock Club people have been gracious in allowing this exception to their exclusive rights to this pattern. This isn’t just a pattern, folks. It is a 55 page illustrated, thorough, tutorial. Thank you, Tsarina!

  60. The Art of Darkness » Blog Archive » 9 1/2 Link Dumps Says:

    […] Knit Shark Socks – The fact that these come with little velcro-attachable remoras make me want to kiss the designer flat on the mouth. (She talks about their eventual availability for purchase here.) […]

  61. Edie Says:

    I have a friend who’s grandson has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and is undergoing treatment. Needless to say this 5 year old loves sharks. Is there anyway to purchase a pair now?

  62. fireflywithyarn Says:

    This pattern is great. If it still available - get it. It’s a challenge, but love - love - love the sharky-skin texture. The attention to detail is unbelievable. Plan on using markers. I’ve knit only two pairs of socks before tackling this pattern and it’s do-able.

  63. Bobbie Says:

    I would love to have this pattern,but how do I order it??? This sight keeps taking me round and round. My daughter saw this sight and wants me to make her several pair.

  64. Jonathan Says:

    Where can I get these socks, the knitting pattern? I have a friend that loves sharks.

  65. Celeste Says:

    I have just purchased the Shark sock pattern, where can I buy the kit or the yarn?? Thanks.

  66. Cille Says:

    I totally understand why you need to wait until October. Never mind the comment on the actual shark sock post. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of interest in this pattern many years to come!

  67. Kate McEvoy Says:

    How do I purchase a pattern for the shark week socks?

  68. Mary Shay Says:

    Aren’t those twelve months up? It’s five months since the last posted comment. How come some people have the pattern, and the rest of us are left to read,and read,and read your blog? How anew get the pattern rn?

  69. Barbara Formica Says:

    Will wait patiently and with great expectations for the shark pattern and others in the future.

  70. Jennifer White Says:

    I may be a little dim but i dont understand where, how or when to get the shark pattern. It says $40 on ravelry but on your site I read through a longer note but, i am sorry i dont get it. Do you have to join the club? The reference to a year later and the dates have me confused (this is a frequent state so consider all of this user error!). Does it mean thepattern or kit will be avail oct 2013? What is rhineheart? Sorry. Lie others i want to knit about four pairs for christmas (small to large patterns) . Can you help a dim girl out??? thanks!!!

  71. Rob Ankrom Says:

    Wow– blown away by “Shark Week” and “Fronkenshteek”! Lisa, you kick ass! Unnerstan’ the whole club thang, and that it is wholly advantageous for a member TO BE ABLE TO KNIT. ;) I too was on a mad hunt once comedian Gabriel Iglesias posted a pic of “Shark Week” on his Facebook page… So I am content to know that in another dimension and time frame I am an avid knitter and proud owner of the two coolest pair of socks I have ever seen! My other self thanks you very much! (but you prolly already knew that).

  72. Rob Ankrom Says:

    …oh, BTW– “Candygram”? Excellent “Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time Players” reference! \m/

  73. Susan Cooke Shorter Says:

    How can I buy the shark sock pattern? I love them and would like to get the pattern.

  74. Judy Says:

    Hello. As it is almost October 2013, please tell me how to buy the Shark Sock pattern … and how much you are charging for it?
    My daughter has put in her first knitting request! Can hardly refuse.
    Many thanks

  75. Lynette Says:

    Hi there, I am curious if we can still buy the shark sock pattern? It’s soon cute! Thanks bunches.

  76. Lyn Says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed your post. Granddaughters (who are grown up) and often text please Nanna can you knit this for me have been enquiring when will they get their shark socks (every member of my family gets a pair for Christmas and Birthdays as well as knitted garments through the years so I ave been able to put them off, now I can say the good people who have designed them have been very busy and if you are patient you will eventually get a pair if the pattern is still available in the fund raising for shark week I will Order it there, now I know time is precious to you so thank you for spending the time to read this. Regards Lyn Harris

  77. Melissa Says:

    Has the pattern been released yet? and if so where do I find it and how much? My niece sent me this link and has requested them for Christmas. Thank You and did I mention your a genius?

  78. Tobias Says:

    My aunt promised to make me a pair of tshark socks if I could get my hand on a pattern. I’ve been waiting an anticapating october 2013, but now that it’s here, I am unable to find said pattern (after a LOT of searching around on the blog and the web in general).
    Have I misunderstood all about the public release, have I searched in all the wrong places or has the public release been cancelled? I hope that I just haven’t looked in the right place and that someone can guide me to it, because I’ve really been looking forward to getting my feet eaten by fuzzy sharks for a very long time now - help anyone?

    Kind regards

  79. Peggy Rundgren Says:

    Would like to be on mailing list for a newsletter if you have one.

  80. liesje Hoekstra Says:

    I live in the Netherlands and have a cousin who lives in the USA California. I would love to knit the shark socks. Is it possible to order one kit and sent it to Holland? Is this is not possible, can i order 1 kit that you can sent to my cousin at California ?

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