Fire Island, 1938

Fire Island 1938

Fire Island 1938

Fire Island 1938

Fire Island 1938

New Year’s Eve, New York, 1984

New Year's Eve 1984

Gilgo, 1994

Gilgo 1994

Anne Chotzinoff Grossman
February 21, 1930 - November 5, 2002

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3 Responses to “Cookie”

  1. Astrid Says:

    Another wonderful set of Cookie pictures! Thank you for sharing them with us, and a glass with you in her honor.

  2. Melissa in Oklahoma Says:

    Agree with Astrid. Remarkable lady. Remarkable life. Where did the years go?

  3. Lynne in Florida Says:

    It’s really been an entire year since the last Cookie post - doesn’t seem possible. Love the Fire Island pics of her as a young girl. You can see the adult in those pics, or, perhaps, you can see that child in the pics of her as a woman. LOVE the New Year’s pic. That large gesture seems sooo Cookie! I so wish I had had the opportunity to meet her. She was something!

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