Tswim with the Tsharks at Rhinebeck 2013

(Oh yes, I know - it’s been a long time. There are reasons, and they’re good reasons… if you interpret “good” according to that little-known definition that is universally translated as “bad.” Some things need to be explained and/or apologized for; others are best not mentioned at all. But this isn’t the time or place for that. Not with RHINEBECK coming up!)

Long story short: RHINEBECK. It’s NEXT WEEK. And after that, NEFF. And after that, Stitches East.

If THAT is astonishing to you as it is to me (in a where-did-the-time-go sort of way), it is less so than this:

In spite of the fact that we are carrying some 30 times more stock this year than ever before… and in spite of a couple of epic reversals experienced over the summer… we are very nearly ready. In fact, we’ve already got about 1/4 of the new inventory loaded in the trailer. Thanks to indescribable awesomeness on the part of Team Dye and the Tsock Tstaff, thanks to long hours and long days and long nights and long weeks - well, if I weren’t superstitious about jinxing things I would be bragging about being slightly ahead of schedule. But I am, so I won’t.

Anyway, that probably isn’t what you really want to hear about right now.

This is.

As promised in this space and others so long ago, the time has come at last for the public release of SHARK WEEK. Right on schedule, no less. That’s right, do not adjust your monitor; I really did say RIGHT ON SCHEDULE. And I meant it. We will have the first kits at Rhinebeck, and as long as dye and stamina hold out we will keep on producing more - for NEFF and then for Stitches and then for on-line sales.

Not only that - to mitigate the Saturday morning rush, we are making a limited number of kits available for PRE-ORDER and PICK-UP at Rhinebeck; that is, buy now and pick up at the booth any time on Saturday. If this works well at Rhinebeck we will do the same thing at subsequent shows. If it doesn’t - we’ll burn that bridge when we come to it. Hey, we’re figuring this out as we go along.

For full details on who/what/where/when/how, please see announcement HERE.

Sigh. Would love to stick around and chat - so MUCH to catch up on - but I’ve got to get back to assembling kits. See you at the shows!

10 Responses to “Tswim with the Tsharks at Rhinebeck 2013”

  1. Caroline M Says:

    Hey - you’re not dead! I didn’t poke you with a long stick because I’d assumed that you were so busy you barely had time to breathe. It’s nice to see you surface, if only briefly.

  2. Charlie Says:

    I don’t live anywhere near any of the shows, in fact I will never have the opportunity to go to any of these shows. At any time will this kit be available to people who live outside the box?

  3. ProgrammerAtArms Says:

    I really wish Rhinebeck/NEFF/StitchesEast weren’t all so far away from me. Please work on fixing that.

    Happy to see a new blog entry!

  4. Nancy J. Gill Says:

    I still cannot figure out how to order the kit - not pre-order, as there is no way I can get to any of those shows, just order for eventual delivery. Please advise!?!

  5. CraftChick Says:

    Please no one jump on me, I understand that for now the kits will only be sold to those who can pick up…I just wanted to say, that I would love to buy a kit…but living in NC none of those festivals is practical..so I do hope that you’ll consider shipping them in the future…because I watch Shark Week every year and my feet would love to have some theme socks! Also, I signed up for the mailing list but didn’t get an email..I ran across a post on Ravelry :)

  6. Melissa in Oklahoma Says:

    So. Amen to all that. Now, if I could only think of the feminine equivalent of the Factotum aria from ‘The Barber of Seville’!

    But I really get the sense that all you have the time to sing is, “lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala!”

    May you be bitten by the shark week of success!

  7. Kim in Atlanta Says:

    Oh How Shark-o-licious!!!!!!!!! I thought this day would never come! :D I wish I could make it to New York to snag a Kit from you in Person! I am in Love with these socks. My Granddaughter is such a sock freak, these will definitely make me the most awesome Granny in the World! I’ll keep watch for after your trip to Stitches in hopes of pre-ordering online. Oooooo so excited!!!!!! Have fun at all your Events. I know your Sharks will steal the show ! ;)

  8. Dawne Says:

    Where can I get a pair of the shark socks??????? I don’t knit but my son is majoring in marine biology (specifically to study sharks!) and he has announced that he MUSY have these socks! PLEASE, is there any where to get them already made?? You can contact me at [] if you have them to sell. Thanks!!

  9. Bronchitikat Says:

    Any chance of more socks in 2014? Or are you having a well-earned rest?

  10. veriton Says:

    I did swim with the sharks! And I met the lovely Tsarina IN PERSON! YAY !!!

    I’m still waiting for a blog update.. ahem :p

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